Lake Gairdner and Bluebird

Information about the history of all forms of land speed racing in Australia

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Lake Gairdner and Bluebird

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Just finished reading "Hold On" by Stan Didden.
He won many world titles as a sidecar "passenger" ---- Co rider , Swinger , in the post war period .
He came to Oz as a rep with Dunlop to be part of The Campbell effort
He mentions that Lake Gairdner was considered ---- first time I Had seen that
Good read about the 50s , BSA & Norton outfits
was a Kindle thing for not much $s
if I had a hard copy I could lend it
down side to electronic books I guess
worth a look @ anyway
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Re: Lake Gairdner and Bluebird

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Available as a hard copy book from Real Classic Co. UK (United Kingdom) (
Book has an ISBN number ( ISBN 095569515 ) so check with your local library.

Regards from K/Pro
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