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DLRA News ISSUE 49 October 2014

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ISSUE 49 October 2014

President Norm Bradshaw
Vice President Greg Wapling
Secretary Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Carol Hadfield
Chief Car Inspector Bob Ellis
Chief Motorcycle Inspectors Graham Hadley
Race Director Steve Charlton/Chris Hanlon
Chief Starter David Leikvold
Chief Timer Paul Lynch

Cover: - Before and After - Speed Demon crashed at the three mile mark at a speed of 370 mph at Mike Cook’s Shootout event. George Poteet lost control of the streamliner that went into a series of pencil rolls, ripping the aluminium

skinned body from the tube chassis. Much to everyone’s relief, George walked away from the high speed crash unhurt.
Inside: Norm Bradshaw, President DLRA taking time out from his busy week to have a foot spa and pedicure at Bonneville’s SpeedWeek Beauty Resort.

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 3194
info@ dlra.org.au
Media Enquiries media@dlra.org.au
Advertising & Sponsorship marketing@dlra.org.au

From the Chair Norm Bradshaw
We have had to change a couple of our committee meetings because of people catching up on holidays and others travelling to the States.
But people have been working hard on different issues.

Greg Wapling in particular has had great success with our toilet problems. The good news is that we have approval from the health department to go back to our pit. We are in the process of talking to the people we purchased our system

from.... and looking at a vacuum pump and tank that will fit in the back of one of our utes for next year.

I have spoken to Len at Mt. Ive Station about making a deeper pit which we are intending to dig at our Christmas Working Bee.
Incidentally, we would love to see more people involved at the Working Bee. More on this as it develops.

I am looking for helpers for the Canteen this year to work in with Joy and have spoken to people in South Australia but we also need help from Club Members.

For example; clubs like the Lions, Rotary, Apex etc., if you have any ideas, please ring Me or Carol.

Paul Lynch has been working with Greg on the timing for the short track next year with new additions to our system that will be suitable for both tracks ... so it will happen!!

Rob Carroll and Greg Telford are working hard on the new track lay out,with big changes for the better. Thanks to the people who have been putting their heads together on this project.

Lake Omeo has water for about the last 500 mts....., so, no go there! We are still looking for sponsors for our T-shirts next year so anyone who can help ... please call Carol.

I have been back from the States for about 3 weeks. There was no racing because of the water over the Lake at Bonneville as most would already know, I spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people in Wendover to see if I could get

some interest in anyone coming to Australia for our 25th year. I also spoke to Steve from the SCTA. He is going to include it in their newsletter (trying to get some fast cars and bikes).

I have spoken to the Clare Bros. and they have been working on improving our scrutineering covered area.

Thanks to the Interstate Committee people who take the time with the phone hook up for our meetings. Plenty of feedback.
Talk to you all soon and see you at the next Club Meeting!
Regards, Norm Bradshaw, Mob: +61 417489149

SpeedWeek 2015 Race Dates
SPEEDWEEK 2015 … Dates are Monday the
23rd of March til Friday the 27th of March !!!
The AGM will be held on the salt – details will be publicised closer to the event.

Rod’s Ramblings Rod Hadfield
It’s always hard to find something to write about midyear, we have been having monthly committee meetings as there is always something to sort out.

President Norm is really showing leadership and putting a lot of time in following up on matters and I don’t know how the club could run without the knowledge, skill and devotion of Vice President Greg Wapling with the website work he

does, he keeps our image clean.
There really are people out there who have no concept of what it takes to run a 1300 plus member club and the delicate way many things have to be handled, between Greg and Carol they get it done. We also owe a big thanks to Vicki

Howard who puts this newsletter together along with the Merchandise brochure included in this newsletter.
Much work has gone into a new track layout to try and make it as safe as possible and easy to control while incorporating a better salt area, I think the new plan will fit that requirement. Rob Carroll and Greg Telford have put a

mammoth amount of work into the layout and co-ordination of the event.
Greg Wapling has negotiated with the South Australian Health Department regarding the waste from the toilets which has been a great saving for us.
We are still hopeful that the missing heavy duty chain belonging to Mt. Ive will show up and that someone will come forward with information about the generator that was taken from near the start line at our last event, it really is

disappointing to think we can’t just be “as one” working to a common goal.
With our Commodore we discovered the current front has excessive downforce consequently loading the motor more than necessary, we will give the front less spoiler area but retain the air intake location which we have, according to the

experts, in the right place.
Our next year’s Speedweek dates of the 23rd to the 27th of March have been applied for and we have rumours of New Zealand entries and U.S. enquiries. A new entry form has been put together by Greg and is attached, please study the new

track layout on the back of the form, noting the timing van location and the firies and rescue track. The whole track will be much closer to the edge, approximately where the pits were last year where the salt is much thicker and
drier, great work to everyone concerned.

As you may be aware
Owners of Mt. Ive are scaling down their catering efforts SpeedWeek. The club has had discussions with Joy Newton and if anyone, either inside or outside
the club, is interested in catering for the event, please contact Carol at secretary@dlra.org.au

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on 11th October 2 pm
This will be the last meeting held at Motor Mania, DLRA IS LOOKING FOR A NEW VENUE
If you know anything suitable in the Northern Suburbs, PLEASE LET DLRA KNOW.

From the Office
2014 Merchandise still available. Check out the flyer! Many ways to order and pay.

Wilso (Car side Bob) Reporting
Wilso from Silverton ("Two Bob Engineering"- Bob No.2) reporting.
I went over to Wendover for the "Wet Lake Racing" via Banff in Canada (to visit daughter #2 who I hadn't seen for two years). I arrived on the Friday (8th

Aug.) afternoon and drove into the the arse end of the big thunderstorm, the lightning was impressive but the water along the side of Interstate-80 wasn't

looking good. I hadn't been on the net so was unaware of the situation with "Speed-Week".
This trip was just to have look (1st time), to catch up with Scott Andrews, volunteer if needed and keep an eye on Dr Goggles and Simon Davidson.
I met Les and the rest of Team Red Cup Racing in the car-park at one of the casinos, they were campaigning small capacity turbo-charged bikes the same as

Tiny "Bob No.1" Lambert and I.
Red Cup Racing came down from British Columbia, Canada complete with a Motorised Margarita Maker. Nick Bouwmeester (one of the riders)has competed at

Bonneville previously. We all just clicked and made the best of the situation i.e. NO F N SALT.
They had Turbos on all three bikes, an FZR 250 with 2 Hayabusa throttle bodies, an Aermacchi H/D and a CBR175 four (sleeved down 250).
Drinking margaritas with team "Red Cup Racing" from British Columbia, Canada, can lead to all sorts of silly things. They had a motorised margarita maker with about a 3 litre cup!

The photos are of the Margarita maker and the ensuing results, the young Canadians had been jumping an ST 90 Honda off their bike ramp when I said why don't you do it properly, hence me on my back with a plank over my chest and I was

the sober one!!!!! Of course the softcocks wouldn't reciprocate.
I also spent time with Rob Freyvogel and the "Carbiliner" team. They were hanging around to see what the salt was going to do hoping for a run later on, 550 mph was their target. One member of their team was Ted Wolf who used dragrace

against Don Garlits back in the day. We had a photo-shoot at the Air Base with a very nice freelance photographer called Lizzy who drove her '50 Chevy Coupe down from French Canadia.
The Ohio State University Electric Streamliner was based in one of the hangers at the Base as well, 8,000lbs of very interesting machine, it's amazing what FUNDING can achieve.
The rest of the time was spent just checking out some of the other cars and rods that were still around before flying out on Wednesday.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see any racing but the Clare Boys went NASCAR driving to fill in some time, you may get a full report from Trevor and Colin.
I'll whack some photos on a USB and post them down for you, some of them aren't to blurry, I took it easy on the margaritas for a few days.
Seeya on the salt, if not before, Wilso. (Sidecar Bob)

Norm’s Shit Norm Hardinge
This year was promising to be the year of the big streamliners.
We were hopefully we will get to see the first 500mph pass by a wheel driven vehicle. This accolade is being vigorously pursued by many high profile teams

including Poteet and Main’s Speed Demon, Marlo Treit’s Target 550, Dan Thompson’s Challenger 2, Team Vesco’s Turbinator II and the Carbinite streamliner.

All are desperately trying to be written in the history books as the first 500 mph wheel driven vehicle.
Vic and I were making this year’s States tour one to remember …. one week at Knoxville Sprint Car Nationals and another watching streamliners try for 500

mph. We should have been in seventh heaven. But due to the wet lake we only got half way. The Sprint Cars were absolutely amazing.
In Australia preparations are well under way for the DLRA 25th Anniversary Speedweek March 23rd to 27th. It will be a special event, invites have been sent

out to all founding members and there are many new vehicles making their first appearance.

One such vehicle is Craig Rogers’ Lakester. This guy is either dedicated or crazy. I just got off the phone to him. It’s Saturday morning, it’s 8 am, it’s

minus 3 degrees in his shed and he’s been there since 6 am working on his lakester.
Craig Rogers is on a deadline. He wants his lakester to debut at DLRA’s Speedweek 25 in 2015. He’s always been a car nut, heavily involved in V8 Supercars

with his mate Hayden Ivers.
Craig and Hayden heard about salt lake racing and decided to take a look. First year, they offered themselves as volunteers to DLRA and ended up as helpers

on the start line. Second year, they heard that Greg Butler needed a crew and offered themselves to help out.

Craig had seen enough, he thought, I can do this. He said the best thing he liked about salt lake racing was that he could build a machine to whatever his

imagination came up with as long as he kept it within the guidelines of the rule book. He saw a photo of a black lakester that raced at Bonneville and had

to have one. That black lakester was GOT SALT, a very successful American 325 mph record holding race team.
Craig purchased an old rear engine rail that hadn’t been raced for 25 years, thinking he could convert it into a slippery streamlined record breaking salt

car. After cutting the old racer in half to accommodate a new power plant and to upgrade the safety systems, he found the wall thickness and pipe diameter

of the rail would not comply with the DLRA rule book. So after a long discussion with the DLRA Chief Tech Inspector Bob Ellis, Craig decided the only way he

could finish the build was to sideline the old rail and start from scratch.
After weeks of sleepless nights, plans for the new improved lakester started to take shape. Craig has designed and built the new car mostly by himself in his shed at home in very cold Ballan, Victoria. It is 30 ft long (9 metres) with

a 21 foot wheelbase (6.5 metres). For the power plant, Craig is getting Spencer Race Engines to screw together a 6 cylinder BA Falcon block and head matched to a FG Typhoon manifold with a big arse turbo. Spencer Race Engines are

expecting around 850 horsepower from the combo. Craig is using a Tremec 5 speed with a 9” full floating diff. Craig came across Spencer Race Engines in his line of work and could not believe how fussy they were in their workshop. He

thought if they were only half as fussy with his engine, he wouldn’t have a problem in the world, so they got the job.

The Lakester rides only 12mm off the ground and has no suspension. The steering is a neat funny car rack and pinion made by Strange Engineering.
Now, back to dedicated or crazy, Craig’s first ever drive on the salt will be when he debuts his 850 hp lakester.
That is going to be one hell of a drive!
Craig intends to learn a lot at Speedweek 2015 but not expecting big speeds. If the quality of the build is anything to go by, big speeds won’t be far away.

See you at the salt Norm Hardinge

Yooralla’s Big Day Out
Yooralla’s Big Day out is a day full of fun activities for people with disability, their families, carers and Yooralla staff. There will be a range of activities and workshops followed by formalities in the afternoon. Given the space

we have, car rides may not be possible however guests will probably like to have a close up look and have some photos.

Here are the event details:
Yooralla’s Big Day Out
November 13 2014
Guests will be arriving from 10.30, so ideally would be great to have everyone set up by 9am to be sure.
Expo time will run from 11am-1pm which is when most people will be having a look.
Atlantic V Docklands
Shed 14, Central Pier off Harbour Esplanade in Docklands.
Right across the road from Etihad Stadium.
We’re applying to use this space through Parks Victoria, which shouldn’t be an issue, but will confirm everything once that comes through. Please see attached a picture circling where the cars would be and where guests enter.
ALL DLRA MEMBERS – anyone interested in participating in this event, please contact Greg Wapling:
[M] 0434 821 307
[E] gregwapling@hotmail.com

Pre-Inspection of New Vehicles
DLRA is looking for expressions of interest from anyone wanting a pre inspection of their vehicle to contact Carol Hadfield or their State Delegate. It is advisable to have any new vehicle pre inspected before taking it to Lake

Gairdner, it is a long haul to take it their without knowing if it will be able to run at Speedweek.

Repco Offer
The DLRA Committee continuously look for opportunities. On behalf of the DLRA membership, the committee have applied to have DLRA registered as a VIP Club at Repco. Details are below.

Dear Carol, Thank you for applying on your club's behalf to join the Repco VIP Club and we are delighted to inform you that your application has been successful.
Please forward this email to your club members so they can register via the following link: http://vip.repco.com.au/registration/register/1200

The Repco VIP Club is exclusive to selected Car Clubs.
The benefits of joining are straightforward:
1 Your members can simply go to the unique link (above) for the Dry Lakes Racers Australia, enter their details and receive a temporary VIP card, followed by a permanent barcoded card and key tag within 14 days.
2. They're assured 10% off full retail at any time, and further offers of up to 30% off full retail at various times throughout the year.
3. They receive email advice of special discounts in advance and on-line catalogues.
Kind regards,

The Repco VIP Club
Repco Australia
362 Wellington Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170
Web: http://www.repco.com.au

A Big Thankyou!
The club wishes to thank Rob and Tom Carroll for once again servicing the DLRA truck and a special thanks to Con Soldatos of CAE Performance for helping out on this service as well.

Buy, Swap, Sell
• Three Independent Front Ends $300.00 each
• One new Doug Nash Heavy Duty 4 speed with vertical gate shifter $1500.00
• Small Block Chev alloy front engine mounting plates $50.00 each
• HK-T-G Holden Front end $200.00
• 1922 T Ford chassis $200.00
• One A Model and One T Model Ford rear spring $30.00 each
- Contact Rod on 03 54723868.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1955 Model Ford Prefect, 41,000 original miles. Engine runs. Minor rust, $800.00.
Ring Greg on 9470 0430

Volkswagon Wheels, 6 inches wide 125 mm back spacing Moon disks to suit $200.00
Ring Greg on 9470 0430

Honda powered Generator Set $300.00
Ring Greg on 9470 0430

Old Compressor still works $50.00
Ring Greg on 9470 0430

If you have anything you want to buy, swap or sell for the next
newsletter, send details to vic@aussiedesertcooler.com.au.

Minutes of General Meeting 18th May 2014
18th May 2014
Held at Motor Mania, Unit 5/9 Mirra Court, Bundoora.
Meeting opened at 11am

Gary Satara, Dennis Campbell, Bob Ellis, Max Ellery, Greg Telford, Russell Branson, Len Souter, Mark Phelan, Daryl Bunton, Deb Dawson, Trevor Beck, Norm

Hardinge, Hayden Ivers, Angela Ashton, Wayne Pickles, Tom Carroll, Peter Noy and Steve Vorwerk (via text)

Minutes from previous meeting
As printed in the Newsletter:
Moved: Stephen Charlton Seconded: Michael Brixton

Business arising from previous minutes:

Correspondence In:
1. Letter from Annie Lane, Chairperson of Lake Gairdner National Park Co-Management Board responding to our email with Speedweek dates proposed for the next 5 years.
At the present time they are not in a position to respond. So we will be advertising the dates nominated as tentative dates and continue to move forward.

2015 is our 25th event and we want to start celebrating and promoting this as soon as possible.
2. Reports from Speedweek officials received from:
a. Chief Starter – long track
b. Chief Starter – GPS track
c. Chief Car Steward
d. Chief Motorcycle Steward
e. Chief Timer
f. Event Co-Ordinators
All of these reports will be available on the Members Only section of the forum.
Still to come are the Event Director’s report and the Registration report.
If you don’t have access to this, please send an email to webmaster@dlra.org.au
3. Advertising pack from Penrite Oil, they are considering sponsorship. Carol and Norm have completed this and returned it to Penrite for their new manager’s consideration.
4. Email from Michael Brixton with a statement from David Moore regarding an incident at Speed Week. Norm has spoken to David Moore.
For 2015 the committee have decide to introduce an unacceptable conduct system. A first or minor offence will incur a red card and the entrant will be banned from competition for a day, a yellow card will see an entrant removed from

the event. More details on how this will work in the future.
5. Minutes from the Qld Meeting April 13th.
6. Quote from No Fuss Event Hire for purchase of Trak Mats. At out last committee meeting we decided to purchase another 20 mats. They have a number of
“used once only” mats available at a considerable discount. Norm is going to check these out tomorrow. Previously we paid $310 per mat these second-hand
ones are only $230 each.

Correspondence Out:
1. Thank you Certificates to Brook Denning, Andrew Madin, Greg Telford, Robert Ness, Kevin Johns and Vicki Howard.
2. Emails, phone calls and questionnaire response to Penrite Oils.
3. Voucher for $500 from Performance Metals and Congratulatory letter to Mike Davidson.
4. Letter to Mount Ive with payment for tractor hire and telephone account.

Financial Report:
• Working Account: $46,473.93
• Minus un-presented cheques: DEWNR (Hire of Lake) $3,500.00
• Bob Ellis (Helmet stickers) $110.00
• MM Electrical (batteries) $158.55
• Funds available $42,705.38

• Loans & Donations Account: $ 26,461.28

• Petty Cash: $162.70
Request for another $500 Moved: Carol Hadfield Seconded: Stephen Charlton
• We still haven’t received an account from the Doctor ($3,850.00) Since doing the reports we have paid Mount Ive $3323.59, tractor hire $3185.00 and camp phone $138.59.
• At our last Committee meeting we discussed starting to pay back some of the loans made to the club, it was decided to pay $20,000.00 back now but before we do we would ask if there is anyone who made a loan that would like to
convert it to a donation to let Carol know as soon as possible. There will be thank you certificates sent to those who loaned and donated to the club.
Moved that the reports be accepted by Carol Hadfield Seconded: Alan Lacey


General Business:
• Presentation of 200mph Caps and stickers to: Michael Brixton and Daryl Chalmers.
• Lake Omeo – Norm Bradshaw has spoken to Gavin Murphy, local policeman, they are still keen to see us run an event up there. The lake was flooded just 6 weeks ago, but is now dry again. The committee are looking at running an event

over the cup weekend in November, depending on conditions of course. It has already been decided that for the first event we will be using GPS devices.
• Tractor Hire – Norm has spoken to Len and re-negotiated a new rate for the tractor hire for this year. The committee will also be confirming the hire conditions prior to next year’s event. Chris Bryson has very generously offered to

pay for the replacement chain for the tractor drag.
• Rule Book – Gary Satara has finished edits to the 2015 rulebook, it has been sent to Greg Wapling for formatting and checking. Greg has completed this and it will now be sent to committee for final approval and published as soon as

possible. There are few changes, most being clarifications of existing rules.
Motorcycle entrants are to note that they are to read and adhere to the requirements of Section 1 of the rule book.
• Timing Equipment, repairs have been made and it is to be shipped to Paul Lynch for him to check.
• Track Markers - Neil Davis raised the issue of that when the track was flipped there were no track markers on the left side of the track. Several entrants reported that they had problems with this. Norm agreed and this has been

raised as an issue for future events.
• Accident Response Procedure – David Pluckhahn is to write a manual on procedures to be taken if an unfortunate accident happens at Speed Week resulting in the loss of a life.
• Indigenous Monitors – No invoice received as yet.
• Handheld Radios – 6 new ICOM UHF handheld units have been purchased at a cost of $375 each; this is cheaper than the first lot. All radios have now been re-programmed as per Trevor Beck’s request.
• Diesel Pump – for the large Generator cannot be repaired, no parts and it is a discontinued model. A new pump will be purchased at a cost of approx. $300
• Track Layout Procedure – Rob Carroll and Greg Telford are putting this together.
• Wastewater Treatment Plant – Greg Wapling is drafting a letter requesting an exemption to the Dept. of Health and also drafting a letter requesting support from various prominent people.
• Bonneville Racing News – Greg has sent off an article with photos from our Speed Week.
• Rubbish - The issue of 3 big bags of rubbish left at the Salt Bush camp was raised along with rubbish in general and cans and bottles thrown onto the side of the road. It is unlikely that this would have been members or anyone from

South Australia as they have a deposit scheme and that the likely culprits would more than likely have been spectators who are not familiar with the bush protocol. The club has undertaken to display appropriate signage at the Salt
Bush camp and along the road to discourage this occurring in the future.
• Announcer – Everyone who was at the event this year truly appreciated the fantastic job by Scott Andrews on the UHF radio announcing who was running and what speeds they had achieved. The club is now looking for someone to step into

Scott’s shoes. So if you like the idea of sitting in one of the best seats in the house and can string a few words together please contact us.
• Road maintenance - The roads into the lake were very corrugated this year because they had not been dragged. This process simply involves hooking up a large tyre behind your vehicle and dragging to and from the camp to the lake. We

will have 2 tyres available to us next year, if you see them just hitch one up and make for much smoother travelling for everyone.
• Satellite Images - Mention was made of the terrific job that Paul Mcintosh has done with obtaining NASA satellite images of the lake and analysing them.
For those that have seen the images on the forum they are truly amazing and will greatly assist the club in determining track suitability and location in the future. Well done Paul!
The committee will be asking if Paul can apply this same technology to Lake Omeo in the lead up to a possible event there.
• Lake Inspection - A group of up to 4 DLRA representatives from SA that will go and do a final inspection of the lake 10 days prior to the start of the event, this will be organised by Michael Brixton.
Meeting closed at 1.15pm

Minutes of Committee Meeting 15th September 2014
15th September 2014
Meeting opened at 7.45pm

In Attendance:
Norm Bradshaw, Greg Wapling, Rob Carroll, Greg Telford, Steve Charlton, Carol & Rod Hadfield, Graham Hadley.
Conference Phone: Stephen Bridge, Chris Hanlon, Paul Lynch, Gary Satara.

Michael Brixton, Bob Ellis.

Minutes from Previous Committee Meeting: Moved: Graham Hadley Seconded: Greg Telford

Action Items from last Committee Meeting:
1. Lake Omeo: Norm has spoken again to the local policeman up there, seems there is about 500m of water at the bottom end of the lake. He will email us some photos.
Action: Greg to ask Paul McIntosh to investigate if Satellite Images can be obtained for Lake Omeo.

2. Wastewater Treatment: Good news, we have our exemption. There are regulations for the transport and disposal and Greg is working through these now, we will need to have our plan certified by an engineer, but once that is done we

are back to self-management. Norm may have a lead on a suitable vacuum tank and may be able to “borrow” it to see if it meets our needs. We can now see about re-selling the treatment plant.
Action: Greg to contact Engineer
Action: Greg to contact WWTP supplier about re-sale.

3. Tentative dates for next 5 years: These have been published online as tentative dates. We have still heard nothing from the Co-Management Board. The cheque for our 2014 lease was only cashed by DEWNR in June.
Action: Carol to contact Co-Management Board.
Action: Caro to contact DEWNR for permit application.

4. David Moore: Action: Norm & Steve will be speaking to both parties prior to 2015 Speed Week.

5. Incident at Lake and rescue team procedure: Norm has spoken to Russell and both agreed that a procedure and briefing session prior to 2015 Speed Week should fix this problem.
Action: Russell Branson to prepare procedure

6. Cost of Rulebooks: The committee have decided to try and cover the cost of the production of the rulebooks by selling advertising to be included in the rulebook.
Action: Greg to produce a sponsors pack that we can use when approaching potential sponsors

7. Sponsors for event: Committee are keen to find some sponsors to help cover the cost of Speed Week. Note: these will not be naming rights sponsors. Any members wish to nominate a company please contact the committee.
Action: Greg to contact Mickey Thompson importer and Norm to contact North Terrace Tyres.
Action: Carol & Greg to make a list of sponsors to canvass advertisers for the rule book.

8. T Shirt Sponsorship – We are looking for up to 3 companies be printed on the back of our event t-shirts to cover the cost of the shirts. Mastec have very generously offered to continue the event with their sponsorship.

9. Generator switch: Trevor has posted on the forum about the work and parts required. No responses to date. Paul Lynch may have a contact.
Action: Norm to contact Trevor Beck and Bill Heeremans.

10. Yellow and Red stickers for 2015 Speedweek : And helmet inspection stickers. To be silver for this special year.
Action: Bob Ellis to obtain them.

11. Timing Certificates: Greg has now produced these and had them printed.
Action: Carol is to send them out.

12. Invitations to 25th Anniversary: We are sending out an invitation to the foundation members of the DLRA to help celebrate the 25th year. Does anyone have contact details for Steve Watts or Peter Andrew?
Action: Carol has printed the invitations and is to send them out to those we have addresses for.

13. Missing Ryobi Drill: One of the clubs 2 drills has gone missing, mysteriously with its charger. Does anyone know where it may be?

14. Long Track setup procedure update. (See General Business)

15. Entry Forms – Changes to be made as per 9th June Committee Meeting minutes.
Action: Greg to draft the 2015 Entry Form

Correspondence In:
1. An email from Repco suggesting that DLRA members may be eligible for to join the Repco VIP Club after one of our members contacted them.
Action: Carol, Put details in Newsletter.
Action: Greg, put details online.

2. An email from Repco informing us that our application had been successful and that club members can register online.
Action: Carol, Put details in Newsletter.
Action: Greg, put details online.

3. Email from Colin Clare with pictures regarding modifications to tent shelters. Everyone agreed the changes would go a long way to fixing the problems from this year.
Action: Carol to send a letter of thanks

4. Email from Eric Norton resigning from his roles of Sponsorship and Publicity Officer.

5. Forms from Cowden Insurance to update Renewal Terms for Association Liability Insurance Proposal for the following year.
Action: Carol to complete form. Norm to sign.

6. Email from Michael Freak informing us that he is no longer the Ranger responsible for Lake Gairdner National Park and asking that his name be removed from the DLRA website.
Action: Carol to send a letter of thanks to Micheal.

7. Letter and survey form from Dept. of Environment re: Fuels. They want details of every class, the fuel used, compression ratios used and numbers of vehicles. Figures will be based on the previous 2 meetings.
Action: Greg to complete this form and return it.

8. Email from Eric Norton re meetings at his factory - we can have the meeting there on 12th of October but won’t be able to have any more there. So we are now looking for another venue, preferably north of the city to hold 3 meetings

a year. If anyone knows of such a place please contact the committee.

Correspondence Out:
1. Email to Dave Jones responding that we have previously investigated a track at Maralinga Airfield and thanked him.

2. Email to Joy Newton of Mt. Ive Station re purchasing a replacement chain. Norm has spoken to Len and the arrangement is if he needs the chain before Christmas to just go and buy one and invoice us. Otherwise another search will be
done at Christmas. Discussions also about modifications to the drag and the use of a smaller drag for the return roads.

3. A letter to Mark Reiners to show our disappointment regarding his generator being taken by someone during Speedweek 2014 and offering him free entry to Speedweek 2015.

4. Email to Michael Brixton of Mastec regarding sponsorship for 2015 Speedweek T shirts.

5.Application to Repco re VIP Club.

Financial Report:

Profit & Loss [Cash]
5/06/2014 To 5/09/2014

Annual Subscriptions $175.00
Donations (converted from loans) $2,035.00
Membership - New members $1,400.00
Merchandise Sales $3,087.90
Total Income $6,697.90
Cost of Sales
Purchase of Merchandise $3,181.05
Total Cost of Sales $3,181.05
Gross Profit $3,516.85
Advertising $330.00
Bank Fees $98.81
Maintenance to Plant $318.90
Printing & Stationery $605.00
Total Expenses $1,352.71
Operating Profit $2,164.14
Other Income
Interest Income $77.35
Total Other Income $77.35
Total Other Expenses $0.00
Net Profit/(Loss) $2,241.49

Bank Balances:
General Account $30,396.66
Loans & Donations Account $21,461.60
Petty Cash $ 36.75

Motion to give Carol another $500 for petty cash.
Moved: Steven Charlton Seconded: Rob Carroll

General Business:
1. Paul Lynch – Timing Systems. To purchase the timing equipment for the short track will cost around $18,500. This will be identical to what we are already
using and provide spares should they be required for the long track. Norm has now asked Paul to come up with any other requirements.
Action: Paul to list equipment for new timing system.

2. Rob Carroll - Rule book. The section 1.M Driver Licensing is missing from the Table of Contents. Rob asked Gary to have a look at this section as it needs some Australianising and did not really spell out the requirements to
someone who has not been before.

3. Rob Carroll - Club Asset Register. There was a large list that Rob compiled and gave to Trevor Beck, he needs to get this back to continue with the recording of assets.

4. Rob Carroll - Ford Trader. Rob took the truck to the Lake on the understanding from Cled that the club would buy the truck for $3000. Only trouble is that the committee was unaware of this and he was now asking do we still want it?
The was unamious agreement that yes we do want the truck and that Rob should be paid as soon as possible.

5. Rob Carroll - Isuzu Truck. Rob recently serviced the truck and noticed grease leaking from a front hub, closer inspection revealed a worn wheel bearing. Both bearing have now been replaced and the front end fully serviced. He also
fixed the exhaust at the same time. There also seems to be a problem with an air leak and one of the inner rear tyres. Rob has been asked to look at these items in the coming months.

6. Rob Carroll - Rob still has the remains of 2 dead engines from the Nissan Ute and was asking what we wanted to do with them. Committee was happy for Rob to get rid of them.

7. Rob Carroll - At a previous meeting Rob and Greg outlined the purchase of equipment to set up the tracks as per setup procedure that they had been working on. Rob was now looking for approval to purchase this equipment, valued

around $500-700. Moved: Norm, Seconded: Steve. Unanimous approval from Committee.

8. Rob Carroll - Diesel Transfer Pump, spare parts to effect a repair could not be found. Therefore a new pump will have to be purchased.
Action: Rob to arrange purchase of a new Diesel Transfer Pump

9. Greg Wapling – DLRA Forum – reported on the unfortunate circumstances where a member, RGN, was banned from the forum.

10. Carol Hadfield – Carol and Greg have a very strong preference for using the online booking system Trybooking for the 2015 Speed Week. Need to promote this more as the preferred method.
Action: Carol to get in contact with Colin Clare

11. Carol Hadfield – Wanted to remind everyone that we need to get a newsletter out before the next general meeting on October the 12th. All contributions gratefully accepted. Greg will hopefully have the 2015 Speed Week Entry Form

ready for the newsletter.

12. David Pluckhan is investigating having satellite internet available for Speed Week. This would primarily be used to post daily results. Graeme has volunteered to help Paul with the setup of a wireless network between timing, start

line and race control.

13. Dr. Goggles has declared his interest in becoming the Australian “Voice of the Salt” announcer for 2015.

14. Carol Hadfield - Catering at Speed Week 2015. Many members have lamented the lack of a night meal from the canteen. We need to see if there is any locally based service clubs who would be willing to take this on and then see if we
can come to some arrangement with Mt. Ive.

15. Remuneration for Carol has been held over until after the General meeting in October.
Meeting closed 10.45pm

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