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At Bonneville the the Chief starters job is held in high regard and you would have to wait until someone died to obtain such a prestigious position. The starters are supplied with shelter for shade, comfy chairs,cool looking uniforms,a vehicle delivers food and cold drinks every couple of hours the starters break for lunch when the track is closed for an oil down or accident ect. The starters accommodation is covered ect. The starter holds the authority at the start line this is respected by all racers. He does not cop abuse without consequence.
We are not the SCTA but they do run Speedweek well.

In my experience Peter and Dave have done a good job (the best so far) so far to bring our start line a long way towards the SCTA's example and I am not happy they are leaving the Starters jobs but I can understand why.
Now we as a club need to do our part so we have starters that do not want to leave.We need to look after them during Speedweek and stop the crap whinging and abuse .
Norm Hardinge

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Re: Bike Guys

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Thanks guys for all the constructive comments and feedback. I started this thread with all the best intentions although my wording I got wrong. Norm, you are right. Next to the fire/rescue guys the startline is the hardest job out there. I suggested to the committee we consider a single person size cool-room at the startline for quick respite or recovery for overheated competitors or officials. To rent a small one or better still find a rental company that wants great exposure for the week is worth considering. Obvious shade but it needs to be setup in the centre of the startline again only single person width. This would save a ton of walking by the starter and cars/bikes would be directed alternate sides to start.

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