Speed Week 2022 is CANCELLED!

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Speed Week 2022 is CANCELLED!

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Speed Week 2022 is CANCELLED!
I can't believe that I'm writing this again, but due to record rainfall over the lake and the surrounding area last weekend we are left with no choice. Over 3 days Mt. Ive received 181mm of rain (more than 60% of it's annual average) with many of the surrounding homesteads receiving similar rainfall (Nonning - 131mm, Buckelboo - 165mm, Kimba - 160mm). This has been an exceptional event and you have to go back to 1974 for the highest recorded totals.
It will be many months if not much longer for the area to recover from this amount of water in such a short time.
There is an estimated 500mm of very dirty standing water on the lake. The rocks at the shoreline under the canteen are not visible. Today there were waves lapping at the shores. You will see from the photos just how much water there is https://www.dlra.org.au/2022-01.htm.
Worse than that, the roads are destroyed. The two creek crossings are washed out and are probably impassable, but definitely would be after a little bit of traffic. The road into Mt Ive station has a very large channel cut across it.
In the only bit of good news, the DLRA camp looks fine.

In making this decision we did consider what feasible options there were, including a postponement, but upon working through them, none of them would have worked for a number of reasons. But most compelling is the widespread damage to all of the sealed and outback roads washed away in the north west region, it is going to take considerable time to effect the prioritized repairs required, plus the work that Mt. Ive will have to go to the homestead and it's private road to get access to the homestead and the lake.
The lake itself will take some time to repair, with dirty water, soil and other debris washed off the surrounding hills onto the lake surface.
We respect the lake and the landowners around the lake and we do not want to be responsible for any further damage or hardship to the region by introducing up to 1000 people to the area.

Entrants for this year's event who have lodged their entry forms and paid their fees please note that these will now roll over until next year. If you wish to apply for a refund, as per the entry form "if meeting is canceled due to adverse weather conditions or force majeure" we reserve the right to withhold $100 to help cover the cost of outgoings that are not recoverable to the club.

Look for further announcements in the coming days and weeks.
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Re: Speed Week 2022 is CANCELLED!

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Sad news. Although they are amazing photos.
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