Suzuki 1985 EFE Engine

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Suzuki 1985 EFE Engine

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 4 SALE Suzuki 1985 EFE 1170cc originally set up to run a turbo..... This engine was acquired from a trade in on another motorcycle, it's missing  a clutch & basket & side engine covers...  Engine has never fired a shot.  Original owner said nearly 20k spent on GS1150 turbo engine build
GSX1150 cases, cylinder and head, all hydro blasted
Crank was a fresh build with Katan rods, welded etc from FME in Perth (as I was told)
APE case and cylinder stud/nut kits used
10.25:1 1170cc piston kit (.002 clearance)
APE tool steel piston pins (.115" wall)
head and block surfaced, o-ringed block and receiver grooved head,
.040" copper head gasket
27.5mm (std) KPMI black diamond inlet valves
24.5mm (1mm o/s) KPMI black diamond exhaust valves
APE .400" lift valve springs and titanium retainers inlet ports have bowl clean up, 3 angle serdi valve seats
exhaust ports ported/flow tested, 3 angle serdi valve seats
DID 219fth cam chain
OEM Suzuki guides
APE cam chain tensioner
Std GSX1150 camshafts, APE adjustable cam sprockets, cams set to 106/111 l/c (i/e)
Robinson or Orient Express (I don't know which) 3spd 1-2-3 overriding shift (auto)
transmission with H/D bearings ... 87oga&dl=0

Asking price $11,000 

Contact Gavin 0428819140 Brisbane Queensland or email
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