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DLRA News 33 - July / November 2008

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ISSUE 33 - July 2008 (well it’s November actually)
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Newsletter Sponsors 2
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Presidents Report 4
Rods Rambling's 4
Indigenous Land Use Agreement 4
Queensland News 4
New South Wales News 5
South Australia News 5
Victoria News 5
Gail Phillips 5
Dr. Goggles on Tour 6
The Flying Doctor 7
Salt fever 8
Salt Fever #2 8
More Salt Fever 9
Camp Infrastructure 10
Repeat the Feat 11
An Interview with Mike Waters Pt1 12
ILUA addresses 13
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On the cover: Great gathering at the first South Australian meeting. Some of the NZ competitors at Bonneville this year.
Opposite: Happier Days

President Rob Carroll Ph/Fax 03 5472 4370
Vice President John Lynch
Secretary Rod Hadfield
Treasurer Rod Hadfield
Chief Steward Brian Nicholson
Motorcycle Steward Gary Baker
Race Director Kevin Saville / Rob Carroll
Starter Cled Davies
Assistant Starter Chris Hanlon
Timer Tony Cooke
Assistant Timer Stan Suchodolskiy
Scrutineer Phil Arnold
1st Assistant Scrutineer Lennie Souter
2nd Assistant Scrutineer Steve Charlton

PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au

Presidents Report - Rob Carroll DLRA #012

Hi Everyone and welcome to another newsletter. Lots of people have been asking me about the lake lately. Specifically if we are allowed to use it next March. The committee filled out the relevant application forms early in September and sent them to the Department for Environment and Heritage. These were then sent on to the Department for Aboriginal Affairs for their consideration to issue a permit. This is where we are at as of early October. I will be following this up to keep the pressure on to get an outcome on this. Any news will be posted on the forum as soon as we know.
I have previously asked for someone or a few people to take over the toilet cleaning duties as Andy Jenkins can no longer do this. This is a very important aspect of the running of Speed Week and if no one is prepared to step up we may have to elect volunteers as per army style. Andy needs a big THANK YOU from all who have attended previous Speed Week, as we can all understand it’s not the nicest job and he has done it for many years without complaint.
Congratulations must go to the Queensland members for the hard work they have put in to get permission to use Warwick airstrip for a test and tune day. Insurance is the only item left to finalise, but we hopefully can work this out.

Rod's Rambling’s - Rod Hadfield DLRA#003
Well this newsletter is well and truly overdue but I have been holding back hoping I could report on the scheduled meeting between representatives of the DLRA, National Parks and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs which was to be held on the 21st of November, 2008, but on the 13th we received word that it had been cancelled and at present a new date has not been scheduled which is very disappointing. The proposed meeting was to be held with the Minister, President Rob Carroll, ex Timekeeper Peter Noy (because of his track layout experience) and Andy Jenkins who had a lot to do with the early negotiations for Lake Gairdner. The meeting was to be held in Port Augusta, Rob had arranged to rent a car, Peter and Andy had arranged time off, so it came as quite a shock and we are doing everything we possibly can to get answers as time is slipping away. Our next event T Shirt and Poster design has been organised, an application has been lodged for the Lake hire and the Insurance checked. National Parks are doing everything they can on our behalf so it is a matter of waiting.

On the positive side what a great job Norm Hardinge has been doing with his “Cruzin the Salt” articles each month, it is quite a job to come up with something when there has been so little happening on the home front. Norm and Vicki have been working very hard putting together a great DVD on their last Bonneville experience, it is now ready for sale and 10% of the DVD sales are to be donated to the DLRA to help finance next years meeting, see order form elsewhere in this newsletter, so thanks guys it is a truly appreciated effort. A lot of members attended this years Bonneville, it is reported that up to 200 New Zealanders attended with five cars and one bike and they set records as well, what about our member Greg Watters who first of all set up a turbo on a bike here is Australia, unbolted it and took it to the States on the plane, bought a bike and fitted the Turbo then ran a record, congratulations Greg.
Richard Assen ran over 250 mph on a Hyabusa, while Evelyne Schulz and Bones borrowed a bike a ran very respectably at the BuB (Denis Manning) event several weeks after Bonneville, what a great effort and congratulations also.

At home, Alan Fountain has had his Belly Tank ready for some time and after this years event he is going to ship it and contest speed events such as Maxton, El Mirage and Bonneville. He has a motor home and trailer; it will be an adventure and a half. Norm Hardinge is also talking of taking a car over next year and has put a plan in place with Al Phillips to make it happen. Gail Phillips walked away from her accident with only a few bruises after here Streamliner got uncontrollable and rolled following her chute deployment. The chute cord length is believed a major contributor to the accident, the vehicle is repairable, Good on you Gail.

The Queensland boys have managed to get permission to use Warwick Air Strip for test runs but Insurance is now proving to be a problem with our Insurers “Cowdens” saying that Lake Gairdner is to be upheld but it won’t cover Queensland.

A general meeting is scheduled for the second Sunday in February at Norms “Aussie Desert” factory, 350 Murray Road, starting at 11am unless something unforseen develops.

Indigenous Land Use Agreement

The South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage has given its conditional approval for next year’s event. The condition is that there is agreement to the event from the relevant indigenous stakeholders. Ideally this would be in the form of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement.
DEH and representatives of the DLRA have been trying to get these indigenous stakeholders to a meeting for some time without any success. The DLRA committee has decided it is now at the stage where if we are to run an event next year this needs to happen now.
You can help!
In an attempt to get these people to the table, we encourage you to sign and post or email one of these letters to the Minister (he holds both the environment and aboriginal affairs portfolios) or one of the other organisations people listed at the back of the newsletter (page13).
Attached are two proforma letters, one for members of the DLRA and one for supporters, spectators and enthusiasts of Dry Lakes Racing in Australia. Please use these letters and we implore you not to add abusive or threatening remarks to these letters. Electronic versions of the letters and the list of addresses will also be posted on the DLRA forum (http://www.dlra.org.au/forum/) Feel free to pass these letters along to anyone wishing to support the DLRA and Dry Lakes Racing in Australia.
NOTE: We are requesting Port Augusta Council to support us by sending a letter them as well.

Queensland News - Don Noble DLRA#281

NEWSFLASH! After six months of hard work by some of our members, approval to hold an event here in Qld has been "GRANTED".
We have been given approval to hold TWO events over a 12 month period at the Southern Downs Regional Council owned Warrick Airstrip!
The Qld branch meeting is on next Sun (5th Oct) at Don Nobles premises (listed elsewhere on this site), the major topic of discussion, will obviously be about these events. Be There!
We are going to try to hold the first Test/Trial before Xmas ,if not, definitely before the main event at Lake G.
There is still a lot to be finalised, such as Insurance, fire & rescue, etc, etc, and we need people to step forward to help out.
I'd like to thank all those that have helped this to happen (No need for names, you know who you are). We have proven what a bit of effort can achieve.
So boys and girls, dust off your toys, dig out your log books, put some gas in the tank, and come out to play!
We hope to be able to give out dates and costs soon.

New South Wales News

The DLRA NSW members are had a meeting on Saturday at 12.30pm at Camden Showground. For those NSW members wanting to attend these meetings in the future, please see the post on the DLRA forum under the members section for more details or phone GAZ on 0409 196025 or email him at gsatara@bigpond.com.

South Oz News - Pete Noy. DLRA #6

On June 1st S.A. members had an informal get together & BBQ at Steve (Smurf) & Sue Vorwerk's home. Around 40 people attended from as far a field as Broken Hill, Whyalla & Robe. It was great to see many new faces mixing with guys who have been around for years. Many stories were told & ideas swapped. Some brought their race cars & bikes for all to see, thanks to those members. It seems there are several projects quietly on the go in suburban sheds as we speak! A raffle was held with several great prizes donated, raising $158.00. Thank you to the companies who supported us with those, in particular Paint Supplies S.A. & The Barrossa Brewing Company, Greenock.

The success of this day has prompted us to do it all again, with the next being an inspection day & BBQ in early October (date & venue to be advised soon) . Many thanks once again to all who attended & made the day so successful & enjoyable, & special thanks to Steve & Sue for the venue , cooking the tucker, & a place to stay when one has had too much "cordial" to drive home!

In other news, the DLRA has been invited to put on a static display at the Gawler tractor pull in November, & we will have a club display at the Adelaide Motor Show / Hot Rod Show in April 2009. Hopefully the cars & bikes will have signs of fresh salt on them for this one!
Lastly, I would like to thank my employers, Lloyd & Wayne Jackson (Chubb Fire Safety contractors), who have donated a further 12 fire extinguishers to the DLRA to be used by the CFS rescue crews on the lake.

Victorian Members Meeting

Sunday 8th February 2009
At Aussie Desert Cooler (Norms)
350 Murray Road, Preston
starting at 11am

Gail Phillips


To all our friends in Australia: The POP Motorsports landspeed race team has returned from Bonneville's Speedweek with a sad tale to tell. The Streamliner didn't make it. Crew Chief Doug Odom made a first test run on Monday and managed a respectable 236 MPH run although he had an engine fire during his shut down when an oil hose came loose. It took a day and a half to repair the damage and change engines and then Gail drove her first test run late Wed. She was glad to see familiar Aussie faces as DLRA members Norm and Vic Hardinge were filming on the starting line.

The run went well until the shut down at the 5 mile when the high-speed chute came out and all went topsy-turvy. When we see the video that was fortunately taken by the event videographer, we'll have a better idea about why it happened, but at 242 MPH the car flipped on its side, slid a long ways, then began to pencil roll until it came to a stop, fortunately top side up.

Gail managed to get herself out, with a little helping hand that she later discovered was her own husband's - Al was the first car on the scene (we think he may have driven faster than Gail). After no fewer than 5 paramedics had checked her over she was able to convince them that she was okay.

They insisted she go to the hospital to be checked by a Dr but it was a 2 hr drive away so she also managed to have Al drive her instead of an ambulance. Even the Dr couldn't find anything wrong except a slight headache which a few aspirin took care of easily. The prediction of sore muscles the next day did not materialize although several bruises did appear in odd places.

5 accidents occurred in 2 days but we believe none had serious injuries, thankfully. The salt was the best it has been in over 30 years and they had 3 courses set up, 1 long and 2 short so even the lines were manageable. There were many Aussies and Kiwi's there so it was almost like a DLRA event with accents at every turn.

If you are so inclined here are two links to news reports from Salt Lake City TV stations. Copy and paste into your browser bar and then find the small TV on the page with a heading about Bonneville then click on it to start the news report.

http://www.truveo.com/82008-Drivers-cra ... 2019346910


We miss AU very much and still hope we will be able to return next year for a visit. We are thankful that we all returned home safe and sound and next week we will begin thinking about our future racing plans and goals. (Doug says he can fix the car - Yikes!)

Our best wishes to all our special friends :-)
Gail & Al Phillips

Dr. Goggles on Tour - James Stewart DLRA#

Hi all
I thought I’d send you a report on my trip to Pendine Sands on the west coast of Wales. If you watch Top Gear you'd remember the beach as the place where they took the helicopter shot of the Vauxhall Monaro doing huge donuts at the end of a comparison with a 300C and some other car (a Jag I think), less significantly it was the setting for some of the early world land speed records. The following is taken from Wikipedia: Pendine Sands is a 7 mile long beach on the shores of Carmarthen Bay on the south coast of Wales. It stretches from Gilman Point in the west to Laugharne in the east. The village of Pendine is situated near the western end of Pendine Sands.

In the early 1900s the sands were used as a venue for car and motor cycle races. From 1922 the annual Welsh TT motor cycle event was held at Pendine Sands. The firm flat surface of the beach created a race track that was both straighter and smoother than many major roads at the time. Motor Cycle magazine described the sands as "The finest natural speedway imaginable".
In the 1920s it became clear that roads and race tracks were no longer adequate venues for attempts on the world landspeed record. As record breaking speeds approached 150 mph (240 km/h), the requirements for acceleration to top speed before the measured mile and safe braking distance afterwards meant that a smooth, flat, straight surface of at least 5 miles in length was needed. The first person to use Pendine Sands for a world land speed record attempt was Malcolm Campbell. On September 25th 1924 he set a world land speed record of 146.16 mph (235.22 km/h) on Pendine Sands in his Sunbeam 350hp car Bluebird.
Four other record breaking runs were made on Pendine Sands between 1924 and 1927; two more by Campbell, and two by Welshman J.G.Parry Thomas in his car Babs. The 150 mph barrier was decisively broken, and Campbell raised the record to 174.22 mph (280.38 km/h) in February 1927 with his second Bluebird.
On Parry-Thomas attempted to beat Campbell's record. On his final run at circa 170 mph (280 km/h) the exposed drive chain broke and partially decapitated him, Babs went out of control and rolled over. Parry-Thomas was the first driver to be killed during a world land speed record attempt. This was the final world land speed record attempt made at Pendine Sands.
Parry-Thomas' car Babs was buried in the sand dunes near the village of Pendine. In 1969 Owen Wyn Owen, an engineering lecturer from Bangor Technical College, sought and received permission to excavate Babs. Over the next 15 years he restored the car, which is now housed in the Museum of Speed in Pendine village.
In 1933 Amy Johnson and her husband, Jim Mollinson, took off from Pendine Sands in a De Havilland Dragon Rapide to fly non-stop to the United States.

We drove over from London in a Vauxhall Corsa , now that's 1.2litres of fire breathing front wheel drive mayhem to those who don't know but with fuel at £1.20 a litre economy is what you're looking for. It cruised ok at 80mph with masses of European exotics going past at what must have been close to the ton, British drivers are polite to a fault, and patient. Judging by the number of Beemers you'd have to raise an eyebrow at the history book's claim that the Germans lost the Battle of Britain. Ferraris, Bentley Continentals, heaps of convertibles (minis , more Beemers, silver Mercs, Alfas, Saabs a couple of "Rerlers") and yes a couple of series one Landies towing home made trailers.

In London it helps to know where you are going, everybody else does and unless you're assertive you'll just end up back at their place.

It was about five hours drive to Pendine , once we got off the motorway it was quaint little villages with cottages right on the road and winding streets and names that looked like the kind of scrabble hand you'd miss a go to get rid of. The weather was perfect and the wildflowers were out everywhere.

The last part of the drive was winding country lanes, you can picture it , the smell of hay and cow shit and then a glimpse of the sea , fantastic. We'd booked a room at the Beach Hotel , it was an en-suite, well there was a toilet in the cupboard....I hope it was connected. Fish and chips for tea, no dimmies , no potato cakes , no crabs dicks , no grilled fish, NO LEMON! but they did have mushy peas, so we ate it on the wall above the beach with the sound of english being spoken in accents that made utterly no sense to me all around us, it was like a movie, the poms really let themselves go at the beach.......Speaking of which the beach is massive, check it out on Google Earth , I'm not sure but I think it might be a kilometre wide at really low tide.

The next morning we went for a beach walk had another cooked breakfast(one egg is standard ,if you want two you have to ask, just like the baked beans are standard, oh yeah and the coffee is er, different) and went to check out the Museum of speed. It's a fairly modest affair but it does have the rebuilt Babs , a Brough SS100 and a couple of other bikes including a flat twin Norton.

The lady at the counter looked bored and was less than helpful ,when I asked if I could step over the barrier to take a closer photo of Babs she replied " you certainly cannot sir and all photographs are strictly forbidden besides", hence the pictures you see are carefully rendered lithographs that have all the appearance of photos.

We drove back through Carmarthen, Monmouth and Gloucester with big road bikes everywhere incredible scenery and beautiful little villages , to be honest if there were any ugly bits between London and Pendine we missed them , both ways. We dropped the hire car off and much to my disappointment and contrary to my experience of hiring cars they didn't want to argue about anything, they just asked if we'd had a good time. And we had.
As a footnote I saw one pair of ape hangers Tiny and the only broken down bike I saw was a purple Bonny by the side of the A4, got passed by a late duke on one wheel on a narrow road with approaching traffic , it sounded like hell let loose. I also saw a sixties Giuletta Sprint, v.nice , oh, and a 427 Cobra.

And just for the record I know a woman who can navigate. Tomorrow Spain, See you all soon.
Your man in the UK
Dr Goggles.

As a further footnote, the Doc has recently been doing some more flying, unfortunately this time over the handlebars of his motorbike as a result of yet another inattentive motorist. He’s out of hospital now and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

The Flying Doctor - Don Hudson DLRA#

Don has retired the HQ Monaro and has been busy building a replacement. It's a 92 olds cutlass Winston Cup Nascar, with a Dart 509 shoehorned in. Still in black primer. Solid roller cam, demon 1090 carb, 12:1 comp, dry sump, nitrous, and yes, no LPG this time, maybe alcohol later though. Driveline is a Tex Racing T101A 4 speed dogbox, Detroit locker with 2.5 gears and 31 spline free floating rear end. Should be a hoot.

Salt Fever - Mike Davidson DLRA#1

The new project is a twin flathead powered streamliner, Mike has imported a mould to make the body from the States and is now gearing up for the chassis construction.

Obviously with a project like this he will need all the assistance he can muster, he is very keen to talk to anyone about sponsoring what will be a very unique vehicle.

The Engines
As owner/manager of Mike’s Sidevalve Supplies it was always fairly obvious as to what was going to power the streamliner and Mike being a racer, lives by the adage, if one is good then two must be better. All the engineering has be designed and built in-house at Mike’s workshop.

You can follow his build at http://www.flatattackracing.com

Salt Fever – Part 2 -
Trevor Slaughter DLRA#136

There is a bunch of Queenslanders that are currently building a streamliner headed up by Trevor Slaughter. The streamliner is powered by a Toyota 2JZ with a air (CO2) shifted B&J 5 speed with 5th being 1:1 gearbox and Winters Quickchange with 2.2 ratio centre. It will run in F/BFS class, with the current record for this class at Bonneville set at 325MPH.

You can follow their build at their website; http://www.slaughtermotorsport.com or the DLRA forum.

More Salt Fever - Andreas Zang DLRA#607

It’s been nearly 2 years for Out There Racing Motto Guzzi to have missed out on the great Aussie White Dyno (Lake Gairdner). We have concentrated on drag racing to keep the adrenalin pumping. 2008 brought the street Bike challenge (Charlie Dennis Memorial Trophy 08) and with 400 points on the final run we obtained out right win, also with one of our other 1000 Le Mans Guzzi's running we gained a 4th for the season. Both Guzzi's were still carrying the DLRA decals on the tank as set up for 07 Dry Lake Challenge.

There was also the long drive to Mildura to participate in the Tri-state series which unfortunately resulted in continuous breakouts due to the unfamiliar weather conditions. A photo and mention in the latest Dragster Magazine was the final highlight for 2008. Here are some pic's of the year. We wait in anticipation for the opportunity to run our new high horsepower Le Mans (now 1150cc) at the only track that can satisfy a man's thirst for speed, the Lake.

DLRA Campsite Infrastructure - Trevor #298 (Outbacktrev)

I have been asked, by our revered President, to give an insight into the “new” DLRA campsite infrastructure to give people a better understanding of the logistics and some of the requirements put in place with regard to WATER and ELECTRICITY usage at the” new” camp.

We turn taps on water comes out! We switch a light switch and the light comes on (most times!) all of these things are mostly taken for granted in our homes and we don’t give it a second thought but at the DLRA Camp considerable infrastructure is in place to allow this to happen.

When the new camp was established (March 2003) at the request of the new Mt Ive owners (Len, not Les & Joy Newton) all the old portables were shifted from the old camp area (now the Mt Ive Lakeside camp area, serviced by bore water!) to the new area. With this came the opportunity to create a more permanent, comfortable campsite and as such, in October 2003, a weeklong working bee, attended by approx 20 Club members and friends, was conducted to install tanks, pipes, cables and levelling of all buildings. Considerable money was spent on poly pipe, cabling, new ablution blocks, tanks (both rainwater and septic) and numerous other things to the tune of about $40,000 , hence the new camp was born!

Contrary to the belief of some, the DLRA camp is serviced by RAINWATER for showering, drinking and general use. This rainwater is stored in 3 x 5000gallon (23,000ltr) “Bushman” poly rainwater tanks and these tanks take a full year of the meagre rainfall of the area to fill. We manage to empty these tanks in the space of 1 week! We have part ownership of a 4th tank which supplies bore water for the flushing of toilets only. We have two separate water reticulation systems (hence the two pumps in the woolshed)

This water is pumped around via underground poly pipes, throughout the camp, and with the switching of the appropriate valves we can pump between the different tanks and have water supplied from any of the tanks to various areas at anytime.
Please don’t waste water, it is in limited supply
Washing of Vehicles is NOT ON
There are numerous valves around the camp that perform different functions and hence

Requirement #1
DON”T operate the water valves or electrical switches you may think need operating please ask somebody who DOES know what needs to be switched and to where! There are designated water monitors who will generally look after the water situation, checking levels etc. If you see an obvious problem please advise somebody i.e. water leak or similar.

The new camp is supplied with electricity from a 65KVA DORMAN diesel genset with a McFarlane Alternator; this genset was built in 1975 and has very minimal engine hours on it (we add about 250hrs per year). At the old camp a “Clipsal” grey plastic adaptable box with 3 x double power points and a 3phase board the MOE boys made up was the limit of outlets available. 1st in best dress or use your own generator!
Now we have numerous distribution boards around the area and many outlets available. The sleeping “Humpies” are now all “hard wired” leaving many power outlets free to use everywhere! Very convenient! But this has created a minor problem, too easy to plug so much electrical “stuff” in nowadays the genset has begun to suffer minor over loading from time to time. (Usually 1st thing in the morning and at Teatime)
The existing genset is capable of producing approx 80amps per phase and there are 3phases available. The normal supply to a household in South Australia is 60-80amp single phase. i.e. we have the equivalent of approx 3 house supplies available to us at the new camp.

The “quick recovery” Hot water system outside the Gents ablutions requires 3 x 4.8kw (=20amps x 3) electrical supply but can be individually switched to “balance” loading on the genset as required or even switched off in peak load times, The cool room requires approx 6amps per phase x 3. It has been said, by some, the “Ice” truck is causing problems with power? The Ice truck draws approx 5amps per phase x 3 and runs infrequently and I do not believe is an issue for the service it provides (I don’t require ice, my crew and I, have plenty of refrigeration so I am not bias one way or the other to the ice truck even though I organise it!)

Consumes considerable electricity and should only be run during the day and late evening (The genset requires a reasonable load to stop the engine bores “glazing”)
Those with air conditioners are requested to turn them OFF at peak load times i.e. Evening meal time from about 1700-2100hr and can then start them up again.
The genset consumes approx 120-130litres of diesel per 24hrs and is monitored for fuel etc by designated people who are generally lurking around switching things on and off for load balancing purposes or refuelling where necessary. (We use between 4-5 x 200ltr drums of diesel for the genset during a normal meeting if we ever have one again!)

Hence: The available power from the genset is designated for lighting, refrigeration and pumps (read about water)

Requirement #2:
Please restrict Electricity use to lighting and refrigeration.
Cooking of meals and boiling the kettle can be done on gas very easily and relieve excess load on the genset!

An example of various electrical appliance electricity use is as follows:
Electric kettle 1800-2400watts 7-10amps
Electric toaster 1800-2400watts 7-10amps
Electric frypan 2000-24000watts 8-10amps
Electric hairdryer? 1800-2400watts 7-10amps
Electric fridge 60-450watts .25-2amps
Electric light 100watts .5amp

As can be seen from the above figures it doesn’t take many kettles or toasters to load the system up and potentially cause power outages hence the request to cook and boil kettles etc on gas please.

Since the new camp has been installed approx 400mtrs of poly pipe, 1000+mtrs of electrical cable and approx 300mtrs of trench were dug for these services to now exist so please try to stick by the requirements i.e. GAS cooking and save the electricity for refrigeration and lighting and ALL will be well.

This is a basic insight into infrastructure in the “new” DLRA camp if you would like to know more or assist with some of the water, refuelling duties please contact Rob Carroll who would be only too glad for the offer of assistance.
See Ya March 09’

The Noonan Racing Land Speed Report - John Noonan DLRA#
“Repeat the Feat” El Mirage May 17th-18th

After John Noonan & Bob Moreland made history last year as the only team to capture both the points championships for cars and bikes for the SCTA points Championship they decided to once again try for glory and “repeat the feat” in 2008 as well.

This year started off great with all four vehicles taking 4 spots in the top 10 and all of them setting records, first off was Bob driving the #1 car from last season. The Moreland, Noonan and Lux Turbo-Busa  Velocity powered rear engine modified roadster ran the 1.3 mile dirt course and set a new personal best and recorded a new record of 185.197 from last seasons top speed of 174+ mph.
Second off was John running the #1 bike from last season, the Noonan/Moreland Turbo charged sidecar set a new record as well at 209.441 mph and now holds all three of the fastest sidecar records anywhere in the world at 209, 212 & 216 mph
Later in the meet the #539 bike of Noonan/Derwin was ridden by John and set another record in the un-faired class of A-BG-1350 at a great speed of 223.331 mph and later during the event the bike was “loaned “ to team mate Bob Moreland who ran 218+mph his first time on a turbo Hayabusa and remember this was without any frontal streamlining! At that time that was the second fastest speed of the meet for the bikes.
 The fourth record was also in the vintage classes like the other roadster however in this car the engine is mounted in the front and sideways, and the entry name is Eyres, Moreland, and Noonan. Russ Ayres ran against the record set by the championship points winner from 2005 and reset the record from 135.414 to 144.085 this car also has a good chance at capturing a top spot at seasons end with regards to the SCTA points championship and was highly admired by the long time SCTA roadster racers..
With running a few vehicles and being busy with all four of them no pictures were taken during this event however there are pictures on the www.SCTA-BNI.org web site. Also please see Cycle Worlds July issue for our test session at Lemoore Naval Base.
A special thank you to all of the friends, sponsors and club members that made this all happen.
 Crew Chief Michelle Derwin
Richard Lux Master fabricator
Velocity Racing Turbo Systems 859-885-3223
Web Camshafts 951-369-369-5144
Millennium Technologies 920-893-5595
CP Pistons 949-567-9000 www.cppistons.com
Orient Express 631-231-6552
Cometic Gaskets 800-752-9850
Bobs Garage 760-510-1628
Airtech Streamlining 760-598-3366
Tiger Racing www.tigerracingproducts.com
Carpenter Racing cylinder heads 856-753-1555
American Performance Engineering (APE) 661-256-7309
Worldwide Bearings.com 800-575-3220 “Dave”
Nick Diblasi Fabrication Work WWW.nickslife.net
Paint by Jake of SDRC
MDR 760-489-9144
San Diego Roadster Club 2006 & 2007 SCTA points champions

An Interview With Mike Waters - By Bill Hoddinott
(Wilson & Waters Roadster Team Holds 20 Current Gas And Fuel Records)

Mike Waters, now 69, grew up in the Southern California hot rod racing culture of the '50s, and ran a Flathead lakes roadster right out of high school. He's raced something all his life: cars, boats or bikes; teaming in the early years with Dean Murray. For the last fourteen years Mike, his close friend Dana Wilson and son Greg Waters have been a team.

For the first few years of Wilson & Waters they ran a roadster they bought - #368. For the last ten years or so Mike, Dana and Greg have been running the well-known #369 Model A roadster; usually with Greg driving. The team has about 20 current gas and fuel records at Bonneville, El Mirage and Muroc. Mike and Dana currently serve on the Boards of Directors of SCTA and BNI. Greg is responsible for Rookie Orientation for new drivers at both El Mirage and Bonneville.

Little or nothing has ever been published about the design of today's 250+ mph Bonneville roadster. Mike kindly agreed to talk about the team's very successful car, and his life with racing. I reached him at his home in Leona Valley, CA, about 75 miles NE of Los Angeles. It is a privilege to bring you this story!

Bill: Mike, thank you for agreeing to an interview for Bonneville Racing News. People will be eager to learn about the inside story of your team's successes with the 369 car. But first, let's go over your background. Nobody can produce racing equipment like yours without paying a lot of dues...
Mike: Sure, Bill, I'll be glad to. I suppose I was one of the lucky kids, born and raised in Los Angeles just at the time when the hot rod movement was coming on so strong. Dana was too, four years ahead of me.
I graduated from high school in '52, but even before that I had been out to the dry lakes to watch the racing, and also to Santa Ana to the drags. I knew Jack Kelly in school, and we would go to El Mirage together. Jack now has that famous, fast, yellow Bonneville belly tank.
When I was still in high school I got my hands on a Model A coupe and built a hopped-up four-cylinder for it which I ran at the early Santa Ana drags in '51. After graduating from school, Dean Murray and I built a roadster with a hot Flathead, the same as everybody else was running at the time.
Bill: How were those built?
Mike: The standard lakes Flathead was 296 cubic inches, three or four Stromberg 48s on methanol; or maybe nitromethane if you knew enough to handle it. Harman and Collins magneto, Edelbrock intake manifold, Winfield cam and aluminium heads.
We started with methanol and by '53 ran 131 mph in C roadster at Bonneville. In early '54 we ventured into nitro, and ran 151 on 33%. That was pretty good. Then we went to 50%, but were too lean and burned four pistons, which got me a face full of oil that blew out the breather! We ended up in fifth place that year at Bonneville, but by then the overheads were out in force and the record went up to 174 mph.
We ran the same car at the drags, and it did 117 in the quarter on 50%. Presently one of the older guys loaned us his three carbs that were set up for 100%, and our speed jumped up to 123! There was a body of lore then about modifying your Strombergs to run nitro, basically increasing the flow volume of everything from the float chamber to the jets and dump tubes. We were very young then, and this was a steep learning curve, but the older fellows coached us. Pretty soon we could run 100% nitro with a dab of Benzole reliably. We had a racing fuel tank with a hand pump. You'd pump up the pressure in the tank just before a run, and maybe a time or two going down the course.
We used to buy our parts at C.T. Automotive. Don Clark and Clem TeBow sold a lot of Flathead stroker kits in those days. But you had to get your own block. Don and Clem were still in their 20s, I think, just a few years older than Dean and myself.
Bill: What kind of gearbox and clutch did you use?
Mike: The Ford floor shift box, starting in second gear, and a hopped-up stock clutch that could take the beating(sometimes!). This was pretty good, but you'd break the gears or an axle on occasion. I imagine that our 296 Flathead on 100% nitro would have given 400 horsepower on a dyno, had it been tested. But, we never did, so I honestly do not know how much power we had.
Bill: You're known for the small block Chevrolet nowadays, when did that start?
Mike: About as early as possible! As soon as they came out. In '54 Dean and I built a new roadster and we heard that there would soon be a new Chevy V8. One of the wiser heads - Howard Johansen of Howard Cams - told us this was going to be BIG and we had better get into it. So we nosed around, and before long we heard that a local Chevy dealer had pulled a defect engine out of a new '55 V8 car. This was in mid-'54. I went over there, and bought it for $25. That was the beginning of the love affair with the small block Chevy.
It seemed like the speed-parts people were jumping right on this new V8. It was inexpensive and light, and looked very promising. In no time we had our 265 bored and a welded-stroker crank in it for 318 inches. We used domed Forged True pistons for 10 to 1 compression(not that it mattered with the nitro!), a Weiand manifold for three Strombergs, stock rods, ported heads, Vertex mag and a Howard M-8 flat-tappet cam.
Anyway, we put this engine on the dyno and it gave 475 horsepower on 50%. But we never ran it that way in the car. We weren't bashful, and just went right to 100%. We ran a 10.78 at 137 mph at the Long Beach drag strip with eight-inch slicks. This was a really fast ET for a roadster in those days. That was the "Triple Nickle" #555 car, which some readers may remember.
Tony Capanna of Wil-Cap was the 'nitro king' at that time; selling it and teaching people how to use it. He had a dyno at his shop and let us put our engine on it.
Bill: Chevys rev very high today, what rpm were you using?
Mike: Only about 5500 rpm, like we were used to with the Flatheads. You know there were all kinds of development issues with the first Chevys. Pressed-in rocker studs pulling out, valve springs were weak, lots of things. We had plenty of small problems, but never blew up the engine. We used to take it completely apart after every outing just to check things. I might mention that we used a LaSalle sideshift gearbox and an open rear axle in this car. The box had big gears and bearings in it. We just ran second and top gears and this was a very tough setup.
Bill: You were driving all this time.
Mike: That's right. At first, Dean and I took turns driving. But we soon realized that to do well, we had to let one of us drive all the time to get the feel of it. Dean let me go for it.
In '57 I was drafted into the Army for a two-year hitch. Before I left, we sold the car for $3500 to a fellow in Wichita, Kansas. As it happened, in '58 when I was stationed at Fort Reilly, Kansas, about 100 miles from Wichita, the new owner, Jim Earp, invited me to come over and drive the car at a big meet. I drove the car all that summer of '58 and then was transferred out of Kansas.
Out of the Army in '59, back home, and before long I went to work for the L.A. County Fire Department (from which I retired in '94). There I met Dana Wilson, and we've been friends ever since! In '61 I married Marie, and presently my son Greg and daughter Cynthia came along. Marie passed away in '96. In 2002, my present wife Judy and I were married.
Bill: Did you get back into race cars right away?
Mike: No, my head was turned by the inboard boat racing at Marine Stadium in Long Beach. The 266 Hydro class. I'll tell about that next...
End of Part 1
Copyright 2008 William Richard Hoddinott and reprinted with permission from Bonneville Racing News


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hawkwind racing
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the hon J weatherill mp can also be contacted via email
send LOTS of letters and Emails
:oops: email is already in newsletter
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Post by gazza414 »

Thanks Gary...this is starting to p***** people off...if its not the water on the lake its something else that's unresolved.
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Action needed by us all now!

Post by Dreamliner 200 »

Great to see someone has put in some hard work , we must all follow up with the letters / E-mails to ensure it happens....

Edit..... :oops:
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Dr Goggles
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make no mistake.

Post by Dr Goggles »

As stated in the newsletter , previously in the forum and right here right now, THIS IS A SENSITIVE ISSUE.

It is close to certain that the only suitable venue for Speedweek is Lake Gairdner , very many people have invested a huge amount of time , money and effort into their vehicles , the club and the organization of the event over the years.

WHATEVER the mechanism is that decides who can use the Lake is , the club must work WITH it ....in order to continue.

That is where we are.

If you are frustrated this public forum is not the place to vent.If you have positive and constructive suggestions make them now , make them clear ....think VERY carefully before you post.

We, the club , exist and want, TO RACE . We need to do everything we can to make this happen,and nothing else.

Our team have a car that cannot be used for anything else , and besides we love the lake.......

Please respect the efforts of those who have made what we already have possible and please do as requested and petition the relevant people via the contacts supplied in the newsletter above.

Dr Goggles. DLRA #374
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Post by OLDtimer »

Thanks Doc, you beat me to it. This is a public forum & posts such as gazza's above will do more harm to a very delicate situation. The committee is doing everything possible to ensure a positive outcome, after all, we have race cars sitting around too & we certainly love the lake !! Pete. DLRA #6

hawkwind racing
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Post by hawkwind racing »

see comment in members private section
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Post by BOB ELLIS »

Thanks Pete,you beat me to it TOO!This is a PUBLIC forum,and what is p***** people off,is,uninformed people putting negative dung on the Forum.There is no 'Them or they',the DLRA is ALL of you guys,(Remember the lifetime membership you signed up for??)
So please STOP the negativity,and stop thinking " What are THEY doing about it",and start thinking "What can 'I' do to help"
DLRA Membership is well over 700 members,NOT just a few of "THEM/THEY".

Webmaster-Sorry if i'm out of line,but alot of members feel the same way!

Anyone got the cajone's to back us up??

Cheers , Bob.

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Offline Members Area

Post by DLRA »

I'm gunna lock this post now. Anyone who wants to participate in further discussion can do so in the offline members area. If you do not have access to this part of the forum send me a message with your membership number and I'll add you.
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