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Advice for Drivers, Constructors, and Race Teams

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The DLRA has its own rulebook, this book contains operating procedures, competition requirements, engine class breaks, technical requirements and classes. It is based on the rule book of the Southern California Timing Association. Copies can be supplied by contacting our Chief Steward. There is information on vehicle styles and classes and engine displacements breaks on this site.

NOTE: The rule book is currently under revision with the aim to align as closely as possible with the SCTA Rulebook with some additions for Australian conditions where required. If you are currently building a vehicle you would be wise to contact the Chief Steward for advise on how to proceed. Existing vehicles will have a number of years to transition to the updated rules.

The Operational Plan describes the requirements to conduct the annual Speed Week held at Lake Gairdner in South Australia by the Dry Lake Racers Australia.
All motoring events have an element of public risk and potential for environmental impact. The Operational Plan has been compiled with due consideration to reduce these risks and to prescribe the tasks required to conduct a safe and enjoyable event for participants and spectators.

There are a number of club rules and guidelines which competitors and their crews must follow whilst on the salt. Most of these relate to environmental issues. Breaking or ignoring these rules will may see you paying for any restoration work required, depending upon the willfulness and severity you may be removed from the event. As an organisation, we are only allowed access to this unique location whilst we demonstrate care and respect for it.

To compete, each driver must be a member of the Dry Lakes Racers Australia and have completed an entry form, paid the appropriate fees and had their vehicle inspected and passed scrutineering prior to competing. Inquiries about becoming a member should be directed to the Secretary.

There are technical representatives in each State who are capable of conducting mechanical or safety inspections or to advise on vehicle construction. Please contact the Chief Scrutineer who will make the necessary arrangements.
We have been receiving a number of inquiry's from interested parties who want to use an existing race car and are requesting information as to what class their vehicle applies. Please refer these inquiry's providing details and if possible photos direct to the Chief Scrutineer. It is the owners responsibility to nominate which class and engine break they wish to compete in.

Additional instructions and map of the course will be supplied prior to the Drivers Meeting at the Lake.

Drug & Alcohol testing of both Officials & Participants
The committee has resolved to take this action in awareness that should a serious accident or other incident occur during the event, involving persons affected by drugs or alcohol, it would certainly jeopardise the future of the event & most likely this form of motor sport in Australia.

Our committee wish to safeguard all individuals involved in this unique sport whilst ensuring that they are not placing themselves or others at risk of litigation should the unforeseen occur. With this in mind we believe that testing of all involved is a responsible precautionary action.

We envisage that officials & drivers/riders together with other individuals who will be participating would be tested at the commencement of each day. In 2011 only we see this as a public relations exercise – the only penalty for an individual registering a positive reading would be for them to return to the pits area & not be permitted to compete/participate until a negative reading is returned. All officials & competitors will be advised prior to & during the event of the introduction of mandatory testing in 2011.

DLRA Phone Information Line - 0435 213 785
We now offer a pre-recorded message of the latest news from the DLRA. This message will change as news and events take place. If you need to talk to someone ring the office, if you want the very latest news ring 0435 213 785, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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