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DLRA NEWS ISSUE 43 July 2012

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ISSUE 43 July 2012

Newsletter Sponsors 2
Contents 3
From the Chair 4
Meeting September 2012 5
Upcoming Race Meets 5
Notice to Members 5
Buy, Swap and Sell 5
From the Office 6
Hot off the Press 6
Thanks to the Volunteers 7
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi 7
Invitation 7
Important Dates 8
Fat Fendered Event 9
Merchandise 10
Benambra Community Meeting 12
Minutes of General Meeting 17.6.12 14
Minutes of AGM 17.6.12 16
Financial Statement 18
Minutes of General Meeting 15
Advertisers 19
Annual Subscription Form 20

On the cover: (Top) Mark Dunn’s new belly tank, (Bottom left)
Wayne Pickles HK Monaro, (Bottom Center) Norm Bradshaw’s Taxi being loaded for the US, (Bottom Right) Mark Dunn’s belly tank last to be loaded into the container.
Inside: Bradshaw’s 1200+ hp taxi, Australia’s fastest Taxi in fact, and Mark’s untried but well engineered belly tank in a container that is now on its way to the USA.

President Cled Davies
Vice President Norm Bradshaw
Secretary Carol Hadfield
Treasurer Carol Hadfield
Chief Car Inspectors Brian Nicholson & Bob Ellis
Chief Motorcycle Inspectors Graham Hadley & Shane Gaghan
Race Director Steve Charlton
Chief Starter Chris Hanlon & Paul Lynch
Chief Timer Tony Cooke
PO Box 349 Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: 03 5472 4629 and Fax: 03 5472 4370
info@ dlra.org.au
From the Chair - Cled Davies
Although we have not been racing to date in 2012 we certainly have been quite busy in recent months. Firstly thankyou for your confidence in re-electing me as your President at the AGM – I’m always interested in hearing your feedback & any ideas to improve the DLRA – Minutes of AGM on the website and enclosed with the newsletter.

Our inspection team received a really warm welcome at the meeting with representatives of the Benambra community last month. Approximately twelve local organisations were represented & offers of help & support for our alternate race venue were most generous. They will work with us on track preparation prior to the event & tidying up afterwards plus sort out competitor & spectator areas including pits etc.
Event accommodation was discussed – we were offered use of the local hall, disused school buildings & the football club rooms also adjacent camping areas to each facility plus some rooms at the Benambra Hotel.

A group representing various organisations have indicated they are prepared to open the kitchen at the footy clubrooms to provide take away food whilst the group who hold the licence for the rooms will open the bar … altogether we would be very well looked after.
The local garage is well equipped & the owner offers support, the general store nearby stocks a good range of grocery lines, papers, drinks, take away food & fuel.

The Benambra community run a huge event over Labour Day weekend each year for the Mountain Cattle Men’s organisation & feel confident that they will be able to look after our members & supporters with out any problems – they’re really looking forward to the DLRA event in their town.
We are hopeful that weather conditions are favourable enough to allow us to run a trial event over Melbourne Cup weekend... more on this later.

Our AGM was held in June at White Rose Receptions in Thornbury (Melbourne) & provided members with an ideal set up for the meeting– approx 60 attended with a good number of apologies received from interstate members. All the luxuries that go toward a comfortable meeting venue were there for us – ample seating, a great PA system & excellent food at just $10 each for those attending – very generous – our thanks to mine host George & family. Cost to the club was just $410 – however had the anticipated numbers attended the cost to the club would have been considerably less.
The long awaited drawing of the Tag Huer Stopwatch took place at the AGM with our own member Tom Carroll’s ticket being drawn- congratulations Tom & thanks to all who supported the raffle which raised in excess of $1000 for club funds.
Appreciation goes to Aaron Clarke from Tag Huer for donating the watch – thanks Aaron.
I’m off to Bonneville this year & I understand as many as twenty of our members & supporters are attending – our best wishes to all who are competing at both El Mirage & Bonneville events in 2012.

More after Bonneville

Ps we have recently purchased a Nissan Dual Cab Ute to use at the lake – cost $200!
But we need a diesel mechanic to check the engine over for us... any volunteers? Contact myself on 0419 581854 or Rob Carroll on 03 54724370 if you can assist.

Rod's Ramblings - Rod Hadfield
Rain, rain and more rain..................as I write this column its belting down, more is forecast and it seems the same Australia wide, especially Queensland, what can we do but hope! The cars and bikes have all left Australia for the U.S. and let’s hope the weather Gods are on their side. I know Norm Bradshaw had plenty of last minute dramas including blowing a tyre on the Dyno which caused quite a bit of damage, plus the whole car had to be rewired as a last resort with computer worries.

Norms car is in the same box as Wayne Pickles Monaro, I believe Wayne was totally ready for the proposed March meeting. Also in the same container is Mark Dunne’s new Belly Tank, what can you say, but what a super looking car and built in no time flat, congratulations Mark and family and to be taking it to Bonneville for its maiden run is another effort, so best of luck Mark, I am sure you will do the club proud, the same goes for Norm and Wayne, the whole club is behind you both, a safe trip to all and your crews. Let’s not forget either our bike competitors, Evelyne Scholz and her Suzuki GSXR 1000, nicknamed “Tiger”, Terry Prince and Bones McLachlan with the Vincent Sidecar, Neil Finlay with his Hayabusa and Greg Watters has two bikes heading over with Kim Krebs as the second rider, there is also Jeff Lemon from Perth who has sent his bike over as well. They will all be pitting together so if you intend to be at Speedweek look for the guys and give your support. Evelyne is staying on for the “Bub” event as well, she is one keen lady.

Graham Hadley has again been asked with scrutineering this year, he is our most experienced bike scrutineer and his knowledge will be invaluable in the future, this is Grahams 3rd invitation so they obviously think highly of him. On the car scrutineering side Bob Ellis has been talking to his fellow countryman “Kiwi” Steve (who is one of the chief car scrutineers at Bonneville) and Bob intends to attend the Bonneville meeting and go through the whole process, including setup, he is also keen to have an information session with our scrutineers when he returns, thanks Bob.

On the home front the office is as busy as ever, we are still signing people up and on this date we are up to number 1158, but it is time to join up again as an active member with your $25.00 fee due, this will take you up to December 2013 as at the recent AGM it was decided to make the fee due on the 1st of January each year so you will get an extra 6 months this time. We have the DLRA container in position with a concrete path to the door and some plants to finish it off. I spent two days fitting it out with shelving and moving everything into it. Another day was spent working on the truck fitting an isolating switch to the batteries which I think will have to be replaced soon as the present ones are only small car type and won’t start it after sitting for a short time. The drivers seat had to be removed and taken completely apart to weld up the frame where the small shock absorber fits which had broken through normal use, we couldn’t work out why it was so bouncy until this problem was discovered. A small basic tool kit has been put together to keep in the back if needed.

Congratulations to Tom Carroll for being the lucky winner of the Tag Heuer Stopwatch drawn at our last general meeting (minutes enclosed with this newsletter) the meeting was organised by President Cled at a new venue on High Street, Thornbury called “White Rose Receptions”, the catered meal was great but attendance was down on expected numbers. The DLRA truck was taken down with merchandise to give the truck a run and parking it outside the address helped people find it.
It was good to see quite a few interstate members there.
Rob Carroll heard about a Nissan 4 door diesel ute complete and running (badly) for $200.00 which the committee decided to buy, it has a spare motor with it, also sad, so with a couple of working bees it is hoped to have a reliable vehicle, everything else is in good shape and it is now sitting at our place with the truck waiting for this bloody rain to stop.
Negotiations have been continuing with the Omeo Lake Committee and we feel everything is in place to hold the inaugural meeting in November (if this bloody rain will only stop,) they are also very excited about what this could lead to in the future. I have written up a bit of a speel that they requested to be posted on their areas’s website.
Good luck to all the Aussies at Bonneville

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on Sunday 23rd Sept 2012
and will be at:
White Rose Receptions,
725 High St, Thornbury, Melbourne.
2012 Merchandise will be available
Why not come along and check the venue out!

Upcoming Race Meets
Lake Omeo 3rd and 4th November
SpeedWeek Lake Gairdner 18th – 22nd February 2013.

Notice to Members
At our AGM held at the DLRA campsite in March
2011 a motion was passed that an Annual Subscription fee of $25.00 be paid by members.
This fee replaces the Newsletter fee that was only supported by a few . One of the main reasons for charging this fee is to find out how many of our members are currently active in the club. Please fill out the form at the end of this newsletter.
Please respond to this to remain an active member.

Buy, Swap Sell
100 lts of ERC 110 Octane racing fuel available. Left in Melbourne by NZ’er Stephen Williams after March meet was called off. Cheap at $100 per 20 Ltr drum.
Call Norm (Melbourne) 0425 700

Hot off the Press - Intrusion of DLRA Race Camp
by outbacktrev » Mon Jul
30, 2012 2:42 pm
G'Day All,
For those who are unaware, our camp has had some unwanted visitors in the last 2 weeks or so Plucka, Doc and I have been up there to check out what has disappeared and what damage has been done.
All the white containers and Humpys had been broken into but fortunately not trashed, just some locks etc broken. It would appear no caravans were entered or damaged The new Honda EU20i generator is gone, 2 compressors (one from Moe Boys Humpy and one from the Mtce workshop). The 12volt diesel transfer pump pump from the engine shed is gone and I lost two UHF CB radios which we use for the staging lane area and a service vehicle We managed to repair most lock damage and generally secure things again. We will have to change ALL the padlocks as I believe some keys were stolen which means the camp is vulnerable.
I suppose this had to happen one day, as we are very remote,
and many people know we are there nowadays so I suppose we need to come up with a strategy where we leave nothing portable of value at the camp.
Anyway have fun and keep building!

From the Office
Make sure you send in your annual subscription form and fee to remain an active
member. Find the form at the end of this newsletter.

Thanks to the Volunteers
BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials 2011

BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials is a once a year, exclusively motorcycle, event where people come from around the world to race their machines at the famous ‘White Dyno’ - commonly known as the Bonneville Speedway on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.The event is made possible, in large part, because of the dedication of the 70 plus volunteers. They are first on the salt before sunrise to set up and last to leave at the end of the day.
This is a one-hour video in 4 - 15 minute parts. Hear from the volunteers themselves as to what motivates them to spend 5 days in the brutal heat and blinding sun of the upper desert … and why they ALWAYS come back!
So raise a glass of cheer for all the BUB volunteers.
Part 1 of 4
Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4
http://youtu.be/2WwP3_97baI BonnevilleStories.com
Lou Fischer

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi - Norm Hardinge
It’s official, mark your calendars! After the DLRA AGM in June, it has been decided to run next year’s Speedweek at Lake Gairdner on the18th to the 22ndof February. In an attempt to beat the rain, we’ve opted for dates in summer, a full month earlier than usual.

For the guys like myself that are busting to run on the salt after a forced two year break, February can’t come quick enough!
June has been busy! DLRA members and Bonneville racers, Kim Krebs and Greg Watters among others have been very busy working on the Lake Omeo race meet. A meeting was organised in Benambra, a sleepy country town on the edge of Lake Omeo - well, till early November it will be a sleepy country town, after that I doubt it will ever be the same! The meeting was held at the local pub (where else?) and in attendance was the DLRA race committee, council representatives, the CFA, the lake committee and every other local needed to run a successful race meeting at Lake Omeo.
What a great bunch of people. The whole town is buzzing and the locals are more than happy to help in making this DLRA event a huge success. It was decided that DLRA ‘s first event at Lake Omeo will be held on the 3rd and 4th of November 2012.

This is the weekend before Bright Rod Run and so if you’re thinking of a hot rod holiday you couldn’t do better.
Now, I know that for those of you on two wheels, you may be disappointed that you will have to ride the Great Alpine Highway, one of Australia’s top bike rides, but I think you will cope. Gee, that even sounds good to me and if it wasn’t for my miserable history of falling off anything with less than four wheels, I’d give it a go too. DLRA has a large bike membership and speed freaks on two wheels are always well represented on the race track.

Last month in Cruzin the Salt, I talked about Mark Dunn and his newly finished belly tank. All dressed up and nowhere to run.
Just after the article came out, Mark received a phone call from Wayne Pickles, “Hey Mate, how would you like to run your car at Bonneville?” Wayne was offering Mark to join himself and Norm Bradshaw in a 40 foot container and to freight, in total, three cars over to Bonneville and back. Of course he accepted, man, who wouldn’t. So Wayne Pickle’s HK Monaro, named Marilyn Monaro, is joining Norm Bradshaw’s 1200+ hp taxi, Australia’s fastest Taxi in fact, and Mark’s untried but well engineered belly tank in a container that is now on its way to the USA.

Being truckies and into heavy haulage, Norm Bradshaw and Wayne Pickles can’t wait to get their hands on a big Yanky rig in Los Angeles, hopefully Mark enjoys the experience! The plan is to load their container and drive it up the Interstate highways to the town closest to Bonneville, Wendover.
Yanks rely on loading bays as they have never heard of a side loader and there are not too many loading bays on the salt. Some take their containers and unload them at a rarely used airforce base nearby, but being inventive Aussies, these guys have loaded custom built ramps into the container so that the cars can be unloaded while the container is still on the truck.
The guys estimate a crew of around 20 Aussies will be travelling with them. If you’re thinking of a trip to Bonneville this year, drop in and show your support - just look for the twenty or so really really loud Aussies.

All three cars and drivers are very competitive. Norm Bradshaw, Wayne Pickles and Mark Dunn have very good chances of adding their names to the Bonneville record books. In Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc. they are very active, well liked and highly respected. I’m sure they will do a great job representing Australia.

I wonder what the Yanks will think of our Monaro and Falcon.
See you at the salt Norm Hardinge.

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Invitation - Norm Hardinge
We, the Cranksters Rod and Kustom Car Club, are holding 'Cranksters Cruise Nagambie' in mid September and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us. Nagambie is situated in central Victoria only just over one hour's drive from the outskirts of Melbourne.

We will be invading Nagambie in central Victoria in force September 14th, 15th and 16 on a mission to have a great time and raise some cash for Camp Quality.
The event is being held at the Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park on the shores of Lake Nagambie. It is an excellent site for a car event with loads of infrastructure and amenities - great for families and kids.

Cabins are available on site at the Leisure Park but also in town, only a few km's away, are heaps of accommodation options.
The event is being held over two full days, Saturday the 15th of September and Sunday the 16th of September. Friday 14th of September from 5 pm onwards everyone can get to know each other at a meet and greet function. On Saturday, one of our members is responsible for organising and executing Oggie's Magical Mystery Tour taking in the local sights and have a ball along the way - nothing too serious!
Saturday night, we'll be back at Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park for dinner and a night of live entertainment. Limited tickets are available at $30 a head for the dinner while the live entertainment is included in your entry fee. Ring Vicki on 0425 734 078 for dinner reservations.
We would love you to attend the whole weekend of festivities, but if that's not possible, please come for a Sunday drive.
Sunday is a show and shine (chrome bumper bars only please) with trade displays and food vendors, live music, an auction for charity, a raffle draw for a four post hoist donated by TuffLift, and top ten trophy awards. Entry to Sunday's festivities is $10 per vehicle (car or bike) regardless of how many buddies are on board.

An auction for charity is being held Sunday afternoon to raise money for Camp Quality - supporting children with cancer. Up for auction is a $3000.00 voucher from Rod Bods and Elvis will be on stage to personally hand over the voucher - wouldn't that be useful to start your new hot rod! We have some great supporters for the auction so we're expecting top results.
If you are in a club and would like to make a club run of it, please let us know approximate numbers (if you can) and if there is anything we can do to help you have the most successful run, please don't hesitate to ask.

Check out our web site, www.cranksterscruise.org.au. Entry forms can be printed from the web site. For more information, phone President “Chrissy No Show” -- 0418390804 or
“Secretary Golly”-- 0429959185.
Thanks, Norm Hardinge,

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Benambra Community Meeting - 14th June 2012
DLRA meeting with Benambra Community Groups
14 June 2012, Benambra Hotel

- Minutes -

Topic: Establishing dry lake speed trials on Lake Omeo

1. Introductions
2. History of DLRA and overview of how the Lake Gairdner speed trials are run
3. Overview of how DLRA would like to run Lake Omeo Speed Trials (eg number of race meets per year, duration of each race meet, top speeds, distance etc)
4. Race event logistics
a. track preparation
b. maintaining the track after preparations and before the race meet (eg local traffic and stock)
c. catering/bar services for competitors and spectators
d. camping/accomodation
e. road closures
f. emergency services (CFA & ambulance)
g. spectator gate entry charges
h. spectator management
i. pits/timing areas
j. stock management
5. Venue hire (football oval, club rooms etc)
6. Fees for supporting clubs/committees
7. What the clubs/committees will or can be involved in Attendance:

DLRA - Cled Davies, Norm Bradshaw, Norm Hardinge, Rod Hadfield, Greg Watters, Kim Krebs (acting secretary for Carol Hadfield)
Benambra - (total of 14) Rod, Andrew, Frank, Gavin Murphy (local police officer), Neil, John Cook, Paul Pendergast, Jim Pendergast, Doug, Ian, Frank Pendergast, Ben (East Gippsland Shire Councillor), plus 2

1. Introductions
• Cled provided a brief history of club (1,100 members and running for 22 years) and then went on to discuss the USA El Mirage events as a background to why we are entering into negotiations with Benambra community.
• Expectations of the first meeting is 50-60 vehicles plus team members which will bring direct benefits to the Benambra community.
• DLRA rule book was presented and scruntineering explained. "Our cars are safer than V8 supercars, but you can't roll a car on the salt" so drivers/riders have a whole new skill set to develop.
• Other documents discussed include current timing equipment, DLRA magazine and DLRA Constitution.
No discussion resulted.

2 & 3. Lake Gairdner achievements & Lake Omeo expectations
• Lake Gairdner top speeds are 300mph (cars) and 240mph (bikes), with an annual meeting each March. Recent years have been washed out, stimulating the search for alternative events.
• Lake Omeo intent is to run 2 seperate and independant speed trials per year. Anticipating 200 vehicles once the speed trials are established. Also anticipate that people will build dedicated dry lake machines for this event.

4. Race Logistics
• The lake is managed by a Committee established by DSE and is gazetted for recreation. Townspeople are entitled to use the Lake for grazing. Current stock numbers are 150 cows plus calves. The lake also hosts a private airstrip and a memorial cairn recognising a fatal air crash. When dry, the lake bed is a hard saline clay pan with tussocks and grass ground cover.

4a. Track preparations
• track will need to be made by slashing then rolling a double width track (60m). This can be done within days of the event. The double width will allow the track to move should the surface deteriorate
ACTION 1: Lake Committee to arrange slashing
ACTION 2: DLRA to arrange track to be surveyed and marked before slashing
ACTION 3: DLRA to arrange rolling of lake bed through a local contractor

• stable infill will be required where the 'tip road' crossing the race line
• timing equipment, once installed, will need to be protected from stock and potential vadalism

4b. Track maintenance
• before the track is rolled, stock will need to be removed or excluded by fencing off the track and cars using the 'tip road' will need to be prevented from crossing the race line
ACTION 4: Lake Committe will remove stock on the Thursday before racing (the day before rolling the track) and will return the stock immediately after racing
ACTION 5: If stock withholding is greater than Thursday to Tuesday (6 days), DLRA to supply 10km of electric fencing and unit to protect track from stock

4c. Catering/Bar services
• DLRA will encourage all members to purchase all food Benambra Community Meeting 14th June 2012 and drinks locally
• Anglers Club currently has a liquor licence to operate a bar at the football grounds
• Football & Netball Club has kitchen facilities at the football grounds
• Benambra town has a general store and hotel that supplies food and drinks
ACTION 6: Local clubs will provide bar and catering services
ACTION 7: For catering purposes, DLRA to confirm anticipated numbers after entries close

4d. Camping/Accomodation
• the football grounds are available for tents and caravans
• limited toilets and showers are available at the foorball grounds
• other accomodation in Benambra includes the hall, the ex-schoolhouse and Benambra Hotel. Other accomodation is available at Omeo (25km east)
ACTION 8: DLRA to self regulate members from any inappropraite driving on the football oval (eg circle work means excluded from racing)
ACTION 9: DLRA to provide bond for use of football ground.
ACTION 10: Football Club to determine cost of bond

4e. Road Closure
• Lake Omeo is a fenced out area with a public road looping around the lake perimeter (outside of the fence line)
• DLRA insurance provider recognises that this fencing is a legitimate way of managing the safety of spectators
• 6 gates and one cattle grid provide access to the lake
• DLRA want Benambra community groups to station these gate ways to secure lake and to collect spectator fees
• East Gippsland Shire Council approve road closures
ACTION 11: DLRA to apply to East Gippsland Shire Council to formally close the loop road during race meetings
ACTION 12: Gavin Murphy (local police officer) to notify Victorian Police and Highway Patrol
ACTION 13: Benambra community and clubs to organise the positioning themselves at gateways to collect spectator gate charges

4f. Emergency Services
• Lake Omeo has historically acted as a natural fire break
• issues where raised by DLRA about vehicles running open exhausts
• all fuel is required to be stored within bunded areas and all vehicles are required to carry fire extinguishers
ACTION 14: Benambra CFA will supply a fire truck on the lake and have another truck available at the fire shed
• Ambulance services will need to be supplied through private contractors
• Cattleman's Association events typically spend $3,500 for ambulance services at local events
ACTION 15: DLRA supplied with contact details for private ambulance provider by John Cook (Scott Jension). DLRA to progress arrangements

4g. Entry Fees
• DLRA indicated that they did not want to raise revenue from spectator gate fees and offered Benambra community groups to charge gate fees and to agree to food and drink prices
ACTION 16: Benambra community clubs and committees to agree to costs and equity of fund raising

4h. Spectator Management
• The fencing around the lake will be the controlling barrier for spectators and their vehicles.
• Only pedestrian access will be available to the pit area
• Based on Lake Gairdner, the pits will be located either 1/2 way along the measured mile or near the start line. This would be an excellent point to collect entry fees from spectators
• access from the football ground to the lake is hampered by an exisiting fence
ACTION 17: DLRA to supply Lake Committee with sufficient funds for Lake Committee to install a gate at the football grounds end of the lake

4i. Pits/Timing Area
• The final location for the pits and timing area will be determined at the pre-race lake inspection. Probable locations include at the start or 1/2 way mark

4j. Stock Management
• Discussed in section 4a and 4b

General Discussions:
• all volunteers helping DLRA must 'sign on' and will therefore be covered by DLRA's public insurances
• all participants must register a zero blood alcohol level before racing is approved. This will be conducted by DLRA under its 2012 rules.
• Gavin Murphy indicated that Highway Patrol may provide drug testing services. Gavin to confirm.
• DLRA should consider installing "no smoking" signs in the pit area to minimise fuel fire risk
• DLRA is currently investigating providing a fuel tanker on site to supply fuel (as per USA model). This willcontribute to minimising fuel fire risk
• Community is very supportive of DLRA covering volunteers under their insurance, as such they will encourage all volunteers to register with DLRA for the event
• Community agreed to establish an 'open book' to ensure that no club looses money while providing agreed services to the DLRA event
• first race meeting is proposed for the weekend prior to Melbourne Cup to attract spectators from the Bright Hot Rod festival the following weekend.
• Community consensus was that Lake Omeo may not be dry enough by this early weekend
• January is the proposed second date for the Lake Omeo speedtrails
• DLRA are proposing to install its DLRA sign near the Lake which will be a popular photo opportunity that will feature Benambra as a destination.
ACTION 18: DLRA to apply to EGSC for installing a sign.
• Race meet to be declared and signposted as 'glass free event' - DLRA to promote event as glass free - glass hazard on the lake poses risk to stock) to be managed by DLRA
ACTION 19: Lake memorial cairn will influence the final location of race track
• track inspection will occur after any incident and during formal breaks in the race program
• DLRA will need to instigate a lake inspection roster in the lead up to November proposed meet to keep members and committee informed on status of the event.
• Toilets have been hired by Cattleman's Association, and all information has been shared with DLRA. Football Club can provide pumping/sewerage services

Closing Comments:
• East Gippsland Shire Councillor Ben (?) thanked DLRA for professionally instigating the event and noted that the Shire is very enthusiastic about the upcoming event and wishes DLRA every success in getting the event off the ground.

Meeting Closed 9pm

Minutes of General Meeting - 17th June 2012
Location: White Rose Receptions, 725 High Street
Thornbury Victoria
The meeting was opened at 11:45pm by the President.

Trevor Beck, Tony Faulbusch, Lara Wilde, Simon Muntz, Peter Noy, David Pluckhan, Russell Branson, Tom Carroll, Stan Suchidolskiy, John Ogilvie, Deb Dawson, Ray Charlton, Katherine Hanlon, Chris Kaye, Rod Saville, Robin Csech, Roland Skate, Wayne and Adam Pickle.
Motion that the apologies be accepted; Moved Ray, Seconded Greg Watters

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The previous meeting was held at Tailem Bend on the 5 of May and the minutes of this meeting had not been distributed, so they were read out in full.
Motion that the minutes be accepted; Moved by Allan Lacey, Seconded by Norm Bradshaw

Business Arising from Minutes - None

Correspondence In - None

Correspondence Out

- Emails to Department of Environment and Heritage South Australia (DEH) and Cowdens Insurance advising them that Speed Week from 28 May to 1 June 2012 was cancelled.
- Emails sent to those members on the email list to advise them of the cancellation of our second attempt at Speed Week.
- Letter to Sue Vorwerk thanking her for organizing and providing the food for the barbecue held at the General Meeting on the 5 at Tailem Bend.

Lake Omeo – There was a meeting with local Benambra Community Groups, including Local Government and Police with Cled, Norm B., Norm H., Rod Hadfield, Greg Watters and Kim Krebs representing the DLRA. We were given a very good hearing and the locals are very keen to see the event go ahead. The DLRA presentation included who we are, what we do and how we go about it. There were several complimentary comments about how the presentation was very professionally put together. Full minutes of this meeting will be made available. A question from the floor centred on preparation of the Lake for our use. The response was that track would be cut in the grass and then rolled, there are a couple of patches that would need to be filled to make the track flat.

Rule Book – Carried over to AGM

Financial Report
Bank Balance $18,204.29
With unpresented cheques totaling $9,100.00 being held by DEH and County Fire Service (CFS), to be refunded and would bring our balance to $27,304.29
Petty Cash $409.35

Minutes of General Meeting
17th June 2012
Motion that the report be accepted; Moved Carol by Hadfield,
Seconded by Neil Davies.

General Business
The Queensland Division presented a number of “discussion points”;
The toilets at the DLRA camp and more particular the Salt Bush camp were inadequate and in poor repair. What was the DLRA going to do about this?
The committee had on several occasions been in contact with Mt. Ive Station about installing more ablution units at the DLRA camp and improving the amenities at the Salt Bush camp. The response was and has continually been, they do not
want any more structures at the DLRA camp and they will not “waste there money” on improving or extending the facilities at the Salt Bush camp.

- Each State should have a Division with representatives that can attend general meetings and vote on their behalf.
No problem with this, the committee just needs formal notification of a nominated delegate. ?
How much money is currently held in entries from 2010, 2011, 2012?
Carol was able to do a quick estimate, which was $16,125. It was also reiterated that entrants could request a refund at any time.

- Has the DLRA financial book been audited? Not sure when the last audit was done.

- Control of Fuel – In the first instance this is not so much to do with “control fuel”, like they have at Bonneville, but more to do with the safe transportation and refueling vehicles on the salt. Most teams would be contravening the Dangerous Goods Act which states that most vehicles can only carry an additional 20 litres of fuel at a time.

Chris Hanlon spoke the dangers of static electricity and the potential for an explosion, using a scenario where a vehicle could be refueled on a poly tarp with a plastic drum on a very hot day with no static strap.

Bob Ellis has approached several fuel suppliers at the request of the DLRA, there is one Sydney based company that is ready to go and has put up a proposal that they will transport fuel from Sydney to Adelaide at no cost, so long as those using this fuel display a sticker on their vehicle. (BP). Entrants would simply order their fuel via the supplier.

A good comment from the floor was that it would be better if the fuel was transported to Port Augusta as many teams did not pass through Adelaide.

The issue of obtaining fuel for test and tuning sessions was raised with the response that the BP range of fuels can be supplied by depots in most main towns around Australia.

Bob has been asked to investigate further with a view to getting a supply on the salt. ?

- How many active members do we have?
Carol was able to supply the figures of 1155 members with 521 of those being active (having paid their fees)

- Proposal to make foundation members, life members and have their newsletter fees waived.
There was discussion around this point but no real outcome.

- 2 dates for Speed Week each year.
This has been implemented.

- Minutes be published on the website.
Greg confirmed that this will happen from now on.

- How many T-Shirts are there from previous events? Why don’t you discount them?
Heaps! We do discount them, almost to cost price. How many do you want?

- Move that the executive committee be given the ability to spend up to a limit of $4000 per item.
This was proposed at a meeting several years ago. The committee still needs to discuss and agree to this proposal. The current situation is where all spending is approved at a meeting of the members.

- Annual Membership Fee – Suggestion from James Stewart that we have one membership renewal fee date and that it be the 1 January of each year.
There was unanimous approval for this.

- Suggestion by ?? for delegates to bring items to the General Meetings.
Provision will be made in the meeting for these reports.

- Comment by Don Penn that we need to increase fees to run a professional business. We need to make users pay to support the club.
It was considered by the committee that the club was doing ok without raising fees and that the fund raising we did like raffles and the sale of merchandise offset the need to increase fees. There were no rises in fees in the foreseeable future.

- Norm Bradshaw asked if he could take a bundle of merchandise to the States on his upcoming trip, with the idea of sell them over there.
There was another suggestion that he try and swap some gear with the SCTA, to bring back here for fund raisers.

Tom Carroll won the Tag Heuher raffle.

Meeting closed at 12:37

AS AT 14th June 2012
Balance Carried forward 30.04.12 $14788.13
New Memberships $700.00
Annual Subs $620.00
Sale of Merchandise $3717.60
Major Raffle-Stopwatch $40.00
Raffle at Meeting $70.00
Bank Interest $129.47
Entries $1375.00
Camping Fees $15.00
Sponsorship - Mastec $2000.00
TOTAL $23455.20

Merchandise Purchases $810.00
Campsite Expenses $59.05
Hire of Tailem Bend Motorsport Facility $400.00
Printing & Stationery $150.00
Purchase of Tools to keep in DLRA truck $91.25
Refund on Entries $900.00
Petty Cash $1000.00
Travel Expenses - Tailem Bend & Lake Omeo $1730.81
Bank Fees $109.80
Balance at Bank as at 14.06.12 $18,204.29
TOTAL: $23,455.20

Outstanding cheques not deposited:
# 196 & 197 DEH $5800.00
# 216 CFA $3300.00
BANK $27,304.29

Annual General Meeting - 17th June 2012
Location: White Rose Receptions, 725 High Street Thornbury Victoria
The meeting was opened at 12:40pm by the President.

Trevor Beck, Tony Faulbusch, Lara Wilde, Simon Muntz, Peter Noy, David Pluckhahn, Russell Branson, Tom Carroll, Stan Suchidolskiy, John Ogilvie, Deb Dawson, Ray Charlton, Katherine Hanlon, Chris Kaye, Rod Saville, Robin Csech, Roland Skate, Wayne and Adam Pickle
Motion that the apologies be accepted. Moved Ray, Seconded Greg Watters

Minutes of the Previous Meeting Were read by Gary Satara to the members.

Motion that the minutes be approved as true and correct. Moved by Steve Charlton, Seconded by Cled Davies

Business Arising from the Minutes
Any outcomes from the Native Title discussions?
They are continuing.
- Two of the aboriginal rangers were taken to Lake Gairdner by one of the crews inspecting the lake in Feb/March so that they could see first hand how we operate and they were happy with what they saw.

Correspondence In
Inclusion of 2 motions for AGM from Alan Fountain regarding rule changes.
Inclusion of rule change request from Grant Schlein

- Email from David Pluckhahn, with an apology for not being able to attend, thanking the current office bearers for their dedicated commitment over the past 12 months, suggestions for Speed Week 2013 dates and some nominations for positions.
- An email from Peter Noy with an apology for not being able to attend, nominating Michael Brixton as his proxy with some nominations for positions.

Financial Report
Bank Balance $18,204.29
With un-presented cheques totaling $9,100.00 being held by Department of Environment and Heritage South Australia and Country Fire Service, still to be officially refunded. This would bring the balance to $27,304.29
Petty Cash $409.35
Motion that this report be accepted. Moved by Carol Hadfield,
Seconded by Steve Charlton

Election of Office Bearers
The election was presided over by Gary Satara, all positions were declared vacant and nominations were called for.

Position: President
Nominee: Cled Davies, Steve Charlton
Nominated By: Rod Hadfield, Kevin Saville, Cled Davies, David Pluckhahn
Successful: Cled Davies

Position: Vice President
Nominee: Norm Bradshaw, Bob Ellis
Nominated by: Steve Charlton, Norm Hardinge
Successful: Norm Bradshaw

Position: Secretary/Treasurer
Nominee: Carol Hadfield
Successful: Carol Hadfield

Position: Race Director
Annual General Meeting
17th June 2012
Nominee: Steve Charlton
Successful: Steve Charlton

Committee of Management: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two other active members.

Technical Committee:
Position: Chief Car Inspector (Joint):
Bob Ellis nominated by Brian Nicholson
Brian Nicholson nominated by Greg Wapling
Successful: Bob Ellis and Brian Nicholson

Position: Car Scruitineers
Stewart Pennycook by Daryl Chalmers
Gary Satara by james Stewart
Rob Carroll by Cled Davies
Lionel West* by Rod Hadfield
Rod Drabsch by Bob Ellis
Alan Lacey by Stewart Pennycook
Successful: Stewart Pennycook, Gary Satara, Rob Carroll, Lionel West*, Rod Drabsch, Alan Lacey Position:

Chief Motorcycle Inspector (Joint)
Graeme Hadley by Greg Watters
Shane Gaghan* by Peter Noy
Successful: Graeme Hadley and Shane Gaghan

Position: Motorcycle Scrutineers
Greg Watters by Kym Krebbs
Grant Schlein* by Cled Davies
Gary Baker by Greg Watters
Ross Brown* by Graeme Hadley
Dave McLachlan by Gary Satara
Successful: Greg Watters, Grant Schlein*, Gary Baker, Ross Brown*, Dave McLachlan

Position: Chief Starter (Joint)
Chris Hanlon by Paul Lynch
Paul Lynch by Chris Hanlon
Successful: Chris Hanlon and Paul Lynch.

Position: Assistant Starters
Cled Davies by Steve Charlton
Denise Schute by Norm Hardinge
Robert Cranfield* by Chris Hanlon
Don Nobel* by Bob Ellis
Mathew Saunders* by Chris Hanlon
Tony Cooke* by David Pluckhahn
Successful: Cled Davies, Denise Schute, Robert Cranfield*, Done Nobel*, Mathew Saunders*

Position: Chief Timer
Nominated: Tony Cooke by David Pluckhahn
Successful: Tony Cooke

Position: Assistant Timers
Stan Suchidolskly* by Steve Charlton
Craig Ward* by Rob Carroll
Sucessful: Stan Suchidolskly* and Craig Ward*

Position: Camp Coordinator
Nominated: Trevor Beck* by Carol Hadfield,
Successful: Trevor Beck
Position: SA Liasion Officer
David Pluckhahn by Cled Davies
Successful: David Pluckhahn

Position: Rule Book Coordinator
Nominated: Gary Satara by Carol Hadfield
Successful: Gary Satara

•These nominees were not present at the meeting and will be contacted to confirm that they accept the nomination/position.

Contest Board: consists of the voted committee positions including the Technical Committee and Race Director Rules Committee : made up of Rule Book Coordinator (Chairperson), Chief Car and Motorcycle Inspectors and the representative of
each category of vehicle

Incident Review Committee: Rules Coordinator (Chairperson), Chief Car and Motorcycle Inspectors, Race Director and other members as appointed by the Contest Board.

There was a break for lunch, starting at 1:34pm and finishing at 2:30pm

General Business
- Adoption of changes to Constitution
Moved by Colin Clare, Seconded by Gary Satara, vote – unanimous.

- Adoption of Rule Book
Moved by Gary Satara, Seconded by Cled Davies

- Setting of a date for Speed Week 2013
Dates had been discussed with DEH and they indicated that they would be unlikely to give approval for a date in January as they considered it too hot. Also there are a number of existing events during January making this time unattractive. David Pluckhahn recommended sometime in February. Andy Jenkins suggested that a rain date was useless, if it was wet, it stayed wet. A motion was put forward for the following dates Speed week 18-22 Feb 2013
Rain Date 15-19 April 2013
Moved by Norm Bradshaw, Seconded by Norm Hardinge, vote unanimous.

Category Representatives
Self nominations were called for the new positions of category representatives. The purpose of these positions is to offer a consultative service to competitors in selection of the correct class, technical and safety aspects of their vehicle.

Category Representative
Special Construction - James Stewart
Vintage - Cled Davies
Classic - Representation Required
Modified - Bob Ellis
Production - Steve Charlton
Diesel truck - Steve Vorwerk
Ute/Pickup - Chris Hanlon
Motorcycle - Graham Hadley

The President thanked everyone for their attendance; he thanked all the outgoing Office Bearers, committee members and other assistants for their efforts during the past year and reminded members that their newsletter subscriptions were due on the 1 January 2013.

The meeting was closed at 3:15pm

Financial Statement - 14th June 2012
Balance Carried forward 11/03/11 $41,128.47
Memberships $16,400.00
Annual Subscriptions $5,715.00
Entries $21,250.00
Sale of Merchandise $26,197.64
Sponsor - Mastec $2,150.00
Newsletter Advertising $ 125.00
Auction $ 655.50
Major Raffle-Stopwatch $1,655.00
Minor Raffles $ 409.00
Camp Fees $ 965.00
Camp Phone $ 100.00
Return of Bond from DEH 2011 $ 3,000.00
Return of Lake Fee from DEH 2011 $2,800.00
Donations $625.00
Bank Interest $1,255.47
TOTAL $124,431.08

Merchandise Purchases $ 24,742.55
Hire of Lake Gairdner 2012 $ 5,800.00
Mt. Ive Station-Camping fees $ 500.00
Mt. Ive Station- Access Fee 2011 $ 1,500.00
Mt. Ive Station- Hire of Tractor &
Diesel 2011 $ 284.52
Mt. Ive Station-Campsite Phone $ 211.90
S.A. C.F.S. 2011/2012 $ 9,223.00
Fuel Purchased $ 2,420.82
Travelling Expenses-Meetings,Lake
Inspections, Lake Omeo $ 3,190.79
Mountings & Batteries – Timing
Equipment $ 637.60
Laptop Computers $ 805.00
General Event Expenses $ 2,057.39
Purchase of Blowers & Pressure
Washer $ 729.25
Repairs & Maintenance to Plant $ 1,286.37
S/Hand Caravan for Administration $ 5,000.00
Truck Expenses- Registration,
Insurance etc. $ 2,500.30
Purchase of Container for
Merchandise Storage $ 6,435.00
Advertising for container $ 57.75
Cowdens Insurance - 2012 $ 3,090.00
Part Hire of Tailem Bend 5.5.12 $ 400.00
Printing, Stationery, Freight $ 7,313.85
Newsletter Expenses $ 2,623.19
Petty Cash $ 4,500.00
Entry Refunds $ 5,115.00
Wizid Armbands $ 371.27
Vests for Officials $ 789.50
Web Hosting, Domain Name &
Prepay Mobile Phone $ 490.00
Honorarium Paid to Carol Hadfield
for 2011/12 $ 12,000.00
Campsite Expenses $ 892.65
Subscriptions - Australian
Communications $ 51.00
Ebay fees –Tshirt sales $ 27.42
Bank Fees $ 1,180.67
Balance at Bank as at 31.05.11 $ 18,204.29
$ 124,431.08

Annual Subscription for all Members
At our AGM held at the DLRA campsite in March 2011 a motion was passed that an Annual Subscription fee of $25.00 be paid by members. This fee replaces the Newsletter fee that was only supported by a few. One of the main reasons for charging this fee is to find out how many of our members are currently active in the club. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and either mail a cheque, money order or your Visa/ Mastercard details to the P.O. Box or phone Carol on 03 54724629 with Visa or Mastercard details. You can also choose to pay the fee directly into the DLRA bank account, details listed below, if you do this please make sure your name and DLRA number are recorded with the transfer.

If you don’t respond to this you will be deemed as not being an active member and won’t receive any correspondence during the year, also all entrants will need to be active members. If you have already paid the fee to Carol this year please ignore the form.

D.L.R.A. Annual Subscription Fee
Please respond to this to remain an active member.
Name: ________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
D.L.R.A. No: ________________________________________
Home Phone No: ________________________________________
Mobile No: ________________________________________
Email address: ________________________________________
If paying by Visa or Mastercard please fill out the details below:
Card No: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
CVV: - - -
Expiry: - - / - - Amount: $
Name on Card: ________________________________________
If you choose to pay directly in the Bank account the details are:
Bendigo Bank, Castlemaine Branch
BSB: 633 108 Account No: 1369 41648
Account Name: Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc.
Send to: D.L.R.A. P.O. Box 349, Castlemaine Vic 3450 or
Phone: Carol Hadfield on 0354724629 email: carol@castlemaine.net


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Keep the shiney side up........
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