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Hello to everyone,
This is my first post here and although i have searched on the forum i cant seem to find an answer.

Can someone tell me if a HUMP on the back of a motorcycle jacket is legal in the DLRA for speed week.

I appreciate any help.
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Re: Hump

Post by RGV »

From the 2012 DLRA Rule book.

7.C.2 Leathers:
One-piece or two-piece 350 deg. (zipped together) all leather is required. Limited perforations are allowed
in armpit and back of knee. No cloth or non-leather panels are allowed.Fairing (leather or cloth only) on
the back of leathers is allowed in partial streamlined classes only.


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Re: Hump

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So that would be a yes, unless you are running in Production and an open (non streamlined) class
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