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Ambulance Insurance

Post by JayBee »

Hi All.

Just thinking about ambulance / air evacuation cover for 2018. I've had a BUPA policy in the past but didn't like them much. RFDS in SA did say BUPA does/did have a reciprocal policy but I've had conflicting advice from BUPA themselves.

I'm from Victoria and am now looking at Ambulance Victoria which I think may have reciprocal arrangements in SA and with RFDS..... Still to be confirmed.

Any thoughts on what other providers from interstate offer in terms of cover and who you've had good dealings with?

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Re: Ambulance Insurance

Post by harky »

This is worth clearing up for everyone

We are in SA , and have top Bupa cover ,and are over 50. so Ambulance cover is an “ addition “ but does not include interstate cover
The Australia wide cover seems to need different arrangements. depending on the state you are in .
This year we bought” Ambulance Cover Plus “ which covers us for Australia wide Ambulance costs
it is $188 / year ( family cover)
This is another expense for us all , but should any of us need “ help “ it cost could be phone numbers

Without getting too personal , Trent Clare , evac costs may be of interest

others in other states ( not SA) may get a shock to find their cover does not work interstate ... /ambulance ... /australia
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Re: Ambulance Insurance

Post by grumm441 »

Hi JayBee
Ambulance Victoria Has this on the FAQ page of their website
And it's only $46 dollars a year, one thing tho. You have to be an Australian citizen or permenant resident to join.
So if you were coming from overseas, this wouldn't help you
Your membership does not cover you for travel overseas and it is recommended you take out travel insurance.
As an Ambulance Victoria member travelling interstate, you receive the same benefits that you would have received if you had been in Victoria. Please refer to the Membership Scheme Business Rules for further definition.

If you require transport interstate you will receive an invoice from that interstate service for payment. List your Ambulance Victoria membership number on the form and return it to Accounts Receivable Department, Ambulance Victoria, Locked Bag 9000, Ballarat Mail Centre, VIC 3354.
Repatriation for convenience or social reasons is not covered under membership.
When clinically necessary, transport back to Victoria may be arranged. Prior approval from Ambulance Victoria is required, including a written request from an appropriate health professional demonstrating a medical requirement for the transport.

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