VY Commodore fun.

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VY Commodore fun.

Post by Charliebrown »

Hi guys and girls,
Long time forum lurker first time poster. Spirit of sunshine build and many others have been a great read.
I’m coming to speedweek 2020 to see what I’m getting myself in for. I’ve had a read of this years rule book, and have been considering the following idea for 2021. Just wondering if I’ve got the basics right, and haven’t left out any items where I would need to win tattslotto. Any expert comments would be greatly appreciated.

I have a 200,000km VY (II) Commodore Executive Sedan.
3.8l ecotec V6 auto.
Stunning example of a bog stock taxi pack.

To get it to the salt:
Vehicle marked with E/PRO (when classified) and competition number.
Fuel produced by an oil company.
187.784 record= VR or ZR rated tyres.
Full wheel discs (not mandatory, otherwise hubcaps removed)

Paint - contrasting color as it is currently silver.

Me- under 175mph clothing. Suit boots gloves head sock.
Helmet 3.A.2
In 3.A.3 is “38.1 head and neck” only for streamliners? As it says cars and not car, I’m assuming 38.1 head and neck is required?

Pull interior of vehicle out except door linings and dash re PRO rules.
Roll cage 1 5/8 inch tube.
Roll cage structure to comply with drivers helmet support 3.A.3
Roll cage padding 3.B.2
Racing seat, to comply with headrest rules.
5 point racing seat belt 3.D.2
Arm/leg restraints, full door net 3.D.3

Door locks and steering wheel locks rendered inoperative.
Ballistic transmission blanket.
Extractors and exhaust improved.
Reverse lockout on automatic.
Stock fuel tank and lines acceptable?
I believe the fuel system OEM computer has an inertia and oil pressure switch. Will confirm same.
OEM throttle.
Battery to have metal framework retaining same - no plastic.
Main Battery disconnect switch installed with external control. Rule 3K.
OEM steering.
Parachute - not yet.

Fire extinguishing system. Rule 3Q.
Non glycol based coolant.
Tail shaft loop mounted in front 25% of tail shaft. Rule 3S.
Self locking nuts on front end and suspension
Wiper blades and arms removed.
Safety film both sides on non laminated windows. Safety film on headlights.
Visible hood release, pins etc. original hood release to be removed.
Disable rev/speed limiter.
Disable cruise control.
External boot release.
Tow point.

I understand that there are many other things to consider, I’m just wondering if anyone can see glaring omissions from a run on the salt for fun and then see where it takes me...


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Re: VY Commodore fun.

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G'Day Charlie,
You've done very well and definately now have a list to tick off. Still it will cost you $5-10,000 by the time you buy all the safety equipment for you and the car depending on how much you can do yourself.
The silver colour isn't an issue, so long as it's got some contrasting colour on it.

If you can, starting a build diary here on the forum is a really good idea.
There are State Delegates that we can hook you up with to help you along the way too.
Look forward to seeing your project.
Keep the shiney side up........
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