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Posting Photos

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 12:05 pm
At this stage the only way to post a picture to the forum is if it already exists online somewhere. Bummer for some I know.
That functionality is coming out in the next version of the phpBB software.
I can't really complain as it's freeware and it does a pretty good job.
It's a security thing, if anyone can copy an image to your server, what's to stop them copying something a bit more sinister.

As a temporary solution if people want to email me the images, I'll put them in a directory on Hot Rod Internet that they can be linked. Then I can either email you and let you know they are there or edit your post.

My email address is;

the directory I will put them in is called;

The code you would use to include the image;


Code: Select all<imagename>

If we can keep the images reasonably small, so much the better;
Maximum Width 400 x Height 270
72 - 180 dpi, 75% compressed
This should produce an image of about 20Kb

More detailed instructions
If you want to post an image on the forum, it needs to exist somewhere on the internet. By that I mean on somebody website, somewhere, not on you local PC.

If you don't have your own website and you have an image that you wish to share with the forum, there are a couple of options open to you.
1. Check with your ISP to see if you have hosting as part of your package. If you do you have a place to put your own photos.
2. Check out some of the free web hosting sites and you can post your photos there.
3. Get someone to host your pictures for you. (I can do this just email me the pics)

Now how to actually make the image appear in your posts on the forum.

Look directly above the Message Body text box that you normally type in, you will see a menu of tags you can include to your post.
Select the "Img" tag this is the BB code to display an image.
Now type in the full path of the file you wish to display.
Lastly select the "*Img" tag again from the menu.
(You can also just type these in if you want, just don't forget to include the closing tag)

How do you know / or find out what the full path of an image is?
Go to the web page that contains the image
Place your cursor over the image and press the right button on your mouse (instead of the left button you normally use)
A menu will appear.
Look for something like "Copy image address" and select that
Now return to the forum text box, click the cursor where you want the text to go and press the "Ctrl" and "c" keys on the keyboard, this will copy the text containing the image address into your post.



Code: Select all


Code: Select all


Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:58 pm
Im no IT expert, but if your reading this post neither are you.
1 :First Im assuming that youve taken a picture and have allready loaded it into your computer.
2:Depending on the camera softwear the picture has ended up in one or two programes
A :its own programe:
B: my pictures
If it has not made it to" MY PICTURES "you will need to get it there.
3: Once you have the picture in my pictures and have clicked on it and it is looking at you on the screen "CLICK THE RIGHT BUTTON " on your mouse ,in that list you will see the word " EDIT " click on the word and that will send your picture to "PAINT"
4: WHY SEND IT TO PAINT ,YOU ASK ? This is were you get to control the size and weight of the picture. As you will see the picture is now the size and weight of a barn door and must be reduced .CLICK ON THE WORD "IMAGE" on the tool bar , then click "STRETCH / SKEW next you will see HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL both set at 100% change those settings to 25% this will bring your picture down to a size that can be posted & uploaded with an acceptable size & weight. While your are in paint there are many other great little features you can use " like drawing lines to objects of intrest" and other things " PRACTICE ".

"PHOTO BUCKET " is one of a few options . so type in photo bucket .they will want a password and and other assorted info '
don't worry it's FREE . (till you have filled your bucket) hence keep the size & weight of your pictures down and it will take about 100 photos till your bucket runnith over !


Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:43 pm

Thats great learnt a lot can resize pictures now and now have a Photo Bucket account

Waiting for next lesson

Phill H

Lesson 2

Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:53 am
Now you have your own page , and hopefully you are on it .
There is an upload button looking at you, "CLICK ON IT" that will take you to my pictures in your computer, find which picture you want to use then click "OPEN" the upload will begin ( sometimes this will take a minute or two depending on the amount of traffic on the server and the size and weight of your picture.) " ADD TITLE" click "SAVE" give time again. click on the picture again, it will come up large
To the left hand side of the picture is a box with share this image at the top of it the one you want is "IMG CODE" to the right of that is a little box with [IMG]http:// bla bla bla , click the very front of that box, just in front of the first [ a yellow and a blue box will suddenly appear with the word
"COPIED" (but only for a few seconds)
you now have the picture "IN YA MOUSE" (for a lack of a better explanation)

lesson 3

Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:24 am
Next open up ya DLRA page and type in ya little story then click the
'IMG' button at the top of the page ,then right click your mouse then click "PASTE" and bingo all the little letters appear , next click
"PREVIEW" at the bottom of the page ,scroll up and theres ya picture click on " SUBMIT"

If you are still having trouble ask in this partof the site & and someone will help ya through .


Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:35 pm
by momec
God l've used the blunder method so far but thanks Ross. We just need to follow your recipe now.
In another 20 years this technology bullshit will come full circle and will be able to use common sense again but at the moment we must pretend to be geeks.
Does that mean geeks rule the world for 20 years?

Re: Posting Photos

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:52 pm
by Spee Dadict
another good freeware program for pic editing is irfanview I have used it for years and it makes pic and avatar management very easy.