Getting Started in Salt Flats Racing

What happens on the Lake Gairdner Salt Flats ?

The best way to start is to experience it as a spectator. Spectators are always welcome at DLRA events. There is a Lake Entry Fee. Camping is available at Mt. Ive Station or the DLRA Camp. We figure if your going to make the effort to come to one of the remotest places on earth, it shouldn't cost you a fortune. If you have never seen land speed racing you don't know what your missing.


This is your chance to see some of the fastest wheel driven cars, trucks and motorbikes in the world. In one of the most truly execptional places in the world.

There are no grandstands. Spectators are driven from the lakes edge out to the pits or the spectator area, you are free to walk through the pits and talk to the drivers and crews. Unfortunately due to environmental reasons we must keep spectators cars off the lake surface as this is a declared National Park.


Take a hat, dark glasses, sunscreen and lip screen (put some under your nose), a chair to sit on and shade from the sun. Bring a camera and lots of film because you will want to remember what you see. The brightly painted cars make great pictures against the stark white surface. Binoculars are a help since the racing cars are at least 1/4 mile away when they are racing at speed.


The un-muffled engines are very loud. Cars that burn exotic fuels leave an acrid smell in the air that will make your eyes water if you are too close. The color, the excitement, the waiting after every run for the timers report just to hear how fast a car or bike has gone will entrap you and make you want more. We call it catching "Salt Fever."


Mt.Ive station offers a variety of hot food and hot or cold drinks starting very early with breakfast. Souvenirs are available from the DLRA.


Guide to the Dry Lakes Racers Australia (DLRA)

The Dry Lakes Racers Australia is a proud organization that continues to grow and provide opportunities for competitors to come to the Lake Gairdner. It's membership is drawn from all points of the compass within Australia as well as a number of US and New Zealand members. The deep roots of Salt Lakes Racing is in Hot Rodding but these days, of those nearly 300 members most have been involved in some form of motorsport at a variety of levels, circut racing, rallying, speedway or drag racing, it doesn't matter the one thing they do have in common is a facination for speed.


The Dry Lakes Racers Australia was founded in 1990 to encourage the competetion for speed, and organise the first official Speed Trials here in Australia. An aspect of the sport that appeals to many of us is its lack of commercialism. This is racing that's put on by racers, for racers. For many of us, racing at Lake Gairdner represents the last area of motorsports where people are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and try them out, without the need for million-dollar sponsorship deals. You won't find any corporate suites or posh restaurants overlooking Lake Gairdner. Join us on the Salt for an exceptional motorsports experience.

Information on where to stay at Lake Gairdner can be found on line on the Lake Gairdner page.