Gawler Ranges Mineral Exploration ILUA

The attached documents represent the agreement reached between the State Government, SA Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME), Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement and the Gawler Ranges Native Title Group to consent to the grant of exploration tenements and the carrying out of exploration activities under those tenements.

The Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) was registered by the National Native Title Tribunal on 30 June 2006 and is now available for use by explorers with tenements located within the Gawler Ranges native title claim area.

Area covered

Map of the Gawler Ranges Mineral Exploration ILUA (.pdf 360.7kb)
Boundary and location of the ILUA within South Australia
Description of external boundary - Gawler Ranges ILUA (.pdf 28.3kb)
Details the area covered by the ILUA

Summary document (for ease of reference)

Gawler Ranges Native Title Group, Minerals Exploration Indigenous Land Use Agreement: Summary (.pdf 157.9kb)
Consult the Framework Document and other documentation (see below) for a full understanding of the agreement

Framework document

Gawler Ranges Mineral Exploration ILUA (.pdf 335.3kb)
Includes terms, conditions, obligations of each of the parties, dispute resolution provisions and other agreed matters

Exploration contract conditions

Gawler Ranges Exploration Contract Conditions (.pdf 341.2kb)
Sets out obligations, payments, Aboriginal heritage issues, rehabilitation and other matters

Exploration contract return for the 12 months ended December 20 (.pdf 168.3kb)

Heritage clearance procedures

Gawler Ranges Heritage Clearance Procedures (.pdf 194.6kb)(Annexure A to Exploration Contract Conditions)
Sets out the process for Heritage Clearance surveys to be undertaken and includes the relevant fees payable by the explorer


Mapping Access Procedures (.pdf 122.7kb) (Annexure B to Exploration Contract Conditions)
Mapping Survey Procedures (.pdf 118.0kb) (Schedule 4 to Arabunna Framework ILUA)
Information on  procedures for exploration mapping surveys, cultural mapping surveys and mapping authorisations

Signing up to the ILUA

Gawler Ranges Acceptance Document (.pdf 117.8kb)
To be completed and signed by an explorer wishing to take advantage of the ILUA and be bound to its terms and conditions; by doing this, the explorer enters into a contract with the State, Gawler Ranges Native Title Claim Group and its Association

Transferring to another party

Gawler Ranges Deed of Assumption (.pdf 124.7kb)
Used to assign a party's rights and interest under both the exploration tenement and the ILUA to another party






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