Event Coordinator

1. Description

There is an enormous amount of work to put on an event like Speed Week. As well as all the officals and technical aspects, there is also the "back of house" or "operations" side of the organisation.


2. Responsability

The Event Coordinator's responsability is to coordinate and manage the logistics of the event and direct the small army of volunteers required for the running of Speed Week on behalf of the DLRA.


3. Tasks

  1. Access mats
  2. Track Layout
  3. Track Grooming
  4. Track Markers
  5. Portable toilets
  6. Caravans
  7. Shade Structures



4. Equipment

The Event Coordinator is provided with a club vehicle fitted with a club uhf radio and a hand held uhf radio so that he is contactable at all times


Portable Toilets
  • Clean & Deliver to Lake
  • Cleaning during Event
  • Clean & Return to Camp
Track Preparation
  • Track Mats to Lake & Return Track
  • Equipment to Lake & Return
Fire and Rescue  
  • Tow Timing Van to Lake & Return
  • Care of Timing Equipment
  • Charge / Remove Batteries<
  • Long Track
  • Short Track
Technical Inspection
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Cars
  • Motor Cycles
  • Push Vehicles
Collection of fees
  • Entry Collection
  • Armband Check


5. Escalation

There is no escalation point past the Event Coordinator. The Event Coordinator is the only event official who can call an DLRA Executive Committee meeting to resolve any issue.