For Sale - Last one - Ford GAA 1100ci (18lt Petrol) Alloy V8 ex WWII Sherman Tank

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For Sale - Last one - Ford GAA 1100ci (18lt Petrol) Alloy V8 ex WWII Sherman Tank

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Hi All,

I have decided to sell the last of my 4x Ford GAA 1100ci petrol V8's ex WWII Sherman tank and M26 Pershing Tank.

PHOTOS: ... 0.jpg?dl=0 ... 9.jpg?dl=0

Just for fun.... this next pic is of the crank, rods and pistons of my other GAA being rebuilt and is not included in the sale, but more for interest so you can see how BIG this thing is.... The Pistons are 5.4" Dia, the stroke is 6" so same dimensions as the Merlin spitfire V12.. the "little" crank in the pic is an LS1 for comparison ... 9.jpg?dl=0

(The other 2 x GAA's I had listed on DRLA were sold a couple of years ago to a hot rodder in the USA )

8 cylinder
1100ci (18ltr)
All alloy twin cam V8 Petrol engine
4 bolts mains, 4 valves / cylinder + 2 carbs
Std Spec: 525hp @ 2600 1050 ft/lb torque @2200
HP Potential of around 5000hp with lots of mods & big turbos, as seen in Tractor Pulling machines
Stripped down they can come in under 500kg as they are all alloy.

My #3 engine Ford GAA that I'm building for my boat, now with re profiled cams, boosted compression + fuel injection is expecting to see around 1000hp at 3600rpm and 1500 ft/lbs Tq.

(Application: Ford fanatics, Hot rodders, Rat rodders, Land speed record chasers, tractor pulling)

This Ford GAA is probably the best of the 4 units I owned, as still has all the original parts including the right angle fan drives and is currently mounted in an engine stand with radiators etc.

The engine has not been run for 20-30years. The cranks moves, so its not seized but will need to be rebuilt before attempting to start.

From the rebuild data plate, it looks to be 0.20 over on the pistons, 0.20 mains and 0.20 big ends

Note to prospective buyers, I also have a huge amount of useful spares available to help with a rebuild, including a number of magnetos, multiple carbs, manifolds, dozens of new valves and can assist with making new cylinder liners in order to re-use the original pistons. If you are a collector, I have a couple of tons of parts including a lot of tinware and other Sherman stuff that I would do a deal on also.

The engineer rebuilding the #3 GAA for my boat project can also convert the crank and rods to take modern bearing shells from a common range of diesel engines to make future maintenance more manageable and even boost compression if you require.

(open to sensible offers)

If anyone is interested in buying this Ford GAA, please pm me and we can have a chat.


ps Engine is with my engineer in NSW.
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Re: For Sale - Last one - Ford GAA 1100ci (18lt Petrol) Alloy V8 ex WWII Sherman Tank

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