is braided brake line accepted in production classes

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is braided brake line accepted in production classes

Post by lohoon »

Last year I was pipped for having a braided rear brake line on my p/p bike. The rules read to me"must silhouette stock bike". surely this it's getting to be nit picking but I nearly couldn't run last year because of difference of opinion. Can a bike inspecter pleasePp give some clarity.
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Re: is braided brake line accepted in production classes

Post by ROSS BROWN »

Basic answer... NO.
This is how it works..
The scruitineer is there to primarily check your bike for saftey. It is your decision on which class it belongs .
The scrutineer might point out to you that your braided line does not belong in production class , and it is up to you if you take his advice.. you can then go out and do laps till the cats come home..
Now if you happen to set a record you will then have to proceed through "IMPOUND"
We in Impound are looking for such "willy nilly" interpretations of the rule book.. Your apparent record will be nullified,
you will then need to rectify the issue with your bike or change class..

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Re: is braided brake line accepted in production classes

Post by rgn »

If you are running a production bike, it simply has to be on the outside as a production would be from the dealership... unless the manufacturers advertise a special option (BMW).

What you do inside is your business, but you can't take it beyond the next capacity class limit. Because you then exist in modified production.

The rules are simple. HEY (read them)

I think Ross you are doing a good thing here with the impound ...
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Re: is braided brake line accepted in production classes

Post by rgn »

IMPOUND has to be something that one strives for, not fear's. So sort that out amongst yourselves please.

Edit: If you have doubts about the eligibility of your bike have Ross or Grumm, look at your concerns prior to leaving for Gairdner. You can email photos etc, I'm sure they would be more than happy to help you with any eligibility concerns.

Things have changed dramatically this year. Last year your bike was only scrutinized if a fellow competitor raised concern, or lodged a protest.

This year things are moving along in the right direction with impound.

Make sure you have evidence and documentation to back up anything that may be brought into question.

Last year we ran a seat cowl on our bike that created a bit of 'interest'... We had the required evidence in form of delivery dockets, and maintenance manual entries, plus photos etc.
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Re: is braided brake line accepted in production classes

Post by grumm441 »

Last year your bike was one of two bikes that were supposed to be the same, running in production
It was pointed out to me that the two bikes were different and I was asked to see which one was actually production
I was shown a manual that described the bike you were running as coming with or without a seat cowl
both options were production
So, your record was certified
While working at Speedweek at Bonneville, we kicked 12 PP, PP/P, PPV out of impound for the week
one for a switch on the handle bars that turned on the data logger. another for not having a number plate light and a BMW for having two different mufflers
At Lake G last year there were two guys knocked back for production classes
So the important thing to remember is that it's up to you, the person who presents the bike, to prove to us that it's a production bike
Also, if you have a hump on the back of your leathers or you are not running gasoline you do not qualify for a production class
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