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Dunno mate

Post by hawkwind »

I have attracted team/$$ support from some gentlemen who are of the car persuasion but are not very keen participating on two wheels....so I have pulled out some old designs for a lakester/ streamliner I toyed with some time back.....the idea that is most attractive for speed /$$$ will use my current motorcycle engines coupled to a front wheel steer/drive BUT!
I need some /any suggestions on the how to couple the engine/s to a front wheel drive ...engine will be behind the wheels ....steering will be in front of the wheels ....what type of suspension if any could be used ....what axel type???
Also is it within the rules for the rear wheels to be in tandem ie. one behind the other? or do they need to be offset ( this would apply for a streamliner)

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Re: Dunno mate

Post by momec3 »

Sounds like a fun project. A lot to be said for front drive.
Regards the wheel track thing I believe provided that you have separate track lines, you can arrange how you like. I've seen streamliners with one wheel behind the other to achieve the narrowest profile using a minor offset.

Front end I'd go chain drive live axle. Make all your own but adapt small car hubs and axles.
Using a diff makes it wide and costs more power.
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Re: Dunno mate

Post by Greg Watters »

Congrats on getting some assistance, not easy for our sport

What is the design/budget/timer restraints
would it be more cost effective to start with something like this
http://www.landracing.com/forum/index.p ... 444.0.html
that already has the extra costs like chutes, harness, tires & fire system done ?
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