Slicks on salt

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Slicks on salt

Post by slowdirt »

We are planning to ride a 125 m-g this year - but have a significant team dispute as to whether slicks or road legal tyres would be more suitable for the conditions. Our rider feels that slicks will get too much spin on the loose surface....

Please could someone confirm that the racing surface is either like "concrete" or softer so we can end the dispute and get on with sourcing appropriate tyres. And if you have experience using tyres please share it.

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Re: Slicks on salt

Post by RGV »

I run a treaded road tyres on my 250. The surface is kind of like hard sand to ride on. But it can change depending on the salt condition. On a 125 you shouldnt get too much wheel spin. Just check that your tyre has the speed rating of the record for the class that you will run in, not the top speed that you hope you will achieve.


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Re: Slicks on salt

Post by gennyshovel »

The salt can be hard, soft , hard & soft (depending on track conditions in various sections) , damp, dry just like any surface that is out in the elements, but,,it ALWAYS has salt grains (crystals ?) that will move when a driven tyre runs over it, some years more than others, but its always there, it results in "wheel slip" for lower powered vehicles,and wheel spin for the more powerful, controlling this is what makes a good driver / rider.
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Re: Slicks on salt

Post by dplecko »

I had about 2 % wheel 'slip' in top gear last year with a small bike detuned to 35 HP and slicks. They were the only things I could find with a high enough speed rating.
Hope that helps,
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Re: Slicks on salt

Post by BONES »

Hey Slowdirt
slicks will be fine on your bike, or any tire with the correct speed rating.
I used the standard slicks when I raced my Honda RS125-- it doesn't have enough power to spin the wheel.
An 'H' rated tire is good for 130mph .
cheers Bones
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Re: Slicks on salt

Post by livewire »

Make sure they're not drive wheel drag slicks - section 7.B.8, pg 69 in the rule book.
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