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Re: Crosswinds

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To bring this thread back up!!

The crosswinds are certainly a concern for us.
I canned a run one arvo this year as the wind was not just picking up, but started shifting around to the west and back at times.
Unfortunately our wind meter had a flat battery, so no telling what is was but it just "felt wrong" Mike agreed, the end of that day for us!
(we'll actually get a pass in one year :-) )

Some Great ideas here guys!!
I loved the "Stop/Go" signs this year & the coloured lights for closed/open course is a fantastic idea too!
As is the weather station!
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Re: Crosswinds

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Yeah Rod, the topic is well worth ongoing discussion, I was hit my an invisible air blast in 2006 while flat out on the postie, front end went 1st, followed by the back, lucky for me I was closer to the right of the track, I was quickly deposited on the left side, then before I decided what to to, the wind gust was gone, I think we all know what that situation would have on a streamliner now :shock:
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Re: Crosswinds

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Hi Dave, Don't condemn me I am new to this sport and just putting in some thoughts from my Circuit racing days - Regarding the safety " Tub " are you thinking along the lines of the safety capsules fitted to GP Hydroplanes and unlimited Hydros, as well as Top Fuel Drag Hydros, as they are made from composite materials and usually have a F-16 cockpit fitted, some have roll bars inside the cell depending on type of construction, since the introduction of these cells there has rarely been a fatality world wide. considering these boats flip at 200+ MPH most drivers walk away and the boats hit hard and stop quick
take a look at the APBA website, I am a retired hydro driver and was the first person in Australia to fit a intrusion bars into a Circuit Racing Hydroplane, after losing several friends, and started the sport in a safer direction - admittedly salt is a whole new world to me and I know nothing.
All Drag boats have breakaway cells, GP & Unlimited hydros cells remain as part of the boat
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Re: Crosswinds

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Thanks for your thoughts and welcome to the forum. I watched the videos and could see the capsules separate nicely from the hull. The limiting of these forces is the best way to prevent or minimise injury to the driver. How we achieve that is the big question. I understand that hitting water at high speed is similar to hitting a solid surface but I think salt is far less forgiving than water, which will quickly dissipate a lot of energy.The capsule is a great idea because it is light, has no fuel and will stop quickly as it buries itself in the water. I'm not sure that the capsule idea would transfer well to salt as is, but if it was built with no sharp edges to dig into the salt and had it's own parachutes then I think the idea has merit. It would be easy enough to design a way to have the capsule come away at the right time, perhaps the parachutes could be the ballistic style used on some light aircraft. This would reduce the possibility of tangling the chute/s and let the capsule slide to a slow stop in a relatively straight line without any more big G-forces hitting the driver. Obviously there's more to making this idea work but that's for another time.

Dave :mrgreen:
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