Visibility vertically through wind screen

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Visibility vertically through wind screen

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Hi been reading the rule book and just looking for a little clarification. A couple of years ago the Honda factory streamliner team got knocked back at Bonneville with concerns about visibility from the car. The rules state that "...shall provide 120 degrees of adequate vision forward". I read this as horizontal vision in other words 60 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right, that's all fine. I guess because we are getting lower and lower into the car the distance forward to where we can see the salt is getting further away over the front body work.

My question is, "Is there a mandated vertical angle or visible distance in front of the car that we have to achieve?"

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Re: Visibility vertically through wind screen

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Good question, because if you could only see sky.
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Re: Visibility vertically through wind screen

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This is an issue for planning and design of a lot of vehicles and includes not just windscreens but engine protrusions and bonnet scoops as well.
The track markings we provide now are a compromise with what will be visable vs what will stay up in the strong winds we experience vs what will do the least amount of damage in the event that some one hits one.
A couple of years ago, we had one vehicle head off in the wrong direction because of the tall scoop fitted and the fact that the car was left hand drive. (Poor design, planning)
Many belly tanks have very limited vision and you could have track markers 4 metres high and they would still complain. (Poor design, planning)

To answer your question. Here is what is mandated in the rulebook.

All driver compartments, driver’s positioning, and surrounding structures shall be designed to support good forward vision.

All non-stock windows and windshields shall be made of shatter-resistant plastic, such as polycarbonate (Lexan), and shall provide 120 degrees of adequate vision forward. On all open body cars, a windshield is recommended, but shall not restrict driver entrance or exit. In all classes where a headrest fairing is permitted, the windshield may sweep around the driver’s head and connect to the fairing on either side (refer to 3.E Driver’s Compartment rule concerning sharp edges).

7.H.7 Wind-shields:
All wind-shields shall be of shatter-resistant plastic, such as Lexan®, and provide 120 deg. of adequate horizontal forward vision.
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