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Advice for Spectators

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There will be special areas assigned for spectating whilst the cars are racing. The pits will be open for you to enjoy during race times, but for security reasons will be closed to spectators at all other times. Spectator fee for entry to the lake is a flat $25.00 (if your there for a day or a week) per person.

Operational Plan
The Operational Plan describes the requirements to conduct the annual Speed Week held at Lake Gairdner in South Australia by the Dry Lake Racers Australia.
All motoring events have an element of public risk and potential for environmental impact. The Operational Plan has been compiled with due consideration to reduce these risks and to prescribe the tasks required to conduct a safe and enjoyable event for participants and spectators.
Speed limits apply to all roads, especially the roads from the camps to the Lake.

A program will be handed out to entrants and spectators, with track layout, race times, rules on Lake and Station property.

You have 3 options;
1. Mt. Ive homestead has a number of limited rooms, and most of this is booked from one year to the next. There are some shearers rooms available with dormitory style sleeping, but be quick and book ASAP. There is also a camping area at the homestead, tents and caravans are welcome, but you are in the outback so be prepared. Power, water (drinking), food and fuel, you have to be self sufficient, there is some power and showers. The homestead is some 38 km's from the lake. For bookings, contact Mt. Ive homestead direct.
2. The DLRA camp is where competitors and their teams and regular visitors have purchased beds in semi-permanent structures. For Spectators there are plenty of un-powered sites, with toilets and showers available . The camp is about 6 km's from the lake. No booking required and fees are payable to the DLRA ($10 per night and a $10 diesel levy, $60 for the week) at the merchandise van.
3. The Saltbush camp; located behind the canteen and very close to the lake. All persons intending to use the bush camp at Lake Gairdner are encouraged to take Porta Potties for personal use - human waste is not to be left in the bush. No camp fires are permitted to be lit near the bush or trees surrounding the bush camp. It is still 'fire ban season' in SA, suggest gas cookers be used if possible for those camping at either camp ground. To stay here you really need to be self sufficient. Run by Mt. Ive Homestead, no bookings required, $7 per night, pay at the canteen.

NOTE: There is strictly no camping upon the Lake itself.

The Mt. Ive homestead run a canteen on the edge of the lake operating for the week of the event only, you can buy cold drinks, beer, ice and all your meals there if you wish. They sell cooked breakfast, lunch and dinners, sandwiches etc.. Prices are very reasonable and the dinners very generous.
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