First Lakester build

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First Lakester build

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Hi, I'm in the planning stages of my first lakester build. So far I've worked out I'm going to run a Toyota 1JZ paired to a ford c4 with a single turbo running on alcohol to reduce the need for an intercooler. Starting to draw everything up and this far I figured I probably will need to go a bit longer than my original plans of about 14ft so I can get my 6'2 carcass as low down as possible and still fit roughly 150L of cooling water and all the other bits and bobs in as well. Thinking of running 30 inch rear and 28 inch front tyres, ford 9 inch in the back, no suspension front or rear and up front run a speedway style steering rack. How long is the "average" lakester? Do my plans thus far sound about right? Still a few months at least off starting the build, just trying to get a good attack plan in place.

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Re: First Lakester build

Post by BIG GAZ »

I see you have plenty of views but no replies as yet which is surprising. My experience has been with full bodied sedan cars but there are plenty of racers on the forum to get advice from. I would suggest you post a reply on the forum to one of the existing lakester builders/racers with your questions.
You look to be on the right track in thinking things out well before you start up the welder and the angle grinder.
Do you have a crew/team who are helping you?
Have you been to salt before as it would be best to gain some first hand knowledge from existing vehicles and racers to help guide you.
I am always happy to offer any advice I can.
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