Eject Motorcycle Helmet Removal System ...

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Eject Motorcycle Helmet Removal System ...

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The Helmet Eject/Removal Systems have been around for a while and I think it is a step forward in Motorsport Injury Prevention/Safety because it is so simple ... I'm not saying we should adopt it ..... but I am going to check it out for next year .... If any of use the system then I imagine we would need to let the Rescue Crew that we are wearing one ....

http://www.motorcycleaccessoriesaustral ... lator-bulb

I don't know if if this has happened in other places but I see it has being adopted in US Drag Racing ....

The NHRA now require Pro Stock Bike Riders to wear a Helmet Eject Device ...

http://www.nhra.com/Userfiles/File/Tech ... -30-14.pdf

This is the section


Eject Helmet Removal System (part number SDR 890-01-30) mandatory and must be installed per
manufacturer instructions.
A Stand 21 Lid Lifter head sock meeting SFI 3.3 may
be used in lieu of the Eject Helmet Removal System.

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Re: Eject Motorcycle Helmet Removal System ...

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Have been using one of these for last 5 years, put the pump in a plastic bag with rider number on and give it to Rescue, Gairdner and Bonneville.
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