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Road Conditions

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Advice for people coming to Speed Week.
Whilst the recent heavy rains missed the lake, it did fall over the first part of the outback road from the Iron Knob turn off up to Siam station. Lots of fine gravel washed onto the road and the washouts gouged a little bit deeper. The rest of the road to the lake is in quite good condition.
To see the grader out on the road now is fantastic news.
However if the vehicle you were intending to drive out is low or lowered or has low profile tyres you might want to rethink your mode of transport as you will get stuck in the dirt and/or be plagued with punctures.
Slow down over the numerous cattle grids.
You will experience a lot of dust and road corrugations.
Travel at a speed appropriate to the conditions. There is a 60kph speed limit from the turn off at the DLRA sign into the lake.
If you have a UHF radio tune it to channel 40, as it will prove invaluable when trying to communicate with fellow road users.
Keep the shiney side up........
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