Newbie Question - Which class does my car fit into ?

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Newbie Question - Which class does my car fit into ?

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New to the forum and yet to ever hit the salt. Has been a long time dream of mine and I'd really appreciate some advice.
From everything I have read / watched to date the best approach is to pick your class and then build to that.

I already have a car and after having read the rule book I am struggling to see where it could compete.

The Car is a 1993 Nissan S13 Silvia Coupe.
I have engine swapped it from a 4 cyclinder 2 liter turbo to 6 cylinder 2.6 liter turbo Nissan motor.
The front fenders have a flaring to them.

The biggest issue when looking at the classes is I have wider bolt on rear fenders that I would say do alter the contour and width of the car.
The wheel base is not changed , although I obviously run much wider rims than factory.

Any thoughts on which class this would fit into ?

The car has run 145mph on the 1/4 and 170mph on the 800m. So I would want to target an eventual goal of 200mph if that is relevant :)
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