Lake Side Bar

The bar is located at the canteen. Your hosts will be Corrinna Steeb and Frank Sampson from Prancing Pony Brewery at Mt. Barker.

There is no EFTpos or internet at the lake, you will need to bring cash for all your purchases.




  • Serenity of Speed Pale Ale
  • Australian Pale Ale
  • Lager
  • Hopwork Orange Pale Ale
  • India Red IPA
  • Black Ale
  • Blaze of Haze Pale Ale
  • Cloudy Apple Cider




  • Canadian Club
  • 196 double Lemon (this was very popular last year)
  • Jim Beam and Cola
  • Gin tonic/soda mixers



sparkling Hop Water, which will be super refreshing on a hot day






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