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01/01/2024   Salt Attack event announced (Download Press Release)
01/01/2024   DLRA Newsletter Issue 84 published
24/10/2023   Speed Week 2024 pre-entries OPEN
24/10/2023   The Volunteer Portal is now open. Go to
24/10/2023   DLRA Newsletter Issue 83 published
24/10/2023   DLRA 2024 Rulebook published
24/10/2023   Speed Week 2024 logo released
17/08/2023   Issue 82 of the DLRA News is now available for you to read, packed with all the info about Speed Week 2024

Issue 81 of the DLRA News is now available for you to read, packed with all the info about Speed Week 2023



Compiled Results published, 200MPH Club members announced, 200 MPH achievers announced, trophy winners announced, Clerk of Course report published.



664 photos uploaded from Speed Week 2023


All results have now been posted. The track tables will now be compiled and records attributed. This is expected to take several days.



The track conditions started off damp but to very good. We ran a short track to the 4 mile in the morning, at opened up to 6 mile in the afternoon. Some of the quicker cars were still having trouble putting the power to the salt.



There was about 5mm of water over the lake this morning and as of 5,00pm today the surface is virtually dry with just a few puddles remaining. the track was groomed late this after noon in preparation for tomorrow.



This story may sound unfortunately familar to some.
We had a big storm come through last night and dump a fair amount of rain on the lake. We currently have about 15mm of standing water. The lake is closed for the day and racing cancelled for Tuesday. There will be another assessment made this afternoon.
Startline for track 1 was moved last night to try and get away from the soft salt.
If we can run we will still be running later in the week, right now we need some wind to move this water.
Temps for Tueday 32 -38
Wednesday 32 - 37
Thursday 33 - 39
Friday 32 - 41



We have had some showers this afternoon and the racing was called off at 3.00pm. The spectator area at the startline is extremely spongy and the public entrance to that area has been closed. Still managed 68 runs on track 1 before lunch. Craig Rogers has run a 207, Bronze Aussie and Eva have made their licenceing passes. Jim Knapp has made a 200 mph shake down run.
We are moving the track 1 start line up a mile.



Just got off the phone from the Inspection team.
In their words the lake is in the best condition he has seen it for many years. It won't need much dragging.
The road from Iron Knob to the turn off was very, very good. they sat on 80 but could have sat on 100. The private road from the turn off to the tanks and on to the salt was very good. Even the road from the tanks to the camp was in good condition.
So that's the latest and greatest.
Speed Week 2023 is most definitely ON!
See you all on the salt.



ONLINE entries have now closed. Entries will still be accepted at the Registration van on the salt.



DLRA News Issue 80 has now been released



From 23 November 2022, all COVID-19 requirements under section 90C of the South Australian Public Health Act will be lifted.

There are important things we can all continue to do to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases:

  • • Stay at home if you’re sick
  • • Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • • Follow the SA Health advice if you test positive to COVID-19 or are a close contact
  • • Stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations
  • • Practice good hand hygiene
  • • Wear a mask in crowded indoor places especially when there are higher case numbers
  • • Consider doing rapid antigen tests before visiting people at higher risk of severe illness
  • • Spend time in well ventilated indoor areas or outside in the fresh air.


01/11/2022   Pre-Entries are now open for Speed Week 2023.
Roll-overs are available for entrants who entered but did not compete in 2022. But you still have to pay you annual subscription renewal. Go to

01/11/2022   The Volunteer Portal is now open.
People who nominated for a job in 2022 will have received an email informing you that your job nomination will roll-over and then a second email of what that job was.
Go to


2023 DLRA Rulebook final version complete and available online (v1.0)



DLRA News Issue 79 has now been released



SFI Notice of NonCompliant Products by TANAKA



Notice of Products Faslely Represented as Certified to SFI Specification 3.2A by "Trax Racewear LLC"on Facebook.


08/08/2022   Photos from Glenn Ashby taken on 06/08/2022

01/07/2022   Notice of Counterfeit Labels on Substandard Driver Suits and Accessories, Sold by Speedsy Racewear

10/06/2022   Photos from Glenn Ashby taken on 09/06/2022

13/05/2022   Photos of the Lake by Russell Reading taken on 20/04/2022


Aerial photos of the lake from Phil Cvirn 04/05/2022




Entry Form

New for 2023, the idea for the Golden Ticket came about as a way to raise / retain funds for the club and provide something that the entrants have been asking for.
Any previous entrant from a cancelled Speed Week with fees held by the club now has the option to forfeit their entry fee in return for a golden ticket which entitles them to enter a daily draw. The draw will take place on the Sunday afternoon prior to Speed Week and 5 names will be drawn out, one for each consecutive day of racing. The lucky winners will be entitled to be the first vehicle off the start line on that day. A Golden Ticket can be transferrable to another entrant, officials must be notified prior to the ticket being presented. Just contact the Secretary to let us know you want to take part.


DLRA News Issue 78 has now been released


25/04/2022   Outback Road Warnings 8.17 AM Iron Knob Road Temporarily closed due to rains - reassess Wed 27/04

19/04/2022   Photos of the lake from Trevor Beck Easter 2022

04/03/2022   Photos of the lake from Vincent Racing Team


Speed Week 2022 is CANCELLED!
I can't believe that I'm writing this again, but due to record rainfall over the lake and the surrounding area last weekend we are left with no choice. Over 3 days Mt. Ive received 181mm of rain (more than 60% of it's annual average) with many of the surrounding homesteads receiving similar rainfall (Nonning - 131mm, Buckelboo - 165mm, Kimba - 160mm). This has been an exceptional event and you have to go back to 1974 for the highest recorded totals.
It will be many months if not much longer for the area to recover from this amount of water in such a short time.
There is an estimated 500mm of very dirty standing water on the lake. The rocks at the shoreline under the canteen are not visible. Today there were waves lapping at the shores. You will see from the photos just how much water there is
Worse than that, the roads are destroyed. The two creek crossings are washed out and are probably impassable, but definitely would be after a little bit of traffic. The road into Mt Ive station has a very large channel cut across it.
In the only bit of good news, the DLRA camp looks fine.


In making this decision we did consider what feasible options there were, including a postponement, but upon working through them, none of them would have worked for a number of reasons. But most compelling is the widespread damage to all of the sealed and outback roads washed away in the north west region, it is going to take considerable time to effect the prioritized repairs required, plus the work that Mt. Ive will have to go to the homestead and it's private road to get access to the homestead and the lake.
The lake itself will take some time to repair, with dirty water, soil and other debris washed off the surrounding hills onto the lake surface.
We respect the lake and the landowners around the lake and we do not want to be responsible for any further damage or hardship to the region by introducing up to 1000 people to the area.


Entrants for this year's event who have lodged their entry forms and paid their fees please note that these will now roll over until next year. If you wish to apply for a refund, as per the entry form "if meeting is canceled due to adverse weather conditions or force majeure" we reserve the right to withhold $100 to help cover the cost of outgoings that are not recoverable to the club.

Look for further announcements in the coming days and weeks.



We are currently gathering information to make an assessment to determine if Speed Week can still go ahead, look for an announcement later in the week. The main issue is the run off onto the lake from the surrounding hills which have also received record rainfall and the debris that will be washed onto the lake. Plus there is more rain forecast in the next 10 days. We remember after the rain-out in 2011 going back the next year and you could see the layer of red under a thin top layer of salt and that was only a fraction of the rainfall they have had now. We are concerned that even if it does dry up there will be a red lake for some time to come. Plus we need the roads passable to get there and with so much damage to main roads it may be some time before the secondary roads are repaired. See this Channel 9 report



The track layout maps have just been updated for this year. Changes include removal of exit on track 2, re-alignment of support vehicle road on track 1 and re-alignment of fire and rescue vehicles and the road they use. And relocation of Impound to be opposite Technical Inspection.



Most will be aware of the (once in a lifetime) storms and heavy flooding in South Australia right now and the Lake Gairdner area has copped the brunt of it with Mt. Ive seeing 140mm (Kimba 160mm, Buckelboo 165mm) of rain - 58 percent of its annual average on Saturday 24th and another 25mm predicted today. The good news is the weather right through until Speed Week is meant to be mid to high thirties and given that we are still 4 and a bit weeks out from the event, all this water should be well and truly gone by then.



We have been asked by Mt. Ive station to remind those who have booked accomodation and no longer need it to contact the station and let them know of your cancellation. They have many people on a waiting list wanting to get accomodation.



The final inspection of the lake will take place on the 17th February 2022, look for confirmation shortly after that.
There was an inspection just after Christmas and the lake was looking very dry, hard and smooth.



Fully vaccinated international travelers will no longer need to isolate after landing in South Australia and COVID-19 border rules for domestic arrivals have been scrapped. Unvaccinated international travelers must still continue to isolate. Positive cases, regardless of vaccination status, will be able to leave isolation after seven days from their positive test. But SA will continue with a 10-day quarantine period for cases and close contacts and is not following the national definition, pointing to its different circumstances such as lower case numbers, and is instead classifying a close contact as someone living or intimate with a positive case.



Helmets with a Snell rating label of 2010 are due expire on January 1, 2022. The event committee have decided to accept all deviation requests from entrants as it is only an extension of 1 month*.

NOTE: these helmets must be in good serviceable condition with no obvious damage to the helmet.

Helmets with a SA2015 or M2015 still have 4 years of life left. If you are buying a new helmet, look for the SA 2020 or M2020 certification.
Current FIM Homologation or European ECE 22.05 or E 22.05, 2010 or Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698:2006 or newer.

* This is based on the previous experience where entrants were forced to buy new helmets and the event was canceled due to COVID-19.


18/12/2021   SA to ease restrictions from December 28, it is predicted that the State will reach 90 per cent fully vaccinated by that date. Quarantine time for international arrivals in South Australia is also set to be reduced to 72 hours.

Unvaccinated arrivals will still be required to quarantine for 14 days. Travelers will also need to take a PCR test within 72 hours of arriving.
Meanwhile in Western Australia, travelers from every State and Territory in Australia will have to quarantine if they want to enter WA from Monday, as the Government introduces new rules for people coming from Queensland and Tasmania. But are still planning to bring down the border on February 5.
And in Queensland, from Monday 13 December 2021 Queensland’s border restrictions have eased. Fully vaccinated people will be able to travel to Queensland without quarantining under certain conditions.



South Australia Covid-19 Restrictions update: Internally they are currently at Level 1 which is just above no restrictions at all. International arrivals are required to undergo 14 day quarantine along with days 1, 5 and 13 testing. Interstate travelers are required to complete border registration and check-in with SA Police. Currently Victoria, ACT and New South Wales travelers are prohibited from entering South Australia.
South Australia will ease its border restrictions for double-vaccinated people from November 23 and there will be 7 days quarantine for vaccinated international travelers, 14 days for unvaccinated authorised arrivals. COVID-19 management plans remain.



Entry forms and tickets for Speed Week 2022 released



Entry forms and tickets for Speed Week 2022 will be released in October 2022


28/02/2021   Well, it's amazing what can happen in a very short time.
The bar at the canteen will now be open for over the counter, pre-packaged sales.
A deal has been struck with the Prancing Pony Brewery.
See the selction of beers and cider below, but I'm sure this will come as good news to many.
Also if anybody wants to assist working the bar and has a valid RSA, to please contact Corinna direct by phone.


Lower alcohol beers and ciders - $ 7.00 per can

  • Serenity of Speed, Pale ale – 4.8%
  • Sunshine ale, Summer beer – 4.8%
  • Hopwork Orange – American Pale ale – 4.8%
  • Indie Kid Pilsener – 4.8%
  • Stage Roadie mid-strength – 3.4%
  • XPA – Session Pale ale – 4.1%
  • Amber Ale – 5%
  • Cloudy Apple Cider – 5.2%

Higher alcohol beers - $ 8.00 per can

  • Black Ale – 6% - limited
  • The Piper - West Coast IPA 7.2% - limited
  • India Red Ale – 7.9% - limited


Just to confirm that after the lake inspection today, Speed Week 2021 is definitely on.
The track is in very good condition, but the edge of the lake has had probably 20 or 30 metres of salt washed away exposing some mud, but they are confident that with the placement of the mats it should be okay. The mail road is in good condition, the Mt. Ive road is good, the road to the camp is good and the road to the lake is good.


23/02/2021   COVID-19 Management Plan

The COVID-19 Management Plan for Speed Week was approved today. The main emphasis is on contact tracing and distancing at all times. When you are in the Lake Entry queue for the first time you will be given a Contact Tracing form, please fill it out completely for all those people in your vehicle. Please try to remain 1.5 metres apart at all times, when you are in the pits, at the start line, in the queue for the canteen or even where you are camped. We are required to provide COVID-19 Marshals to remind participants to do the right thing, if you do get spoken to just remember these marshals are working for your benefit, without them we would not have an event, so please be respectful and follow their advice.
COVID-19 Management Plan


20/02/2021   Canteen Update

Once again our amazing caterers will be providing a range of wholesome meals and takeaway food at the lakeside canteen and popup shop in the pits. And most the prices are still the same as 2019, how good is that! Thanks to Dogga and Robyn. There will be some changes at the canteen this year due to COVID-19 rules, so we ask for your compliance with this. Check out what's on offer this year.


18/02/2021   Outcome Special Meeting

There was a very useful and successful meeting of committee and officials of Speed Week tonight with an outcome that we continue to forge ahead with the organisation of the event.
The next hurdle will be the Lake Inspection on Thursday 25th February 2021. This will also probably be the day that Victoria (and hopefully South Australia) makes further announcements about border closures.
After several recent days of 40C temps, the latest report has the track in good condition, but the edge of the lake is still very wet.
We have been using geotechnical mats to try and save the surface of the salt for several years now to great effect. But we still need people to understand the slower you go over the mats the better they work.


15/02/2021   Pre-Entries are now closed
You can still enter , but a late entry fee will apply. Print your forms and bring them to the Registration Van in the pits on the salt
15/02/2021   Special Meeting

There will be a teleconference of the DLRA committee on Thursday night (18th Feb) to discuss Speed Week. There may be a decision that night or it may be deferred to a later date. A lot depends upon what Victoria does with it's lockdown and what South Australia does with its border closure. Look for an announcement here after that meeting.


10/02/2021   South Australia closes to Metro Melbourne

There have been reports this afternoon that South Australia are closing it's borders to people from metropolitan Melbourne due to the rise in COVID-19 infections from the Holiday Inn outbreak. From the reports that I have read so far there will be no change of restrictions for people in regional Victoria. NOTE: They are currently under no restrictions to SA at all. Of the 158 actual people we have entered for Speed Week, 29 of these are from Victoria and 22 are from metropolitan Melbourne and would be affected if this restriction were to stay in place for the next 26 days. Fortunately most of the critical DLRA officials required to run Speed Week, reside in regional Victoria. For myself, if this restriction is still in place, at the appropriate time, I will be moving to regional Victoria 14 days before we head to SA (as is permitted). I already have my SA border permit to this effect. Additional to this, from my estimate there are about 12 New South Wales entrants who are in hotspots described by South Australia who would be required to undergo 1, 5 and 12 day COVID-19 testing once they cross into South Australia. This DOES NOT mean the end of Speed Week for 2021, far from it. As I have said to anyone that has enquired, things will change, more than likely quickly and often and we won't really know what restrictions will be imposed upon us until they happen.


09/02/2021   Cross border travel update

All travellers coming to South Australia must complete the Cross Border Travel Registration at least 7 days prior to travel, irrespective of whether they are from a low community transmission zone or a prescribed location. As of the 4th Feb, for residents in Regional Victoria or NSW or people who have been in regional Victoria or NSW for the 14 days before entering South Australia there are no restrictions. For residents of the greater Melbourne and Sydney areas, you now have to get tested on the 1st, 5th and 12th day after you enter South Australia. NOTE: the DLRA medical team can do day 5 COVID-19 tests at the lake for entrants and crew only.
For more information read the Travel Restrictions.

Travellers must complete a separate Cross Border Travel Registration for each person in your travelling party including all children. You will experience delays on arrival if you have not completed an application for each person.
Use this link to complete the form - Cross Border Travel Registration



DLRA February General Meeting Cancelled
The General Meeting in Victoria which was to be held on the 14th of February at the Northern Suburbs Hot Rod Club club room has now been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people permitted to gather indoors. Probably the most important piece of business of that meeting would have been receiving pre-entries for Speed Week 2021. Regardless, the cut-off date still applies.
You can send your entry via;
fax (03 5472 3194),
email ( or
mail (DLRA, PO Box 349, Castlemaine VIC 3450) (postmarked Friday)
Please feel free to pass this on.



DLRA Newsletter Issue 72 February 2021 is now published


28/01/2021   Travel Restrictions Update

We are getting asked all sorts of questions about the border situation, especially from people in NSW. What I can say is that there is still 40 days until Speed Week starts and that the restrictions will probably change again before then. So I wouldn't get too worried about what is in place today.

At the moment all travelers coming to South Australia are required to complete a Cross Border Travel Registration. I'd recommend you follow the SA Health COVID-19 web pages -

And at least 7 days before you are traveling comes you will have to register to cross the border -

COVID-19 Testing at Lake Gairdner Under the current restrictions, permitted NSW residents will have to have a COVID-19 test on days 1, 5 and 10 when the enter SA. It's up to you to organise where and when you get tested.
The DLRA do not and will not have testing facilities at Lake Gairdner. If someone is suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms, they must leave the event and immediately get a test at Port Augusta.

Refer to this page for information and locations for COVID-19 testing.



Update for this week.
We now have 118 entries in the system, and I know of many more who have not yet submitted their entries yet, so we have reached that goal of a financially viable event.
But that means there are still around 115 who either haven't entered yet or are not intending to race in 2021.
Pre-Entries close on the 14th February, any entries, roll-over or new received after that time will be subject to the $200 late entry fee.
I can't emphasis enough how critical it is to us to have the best idea of how many participants we are likely to see. We need this lead time to organise. We and our partners (Catering, Ice, Fuel, Water and other consumables etc.) use this information for all our logistics and estimating quantities for the event. It is very important to us.
Also if you have a Roll-Over and are not coming this year, please let us know too.
I think many people are confused with COVID-19 and Speed Week. It's as simple as, you are either coming to Speed Week or you're not. If you are coming, you need to be well into getting ready now.
The whole COVID-19 thing is totally out of our control and regulations and restrictions change so often and so quickly that it is extremely difficult to even begin to predict where we will be in 44 days time. But if you're not ready and Speed Week is on you will be kicking yourself.
Having said that the travel restrictions relating to interstate borders seems to be easing, so here's hoping it stays that way.
I'd also like to acknowledge all those non-competitor volunteers who have nominated to help run the event. Very heartening to see these guys getting involved and a great way to get just that little bit closer to the action. For those thinking about nominating, you don't have to have any Speed Week experience, you already have a wealth of knowledge and experience and it's just a matter of matching that with the jobs we have to do.
Lastly, the final lake inspection will take place on Thursday 25th February look for an update then.



Further to the update from a week ago, all our permits are now in place and I am finalizing our COVID-19 Management Plan with the South Australian Department of Health. With no defined hot spots anywhere in Australia announced today, the likelihood of borders opening up is looking very good.

We now have 85 entries, which is a big improvement on where we were a week ago, but still well below the absolute minimum of 120 we are aiming for to decide if we are still to have an event.

This is not just random number, without enough entries we cannot afford to run the event due to the standing costs like leasing of the lake, paying the traditional monitors and paying our medical and fire crews plus all the other consumables like toilet paper, water, and fuel to run the generators and club vehicles, etc.

The other big issue is the number of volunteers required to run the event at the moment of the 766 jobs we have identified we still have 317 of those jobs vacant. We need people in the most critical of areas; Start Line, Timing and Pre-Stage. For example, we can run Tracks 1 and 2 Monday morning, but there are not enough volunteers to run in the afternoon and nearly every other day is similar to this.

I know entrants have until the 14th February to decide if you are going to enter or roll-over your 2020 entry, but the longer entrants delay doing so makes it all the harder for me to keep saying to people that we are going to have an event in 2021 (and there are lots of people asking).



The DLRA Qld pre Speedweek meeting will be held at Tom Rabolds Bullet Superchargers workshop at Ant Rd Yatala Qld on 17/1/2021. Starts 11:00am sharp with a BBQ sausage lunch and finish about 2:30pm.
Car pre race inspections welcome, please shoot Chris Hanlon a message on Facebook before hand if you need an inspection.



As I write this we are just over 2 months out from Speed Week 2021. Up until the end of 2020 things were starting to look pretty good, and then we got the outbreaks in NSW and VIC. We have been getting calls asking if Speed Week will still go ahead. And the standard answer is we are still planning to run an event until someone tells us we can't. It remains a day to day proposition and is totally out of our hands.

With that in mind, here's a review of where we are today.

I'm using the figures from the 2020 entry list as so far many entrants are sitting on their hands rolling over and confirming their entry for 2021.

For 2020 we had 237 entries, 14 of those were from overseas, so unfortunately we won't see them again this year, except for Eva who already has her streamliner back in Australia.

South Australia has blocked NSW from entering, so that is 56 entrants who at the present time cannot come. However there is still time for the block to be removed should numbers improve in NSW.

Queensland is still open to South Australia, however for them to travel the normal route through NSW under the current restrictions means they cannot stop in NSW, which is virtually impossible.* There are two alternative routes one of which takes them on the Birdsville Track and adds an additional 1000 km to an already long 2000 km journey. Or to head even further north, which adds an additional 3000 km. This is something that I don't think many of the 38 Queensland entrants would contemplate.

Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia are all currently open to South Australia, so we potentially have 129 entrants who can come to Speed Week.

To make Speed Week financially viable, we would need all of those entrants to compete. And we need these entrants to confirm their entries as soon as they can. If you are delaying sending in your entry because of the new medical examination requirement please consider just submitting your entry now, you can lodge your medical at a later date, so long as we have it before Speed Week starts.

The other complexity in all of this is the enforcement of quarantine on returning residents. This is an issue not only for entrants, but officials as well and will have a direct and dire consequence on Speed Week if re-introduced in any of the States.

We can't even begin to predict where the situation will be in a month's time or two months' time, all we can do is keep working with what we have now.

Looking forward, we realise that things may change and certainly may get worse before they get better, so we will delay any decision for as long as we can if it means ensuring that the event goes ahead.

Thank you for your time, support and consideration.

Be safe and healthy.

* update from when I wrote this, Victorians can be permitted to travel through NSW to get home with a minimum of stops and contact.


Please read this and feel free to pass it on to others.
Our strategy is to run Speed Week with as many COVID-19 safe guards in place as practicable using the regulations as prescribed now, because if we did get some one infected at Speed Week we would have to be able to respond in a responsible manner.

As part of our COVID-19 Management Plan we will be required to provide contract tracing information for all Speed Week participants.
This information will be captured via the entry forms, online payments, the volunteer register and manually at lake entry. You may end up getting asked to provide your details more than once, please bear with us, better to get it twice than not at all. We ask for your patience when queuing at lake entry, especially in the first few days as the collection of contact tracing information will be a manual process as we have no access to mobile coverage or internet to run a QR type system. (The use of 2 lanes, one for entrants and officials and the other for spectators will be strictly enforced at Speed Week 2021)

Here are a couple of ways you can help.
1. Book your tickets online -
2. Use our online COVID-19 Contact Tracing Record -
3. Download a contact tracing form, fill it out and bring it with you to Lake Entry -

At this time in South Australia it is not mandatory for face masks in the general community, but it is recommended to wear a mask when out in public if you are unable to physically distance. So bring some masks and any other personal protective equipment you wish. We will be providing hand wash and sanitiser in high traffic areas, but please bring your own as well.
Children under 12 years of age do not need to wear a mask.
Masks or face coverings should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing.
Please be respectful to others as reasons for not wearing a mask are not always obvious.

The best ways to protect yourself and others against COVID-19 continue to be:
* Getting tested if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild.
* Practising physical distancing (keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others wherever and whenever possible).
* Washing (or sanitising) your hands regularly.
* Wiping down frequently touched surfaces.
* Covering coughs and sneezes in a tissue or elbow.
* Staying home and avoiding others when sick.



Now that entries are open and we have a few coming in, we'd like to make the following observations.

• You must submit a completed 2021 Entry Form (do not just write "the same as last year")

• You must complete the Hazardous Chemical Register. (unless it's an uncommon fuel type, you dont have to supply the Safety Data Sheets) (do not just write "the same as last year")

• You must answer all questions the Medical Declaration or supply the Medical Examination form signed by a Medical Practioner.

• You must sign or agree to all disclaimers.

• Make sure you fill out the COVID-19 Contact Tracing record. If you don't you are just going to be held up even longer at Lake Entry or Registration

• Membership annual subscriptions are now due and payable for the 2021 year. Entries are not accepted unless you are financial. There is no roll-over for subscriptions.

• In-completed forms will NOT accepted or processed and will be returned to you.

Your assistance in this is appreciated.

29/10/2020   DLRA Newsletter Issue 71 October 2020 published



All participants entering the the lake must sign in on the CONTACT TRACING RECORD and provide the date and time that they attended Speed Week as well as their name, phone number, and email address. This information will be used for the purposes of contract tracing only and will not be shared or sold to a third party. If you cannot or choose not to provide your details and sign the agreement, access to the event will respectfully be refused.

29/10/2020   Online Booking System now open

29/10/2020   Volunteer Register now open

29/10/2020   Speed Week 2021 Entry Forms Released


DLRA Newsletter Issue 70 July 2020 published



August General Meeting Cancelled
Due to Stage 4 Pandemic Restrictions



DLRA Newsletter Issue 69 July 2020 published



May General Meeting Cancelled
The DLRA General Meeting which was planned for the 17th May 2020 has been cancelled.
With a State of Emergency still in force in Victoria and no announcement to be made by the State Government until the 11/05/2020. It was decided at the committee meeting last week to cancel the meeting as it was considered very unlikely that the regulations would be relaxed to enable a meeting of around 40 people indoors.
If there are any members who were looking to raise an item at the General Meeting or have something discussed, feel free to contact me and we will do our best to get it heard or addressed.

The next General Meeting is planned for the 16th of August, hopefully by then we will be in a much more favourable position.


25/04/2020   DLRA Newsletter Issue 68 April 2020 published


At the April DLRA Committee meeting it was decided that under the current circumstances and with the losses incurred by having to cancel 2 events in 2020, that the DLRA could not afford to proceed with the a World Speed Trials Australia event for 2021 unless a very significant sponsor was to come on board.
The dates for Speed Week 2021 were confirmed.



Greg Wapling
DLRA President
Dry Lakes Racers Australia
PO Box 349, Castlemaine VIC 3450

07/04/2020, Melbourne VIC

DLRA 2020 Speed Week update
On the 16th March the DLRA announced that Speed Week 2020 and the World Speed Trials Australia would be postponed to a date to be announced due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Since that decision by the DLRA committee was made, the world has become a very different place. 

In the last 2 weeks, the DLRA has been busy developing several different scenarios and there was a poll conducted of key stakeholders of likely dates suitable for later in the year with November being the preferred time, even though it was notoriously windy that time of the year. 

However, there was not enough support for a November date with only 22% indicating that they would or could race in November and 78% indicating that they wanted to race in 2021.
Significantly there is also no indication from the Government as to how long restrictions will be in place or if the Nation is likely to go into a stricter form lock down, making it impossible to even consider a date any time this year.

So sadly, the DLRA have determined they will not be hosting any further land speed events in 2020.

Speed Week 2020 entrants will now have 2 alternatives.
1.    Roll over their entry to 2021. 
2.    Or contact the office for a refund.
Note, entrant refunds will be $100 less than the fee paid, as per the condition on the entry form. Refunds for camping and lake entry fees will only be given when and as requested.

World Speed Trials Australia #2 update

The World Speed Trials Australia will continue to be postponed indefinitely. 
Given the costs incurred by the DLRA in postponing their events for 2020, the DLRA are no longer in a position to sponsor an event of this type. This decision was not taken lightly, but the DLRA could not consider putting the future of their organisation at risk just to continue to promote this event. 
If a sponsor could be found, they would certainly consider running this event in 2021. 
The DLRA certainly recognises the significant costs involved by the participants in obtaining their international licences and equipment for this event and sincerely want to see them get the chance to compete. 
The WSTA entry fee paid to the DLRA by the entrants will be fully refunded.


25/03/2020   It has been unseasonably cold at Lake Gairdner. Mt. Ive received 5mm of rain on Monday and 12 mm of Rain on Tuesday, the lake was inspected today and found to be covered in water.
Lake Gairdner Lake Gairdner Lake Gairdner Lake Gairdner Lake Gairdner



Dry Lakes Racers Australia Inc
Greg Wapling President
PO Box 349
Castlemaine VIC 3450



The DLRA 30th Anniversary Speed Week and World Speed Trials Australia #2 has been postponed to a date yet to be confirmed.


After exhausting all avenues it is with great sadness that the DLRA has come to the realisation that to conduct Speed Week and WSTA for 2020 has the potential to put people at risk.

Something that it strives to limit and remove from all of it's activities.

There are several key reasons as to why this decision has been made, and we can assure everyone it has not been made lightly.
The strategies that are being deployed to combat this virus by Government and other organisations is placing enormous demands on a finite group of specialists.
Originally we had planned for 3 doctors to be in place for the 2 events, but as of today we only have 1 and there is no guarantee that even he will be available by the end of the week.
Similarly the South Australian Country Fire Service is calling on its members to reduce their extra curricular volunteer activities as they are forced to replace members who have been inflicted with the virus.
We could no longer guarantee the appropriate medical and fire services that are required for such and event.

Now that the Corona Virus has been officially identified as a pandemic, most public liability insurance policies consider any episodes to be exempt which would leave the DLRA open to financial ruin.
Even with the concerted efforts that the DLRA were prepared to put into place through it's mitigation plan would not be enough to ensure a safe, risk free environment.


To our international entrants, we are truly sorry, but with the recent introduction of the 14 day self isolation for anyone entering Australia, it has made competing impossible for many of you.


There will be more information made available in the days to come.

Please bear with us while we regroup and plan for the future.



The DLRA have no intention of cancelling Speed Week or the World Speed Trials Australia. We are endeavouring to do everything to make sure it happens.
However the Government and powers that be may make it impossible for us to conduct an event.
The latest announcement by the Prime Minister is afternoon is a good example of that, putting a blanket recommendation to all event organisers to postpone non-essential gatherings of 500 or more people.
So what exactly does that mean, well I'm buggered if I know and until I am given more information which the Prime Minister tells me he will be releasing over the weekend we do not have enough facts in front of us to make any decisions or determine if this directive has an impact on us.
I consider Speed Week to be a low risk event, with less chance of getting an infection there than travelling on public transport for example. There are 2 main factors to getting the virus, proximity and duration. Within 10 feet and for up to 15 minutes. Both of these are easy to avoid at the lake or the camp.
There will be a teleconference on Sunday night of DLRA committee and officials where the facts will be discussed. I'm sorry for those from the West and Queensland that are keen to leave, but at this stage, with what has been announced that the very best we can do.
So all I can do is say, watch this space for more updates.



There was a lake inspection today around 4.00pm.
The lake was found to be in very good condition, hard flat and dry.
Marlo said he would drive on it just as it was, no grooming required.
So, on that basis we have an event!
More photos tomorrow when the guys get back to civilisation

Lake Inspection Lake Inspection Lake Inspection
11/02/2020   Advice for people coming to Speed Week.
Whilst the recent heavy rains missed the lake, it did fall over the first part of the outback road from the Iron Knob turn off up to Siam station. Lots of fine gravel washed onto the road and the washouts gouged a little bit deeper. The rest of the road to the lake is in quite good condition.
To see the grader out on the road now is fantastic news.
However if the vehicle you were intending to drive out is low or lowered or has low profile tyres you might want to rethink your mode of transport as you will get stuck in the dirt and/or be plagued with punctures.
Slow down over the numerous cattle grids.
You will experience a lot of dust and road corrugations.
Travel at a speed appropriate to the conditions. There is a 60kph speed limit from the turn off at the DLRA sign into the lake.
If you have a UHF radio tune it to channel 40, as it will prove invaluable when trying to communicate with fellow road users.
10/02/2020   Pre-Entries have now closed. On-Line entries are now closed. But you can still post, email or fax your entry. Just go to Speed Week 2020 Entry Form
The last day for submitting these entries is the 2nd March 2020. Note the Late Entry Fee is now payable.
After that time you can submit your entry at the Registration van the pits on the salt at Speed Week.
03/01/2019   Umbrellas - The first in a series of Advisory pages for those that haven't been and those that have.
01/01/2020   Inspection of lake by station staff, found it to be dry and hard
17/12/2019   Speed Week Program page updated
06/11/2019   There was a lake inspection last weekend at the Working Bee. The salt is looking very good. Next inspection will be 2 weeks before Speed Week. Thanks to all the boys and girls for the work they did over the weekend,
01/10/2019   Volunteer nominations are NOW OPEN! It's mandatory for each entrant to do at least one job, but there are plenty of jobs, so anyone is welcome to help. (There are some jobs that require certain skills). So here's your chance to be a part of the action!
01/10/2019   Pre-Entries for Speed Week are NOW OPEN!
15/08/2019   2020 Speed Week logo released
07/08/2019   2020 DLRA Rule Book Published
15/05/2019   Issue 65 (April) DLRA Newsletter now available
13/05/2019   Tentative dates set for World Speed Trails Australia 2020
09/05/2019   Dates set for 30th Anniversary Speed Week 2020

Timing PlaqueNEW!! Timing Plaques are back!!

Speed Week Entrants can now order an engraved timing plaque with their results on it.

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