Lake Gairdner - South Australia

How to get to Lake Gairdner with a GPS

Iron Knob turn off

Intersection of Eyre Highway and Kingoonya - Iron Knob Road

If coming from the east, turn right onto the dirt that heads straight up the hill toward the buildings. Be aware there is a 90' left bend in the road at these buildings. Watch for cattle grids, washouts and dips, these are usually but not always marked.
S 32' 43.118"
E 137' 8.605"

Nonning Station
S 32' 30.286"
E 136' 31.792"

Mt Ive Station turn off & the Submarine, straight ahead for the salt, canteen and camps, turn right for Mt Ive station and fuel.
S 32' 27.414"
E 136' 1.980"

Mt Ive Station, disregard if you are heading directly for the camp/lake.
S 32' 26.307"
E 136' 4.089"

DLRA Sign, take the right fork to the salt.
S 32' 24.146"
E 135' 58.756"

Kath's Castle turn off
straight ahead for the salt, turn right onto the track for a look at the unique rock formation. High vehicle ground clearance recommended.
S 32' 16.843"
E135' 59.293"

Kath's Castle (see above)
S 32' 17.428"
E 136' 0.255"

Water Tank Intersection
Veer right to the drivers camp or turn left to the lake, the salt bush camp and canteen.
S 32' 15.962"
E 135' 59.431"

DLRA Camp turn
turn right into Dave Dooley Drive for the drivers camp. Please drive slowly to minimise the dust.
S 32' 034"
E 136' 0.543"

hot showers, cool room for perishables and LIMITED power is available. Fees for camping are payable.
S 32' 15.324"
E 136' 0.915"

Lake Entrance & Canteen
with adjacent unpowered camping area. One or two toilets and no showers but close to the action.
S 32'13.157
E 135'58.115"