Mt. Ive Airport - South Australia


83 km NNW of Kimba MT IVE

16 km to the edge of Lake Gairdner

Airport codes   YMIV
Type   local airport (light traffic)
Airline Service   No
Runways at Mount Ive Airport
04-22   3,116 ft (950 m)
Surface other (N), not lighted.
07-25   2,460 ft (750 m)
Surface other (N), not lighted.
Altitude   189.05m
Latitude   -32.444199 | 32 26.651917 S | S32 26 39
Longitude   136.069000 | 136 4.140015 E | E136 04 08
Radio frequencies for Mount Ive Airport
CTAF   123.9 MHz
MISC   122.1 MHz
Channel   7 Callsign: UNO07

Source: Pilot information for Mount Ive Airport (



Nearby Airstrips

Kolendo Airstrip
[Airport] Pos: -32.41626 136.29731 Alt: 207.46m
Orientation 15°.

Top Tank 60 Km West Of Woomera Wirraminna Station
[UHF] Pos: -32.53417 136.21139 Alt: 196.01m
Channel: 1 Callsign: VLF7

[Airport] Pos: -32.43756 135.78217 Alt: 231m
Orientation 35°.


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Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport is the major airport in South Australia and caters for international, domestic and regional air services, as well as helicopters, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and other aerial services.
Prior to 1988, Adelaide Airport was owned and operated directly by the Commonwealth Department of Transport.
From January 1988 to May 1998, ownership was passed to a Commonwealth government business enterprise, the Federal Airports Corporation. The Commonwealth still owns the airport, but leased it to a private sector consortium operating as Adelaide Airport Limited in May 1998 on a 50 plus 49 year lease. This was part of the Commonwealth Government's effective privatisation of the national network of capital city gateway and major regional airports during 1996-98.
Adelaide Airport Limited is now responsible for the operation, maintenance, planning and development of the airport.
For further information please visit the Adelaide Airport website.


Parafield Airport

Parafield Airport is Adelaide's secondary airport providing primarily general aviation, pilot training and aircraft maintenance services. This airport was privatised at the same time as Adelaide Airport and was leased to Parafield Airport Limited, which is responsible for the operation, maintenance, planning and development of the airport. For further information please visit the Parafield Airport website.


Regional Airports

There are over 400 regional airports and airstrips within South Australia
Of these

  • 8 receive scheduled regional airline services
  • 40 generate significant amounts of commercial charter services
  • 72 cater to occasional commercial charter services as well as providing emergency access to remote parts of the State.

    The remainder consist primarily of airstrips on pastoral or mining leases serving private interests and Mt. Ive is one of these.

    Prior to 1991, most regional airports of significant size in South Australia were owned and operated by the Commonwealth. These were progressively transferred to Local Government ownership over a long period, with the process completed in South Australia in 1991. Apart from Adelaide and Parafield Airports, only Woomera and Edinburgh airports and 4 minor airstrips remain in Commonwealth ownership within the State.

    The South Australian Government owns Leigh Creek airport, leased and operated by Flinders NRG 10 airstrips situated in Regional Reserves operated by National Parks and Wildlife SA.

Regional Airports in South Australia with scheduled services include

  • Ceduna
  • Coober Pedy
  • Kingscote
  • Mount Gambier
  • Olympic Dam
  • Port Augusta
  • Port Lincoln
  • Whyalla

    These airports, except for Olympic Dam, are operated by local councils. Olympic Dam is operated by BHP Billiton.

Besides the airports with scheduled air services, there are more than 90 airports used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service for medical clinics and patient evacuations. These airports are mostly operated by local councils and local communities. A few are operated by mining companies and private owners.

The South Australian Government owns Leigh Creek airport, leased and operated by Flinders NRG, the company that mines coal at Leigh Creek and 10 airstrips in regional reserves operated by National Parks and Wildlife.

The Australian Government Department of Defence ( owns and operates Edinburgh, Woomera and four smaller airports.



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