Bob Prior #205

 Directionally Correct



Year Vehicle Class MPH Record
2001 1972 Suzuki 750 M-G 136.330  
2001 1972 Suzuki 1000 M-PS 0  
2002 Suzuki 750 M-G 149.377  
2002 Suzuki 1350 MPS/G 148.484  
2006 Suzuki GSX 1350 MPS/BF 173.226  
2017 2003 Suzuki 750 M-G   163.368


Vehicle Make   Suzuki
Vehicle Model   2003 GSXR 750
Vehicle Class   M-G
Chassis   Suzuki
Engine   Suzuki
Gearbox   Suzuki
Diff   N/A



  Hi Octane Performance Coatings,
Jim and Dave at SAS Performance
Bullet Racing Perth WA

Career Highlights

  This year hopefully
Time in Sport   16 years
Claim to Fame   750 M-G DLRA record held for 16 years
Other Interests   Motorcycles (One trick Pony)
Team Members   Bob Prior - Owner, Builder, Rider
Richard Fortino, Consulting Engineer, Midland Mi, USA
Team History    
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   Continual work in progress to go faster
Interesting story   No stories just "Facts"