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15/05/2018   Issue 61 of the DLRA Newsletter published
18/04/2018   Speed Week 2018 Offical Results Published
18/03/2018   Speed Week 2018 Provisional Results Published
01/03/2018   LAKE CONDITION REPORT: Just had a phone call from Tony Cooke who with Michael Brixton, Marlo Treit and Les Davenport went to Lake Gairdner today for a final inspection.
The drove the 2 tracks for Speed Week and the 12 mile World's Speed Trials track and all were found to be in excellent condition.
We have a penotrometer that we use to test the salt each year, it wouldn't even go in!
The ramp is also looking good.
The Kingoonya-Iron Knob Road has just been recently graded and is in very good condition.
The Mt. I've road was also good as was the road to the lake.
The Target 550 boys were suitably impressed. They even went on a further 3 miles to the north on the WSTA track and it just got better.
01/03/2018   Wrights Air offers flights direct to the lake
15/02/2018   Update layout maps for track, pits and startline
14/02/2018   Issue 60 of the DLRA Newsletter was published
    DLRA to host World Speed Trials Australia [PDF]
    Valerie Thompson coming to Australia [PDF]
06/12/2017   Issue 59 of the DLRA Newsletter was published
22/08/2017   Volunteer Registration opened
22/08/2017   Online Booking opened.
    Volunteers Register is NOW OPEN
22/08/2017   Speed Week 2018 Entry Form available online
02/08/2017   Issue 58 of the DLRA Newsletter was published
    Overseas Racers to feature at DLRA Speed Week 2018 [PDF]
    2018 DLRA Rulebook is now available online