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These pages have been put together primarily for International Competitors and Visitors to help them get to Lake Gairdner for Speed Week. As more information becomes available it will be added to these pages.


Note: Electricity in Australia is 240 volts 50 hz


To travel to Lake Gairdner to compete at Speed Week you will be traveling significant distances no matter where your journey starts from. You may choose to land in Sydney, pick up a car and head out, but be aware you have a least 2, maybe 3 full days travel ahead of you. From Melbourne it is 2 days unless you have multiple drivers and are prepared to press on. Even from Adelaide it is a very good days travel.


The thing to remember is, the conditions get harder the closer you get to the Lake with the last 200kms on rough, rutted outback dirt roads. Also if you are travelling late in the day (sunset) this is when the wildlife is most active and the opportunity for an accident increases significantly. Once you hit the dirt when you turn right at Iron Knob you are in what is officially called "Remote Outback", you will only pass 3 homesteads on your way to the lake. There is NO mobile coverage past this point. It can be a dangerous place if you go missing or get lost. It can also be extremely hot and cold as well. We have had temperatures around 50°C (122°F) during the day and when the weather is not so good it can be as low as 0-10°C  (32-50°F)
This is why we strongly recommend that you look to make Port Augusta your last stop before heading out to the salt. Another good reason to do this is that you can stock up on food, drinks and fuel for the week, because when you get to the Lake supplies are few and limited to take away type meals and Fuel from Mt.Ive station. Yes, you can also buy water and ice at the lake.


Dust; once you hit the gravel roads if your car is not sealed properly the cabin will very quickly fill with a fine, red, choking dry dust. Same will go for any enclosed trailer. Once you turn off the bitumen you can stop and try sealing any doors or gaps with racers tape, this will work to a certain extent, but by far the better option is to create a positive pressure in the compartment you are trying to keep the dust out of. So in the car, crack a front window or with a trailer if it has any vents near the front of the trailer open those. Then keep the rear of the car or trailer as air tight as possible. Some racers who have open trailers ceran wrap their vehicles to try and keep the dust out, this can work, but if there is even the slightest gap your vehicle will be covered in dust. Leaf blowers are available at the entrace to the lake as this is the best way we have found to de-dust, but it is always a good idea to take you own blower. NOTE: You cannot blown out a car on the salt surface.


Most competitors vehicles will be fitted with a UHF 40 band radio as these vehicles also double as a support vehicle on the salt. (There's more information on requirements for support vehicles here.) On the open road Ch40 is the highway channel and can be useful when travelling to the Lake. Road trains and oversize vehicle convoys will alert drivers on Ch40.
Channels 5 & 35 are specifically for Emergency use only.
Channel 10 is used by 4WD Drivers - Convoy, Clubs & National Parks

Channel 18 is used by Caravan & Campers Convoy Channel

Channel 40 is the Highway channel.


If you are importing a race vehicle to compete at Speed Week you would want to be landing in Melboure or Adelaide.


For more detailed information how to get to Lake Gairdner check out the Lake Gairdner page. It includes the following topics; "Where is Lake Gairdner", "How to get to Lake Gairdner", "Road Condition Information" and "Outback Travelling Tips".



Drive Times Melbourne Adelaide Port Augusta Lake Gairdner
Sydney 8 h 54 min 
(878.2 km)
14 h 15 min
 (1,375.2 km)
16 h 4 min 
(1,549.7 km)
22 h 31 min 
(1,912.9 km)
Melbourne   7 h 54 min 
(726.5 km)
11 h 4 min 
(1,032.3 km)
17 h 32 min 
(1,373.5 km)
Adelaide     3 h 21 min 
(308.1 km)
9 h 48 min 
(649.3 km)
Port Augusta       6 h 21 min 
(352.8 km)



Sydney to Lake Gairdner
Melbourne to Lake Gairdner
Adelaide to Lake Gairdner


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