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All new officials start off as a DLRA Trainee Official which requires them to work under direct supervision. Trainees are teamed with experienced officials and learn how to do most things on the job.  As officials gain more experience they are given the opportunity to upgrade to a DLRA General Official. A DLRA General Official is the minimum level to enable the official to branch out into other areas and disciplines of officiating.



Once you’ve decided which categories of officiating you would like to attempt first, there are several options you may take. The best way of getting involved is to become a member of the DLRA or start attending General Meetings in your area.

It is then up to you to contact the DLRA and make inquiries regarding the possibility of officiating at DLRA events.

You can contact the DLRA office or the Chief official of the category you are interested in. All details are on the Contact Us page.


Step 1: Trainee Officials License

Download your DLRA Trainee Officials License before you attend an event and take it with you.  Make sure at the conclusion of the event you get your Trainee Officials License signed by your supervisor or senior official. You will then be required to lodge this form with DLRA head office. Upon receipt of this form you will be contacted regarding Step 2 of the process to becoming a General Official.

Remember that you need to officiate for at least 1 event before applying to become a DLRA General Official. Instructions on your next steps are also provided on the DLRA Trainee Officials License application form.


Step 2: Introductory Theory Module

To ensure that you are duly informed and aware of the potential dangers of motor sports, you are required to undertake a short training module. This can be done on-line or alternatively instructor-led by an accredited DLRA course presenter.

To complete the course on-line please email us at officiating@dlra.org.au so that we can set you up with a profile on the DLRA Training Portal.  
Alternatively, visit our training page to enroll in on-line or a face-to-face course.


Step 3: Apply for a General Officials License

Once you have completed the on-line Introductory Module, the on-line General Official Module and participated at an event your General Official license will be forwarded to you.

Download your DLRA Trainee Official License Form HERE.


For descriptions about the various Specialist Event and Administration Official Courses refer to the Training Modules page.


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