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Welcome to the DLRA Accredited Officials Resource Centre.

Here you will find a number of resources and tools aimed at assisting you in your role as a DLRA Accredited Official.

This page will continue to be updated as new resources become available.


A comprehensive resource covering the Officiating Program license structure and pathway, maintenance requirements, training and other relevant information.

This document can be downloaded and saved to a smart-phone (e.g. iPhone, Android device) or tablet to be referred to when off-line at events. Please ensure that you refer to the DLRA website for the current version.

Click here to download the DLRA Officials Licensing and Accreditation Guide


In keeping with accepted practice by most sporting authorities in the world the DLRA Executive Committee has determined that decisions with respect to license suspensions or disqualifications should be published. This is both a matter of good governance and transparency. Most importantly, it ensures that the various stakeholders in the sport, particularly event organisers, are aware of license suspensions and disqualifications.  

Accordingly, from 1 August 2016, DLRA will publish on our website the following:

a. First and last name of affected individual.

b. Penalty imposed.

c. Duration of penalty.

The licenses of the following individuals have been suspended or disqualified:

First name

Last name

Type of penalty

End of suspension


Please note that only those licenses which are current and have been suspended or disqualified in the last 12 months are listed above. Please contact DLRA Officials Development Officer if you have any further queries.


DLRA and the Australian Officials Commission have put together the DLRA Social Media Policy, and accompanying Guidelines for the Use of Social Media. The Guidelines have been developed to assist officials and event organisers to ensure social media is used in a responsible and positive way. The Guidelines are useful to send out to officials prior to the meeting or to post up in a visible location during the event.

Click here to download the Guidelines for the Use of Social Media.

Click here to download the DLRA Social Media Policy.


Have you been asked questions about an incident?

It’s an unfortunate reality of our sport that it is dangerous and that incidents occur.  Where an incident occurs, participants and officials are sometimes contacted for information by public authorities (police, safety investigators, etc.) and third parties (media, lawyers, insurers, etc.) 

Information in relation to significant incidents can be sensitive to those involved and their families.  It can unfortunately also be used as a basis for taking action against those involved in the sport. 

DLRA’ priority is that information is treated sensitively, our members are protected and that DLRA is well placed to deal with any legal or insurance issues which may arise.  As a general rule, information should be treated confidentially and should only be disclosed where required by public authorities, as part of the process of responding to the incident or as otherwise required by law.

Where you are requested to make a comment about an incident by a third party, you should first contact the clerk of course, person in charge of the incident or DLRA and check if this is OK.  You should err on the side of caution as it is often difficult to know how the information you are giving out will be used immediately following an incident.  It is usually appropriate for you to ask for time to do this.  Particularly where an incident is serious, it is important to ensure that a co-ordinated response is given and that the person making a comment understands the entire picture.  This may also mean that there is someone else better able to comment.


DLRA and the Australian Officials Commission (AOC) has provided this information as a guide to assisting DLRA volunteer Officials develop their fitness, health and well-being, so as to enjoy as fully as possible, their experiences as motor sport officials.

Click here to download the Health and Fitness information guide



An Event Assessment is a required part of the officials license upgrade process, along with training via the theory training modules. If you have any queries on the following information, you can contact officiating@dlra.org.au to discuss further.

Click here to download the Event Assessment information guide


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