Impound Officer

1. Description

Australian Records are determined as the average of a qualifying run and a record attempt.

The impound is used to identify and isolate vehicles that have qualified for a record attempt.

Entrants must report to impound immediately after they qualify for a record attempt up to a maximum of 15 minutes.
The actual impound area is the queue lanes in the pits as used by Technical Inspection.

Entrants will have 4 hours to service their vehicle after which they must pack up their tools and vacate the area.

The following morning entrants will collect their vehicles and be escorted to the Start Line.

If a record is set, the entrant will return to impound for certification.

The only exception to this rule is the option where a vehicle is being used by multiple entrants. Under these circumstances, the vehicle must present at Impound, be checked that they have qualified for a record attempt, under go whatever servicing is required and then will be released to run again. Proof of multiple entrants on the same vehicle must be provided.


2. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Impound Officer to manage the Impound. They must be available to process entrants as they present at Impound.


3. Duties


3.3 Volunteer Instructions

On the day of your duty, you report direct to Impound (Technical Inspection).

Make sure you sign the Volunteers Book next to your name.

The morning session is from 8.00am to about 12.00 noon.

The afternoon session starts at about 1.00pm till 5.00pm or close of business on that day.

You must be ready to start your shift at these times.

Make sure you have a hat, sunglasses, sun cream, snacks. Water is provided from the fridge in the Impound Caravan and there are portable toilets through out the pits.

Please read this information about avoiding Dehydration and recognising Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke.


4. Tasks

4.1 Set Up

At the beginning of Speed Week collect the tub from Registration it will contain all the Impound equipment.

Impound signs will be in place.


4.2 During the event

First presentation (qualification)

  1. When an entrant presents, insert the time and member number in the Impound Log.
  2. Record the timing slip details into the Impound log.
  3. Check the time of the run against the time presenting at Impound, it should no exceed 15 minutes.
  4. Check against existing record, that the vehicle does actually qualify to set a new record.
  5. Where vehicles are entered in a GAS class, notify the technical inspector that a fuel check is required.
  6. Instruct the entrant where to park and how long they have to service their vehicle in Impound.
  7. Ensure entrants do not overstay their alloted time for servicing.
  8. Escort vehicles the following morning or as required.


Second presentation (record certification)

  1. When the entrant presents, insert the time in the Impound Log.
  2. Record the timing slip details into the log.
  3. Check that average of speeds attained, has exceeded existing record.
  4. Where vehicles are entered in a GAS class, notify the technical inspector that a fuel check is required.
  5. Technical Inspector to measure and certify engine capacity.
  6. Confirm class with Technical Inspector.
  7. If all criteria above are successfully met, certify record into log.


4.3 Pack Up

Return the tub of equipment listed below to Registration.


5. Knowledge and Skills


6. Equipment

Equipment can be stored daily at the Technical Inspection caravan.

  • Impound Log (example)
  • Digital Fuel tester
  • Volume Displacement gauge
  • Spider Gauges
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Rulebook
  • Club radio
  • Clock
  • Fridge
  • Safety vests, clip boards, pens


6. Escalation


Executive Committee


General Committee


Event Committee