Speed Week 2022 32nd Annual Speed Week

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Photos from Glenn Ashby 09/09/2022

I have just just been to the lake again after reports from the station last Sunday that the lake was dry. I got there Tuesday morning just to see some water moving it's way back across the lake. It completely covered the area out the front of the canteen by Wednesday morning. However I did get to see the surface and it was smooth and grippy. The wind obviously plays a huge part where the water goes. It's SW wind for the next few days so will be interesting to see if the water goes and hides again somewhere else again. It's much less than previously. One area had some steel pins that had obviously been cut off and had exposed themselves. Real good puncture material!



Clouds On Lake Gairdner Sep 6, 2022


Photos from Glenn Ashby 06/08/2022


Update From Lake Gairdner Aug 12, 2022


Photos from Glenn Ashby 09/06/2022


On Location At Lake Gairdner Jul 10, 2022


Photos from Phil Cvirn 04/05/2022


Photos from Russell Reading 20/04/2022


Photos from Trevor Beck Easter 2022


Photos from Vincent Racing Team 04/03/2022


Photos from Scott Lewis 26/01/2022


Drone Images


Chinta Air


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