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19/05/2013 Update Speed Week 2014 page for dates
31/05/2013 Update Home page, remove meeting notices, add meeting and Speed Week dates to calendar
30/04/2013 Update Speed Week 2013 page 9 for new videos
22/04/2013 Update Newsletter page for Issue 45
20/04/2013 Update Contacts page
05/04/2013 Update Memebers pages
02/04/2013 Update to Constitution page for current version
29/03/2013 Update to Speed Week 2013 page
29/03/2013 Update to Motorcycle Records
15/03/2013 Update Contact Us page
3 new videos added to to 2013 DLRA Speed Week pages
14/03/2013 Add 2013 results to members profiles #1-#800
Car and motorcycle records pages updated
13/03/2013 Jobs Schedule for 2014 Speed Week online
11/03/2013 Car and motorcycle records pages updated for 2013 results
6/03/2013 202 photos posted with captions (now 450 photos total) Plus 8 videos added to 2013 DLRA Speed Week pages
5/03/2013 18 photos posted with captions to 2013 DLRA Speed Week pages
4/03/2013 41 photos posted with captions to 2013 DLRA Speed Week pages
3/03/2013 official Results for 2013 DLRA Speed Week Posted
53 photos posted with captions
2/03/2013 55 photos posted with captions to 2013 DLRA Speed Week pages
1/03/2013 Provisional Results for 2013 DLRA Speed Week Posted version 4
18 Photos posted with captions
28/02/2013 Provisional Results for 2013 DLRA Speed Week Posted version 3
27/02/2013 Provisional Results for 2013 DLRA Speed Week Posted version 2
26/02/2013 Provisional Results for 2013 DLRA Speed Week Posted version 1
18-22/02/2013 2013 DLRA Speed Week at Lake Gairdner South Australia
07/02/2013 Download the 2013 Speed Week official Program here.
06/02/2013 Final List of Pre-Entrants for the 2013 Speed Week are now posted below
02/02/2013 Volunteers Register Updated - 11 new nominations, Updates to Pre-Entries for class details
28/01/2013 Volunteers Register Updated - 9 new nominations
24/01/2013 Volunteers Register Updated - 14 new nominations
28/01/2013 Volunteers Register Updated - 44 new nominations
15/01/2013 Pre-Entries are now closed
11/01/2013 January 2013 DLRA Newsletter published
Annual DLRA Membership subscription form available for download.
Volunteers Register Updated - 18 new nominations


31/12/2012 New Technical Inspection Guidelines for cars published. These guidelines complement the Rulebook and the Tech Inspection Sheet with practical examples and photos.
30/12/2012 Volunteers Register Updated - 20 new nominations
27/12/2012 11:00am Report from DLRA President at the working bee at Lake Gairdner. Currently 30° with a slight breeze. Salt is in perfect condition with good coverage at the ramp. At this stage everything is looking ideal for Speed Week. Camp has been inspected and is also in good condition.
19/12/2012 Lake Condition report from Greg Watters; The salt was great when Kim got there, wet by the next day (when Iarrived ) after a shower, but dried quick. Surface is realy good, we were filming an advertisement , and could run on the raw salt , North West of were we were was more rough. Ii think we were about 1-200m on the canteen side of the track , and the track may get onto the rougher salt , esp about the 1.5 mile or so. Although there had not been any rain before we arrived for a couple of months, the salt still was damp (rub your foot to get paste ), ground water is obviously not far away, but that is fine as far as I'm concerned, Bonneville is like that every year
13/12/2012 The DLRA Motorcycle stewards have declared a moratorium on leathers and helmets for 2013 Speed Week. If you have a small amount of perforations on the front of your leathers you will be allowed to run if you have fire resistant underwear.
They have also lodged a rule change for sections 7.C.1 Rider’s Helmet, 7.C.2 Leathers and reinstate the rule 7.C.5 Back Protector. Any questions should be directed to one of the Chief Motorcycle Stewards
9/12/2012 Lake Conditions: Scott Lewis has begun his airborne reconnaissance. There is no water as far as the eye can see, the surface looks smooth and there is salt to the very edges.
This is looking south, the canteen and ramp are on that point on the centre-left.
This is looking north-west, once again the canteen on the point in the middle with the track heading up to the islands to the right



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