Spectator Check List

When you come to Speed Week, you're a long way from anywhere. You can't just go around the corner tothe local shops. Well you can but that's a good way to waste a day. Here are some check lists for you to use, so that you don't get that horrible feeling when you leave home that you've forgotten something.



☐ Sunglasses
☐ Widebrim Hat, Cap

☐ Sun Block & Chapstick

☐ Fly net

☐ Towel

☐ Toiletries
☐ Extra Shoes

☐ Jumper or Jacket (it can get cold at night)

☐ Binoculars
☐ Digital Camera w/ supplies
☐ Video Camera

☐ Back Pack


☐ Tent, tent pegs, ropes, hammer

☐ Large Canopy or shade structure

☐ Sleeping Bag, sheets, blankets
☐ Matteress or camp bed or Swag

☐ Chairs and Table

☐ Plates, Bowls, Cups, knives, forks, spoons

☐ Camp stove, kettle, flying pan

☐ Lantern, torches

☐ Generator

☐ Solar Panels and Battery

☐ Large Esky or Fridge

☐ Water Containers

☐ Porta Potty

☐ Toilet paper

Dish Washing Liquid, tub

☐ Rubbish Bags (What you take in, you take out)


☐ Tarp for under vehicle

☐ Fire Extinguisher

☐ UHF Radio (Channel 40 - Highway, Channel 10 at the lake)

☐ First Aid Kit, Eye Drops

☐ Tool Kit




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