There are 664 aerodromes in Australia. These range from major international gateways and regional airports, to dirt strips in remote communities.


Because of the limited number of places around the world to conduct classic Land Speed events racers look for alternatives that are closer and can be used all year around. These are definately a compromise and are much shorter in length. Many make use of airport runways like the Texas Mile, Mojave Mile, Ohio Mile, LTA and the California Mile (SCTA event also at Mojave) most of these events are a standing start, but the speeds achieved are none the less impressive. Most of these are run outside of the SCTA, by individual organisations, but can share many of the SCTA rules and classes. These types of events are usually run over a weekend.


In Australia in recent years there has only been one Land Speed event at Mangalore Airport in 2007. It has 2 landing strips, the longest being 2000 metres. The conclusion after the meeting was that the surface was too rough. The main problem being at the expansion joints in the concrete. Many low cars were scraping on the ground.


Most smaller and regional airports are not long enough for vehicles to run for a mile and provide sufficent run-off.



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