Natural Values

Table: The natural values within each subregion.
Natural Values Description
Arcoona Plateau (GAW4)
Endemism Pernatty Knob-tailed Gecko (Nephrurus deleani) Vulnerable Nationally and at State levels
Gawler Lakes (GAW3)
Refugia An extensive saline system providing occasional habitat for waterbirds (Morton et al.,1995)
Gawler Volcanics (GAW2)

738 plant species, 68 reptile species, 3 amphibian species, 31 mammal species, 127 bird species. Highest diversity for the Gawler bioregion.

Eucalyptus lansdowneana (red-flowered mallee box)

Leptorhychus melanocarpus

Thick-billed Grasswren (Amytornis textilis myall) (Endangered in SA, Vulnerable in Aust)

Grevillea parallelinervis (Gawler Ranges grevillea)

Acacia aff. notabilis

Pterostylis ovata (Gawler Ranges greenhood)

Outlier occurrence of Eucalyptus odorata Mallee on the lower slopes of Mt Fairview in Gawler Ranges NP

Kingoonya (GAW5)

Lechenaultia aphylla (leafless lechenaultia)

Swainsona dictyocarpa

Myall Plains (GAW1)

Eucalyptus sp. (Cariewerloo Homestead N.N.Donner 3186)

Brachycome muelleri (Corunna daisy)


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