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From 2022, the DLRA are changing the way you volunteer for a shift at Speedweek. Not only will you be required to pick a preferred job and date, now you will have the choice of role responsibility level. We are introducing Team Leaders into each shift per functional area. Team Leaders will have a select extra few responsibilities than ever before.

This is so the intense workload on the Committee of running an event each and every year can be spread a little more evenly and your time as a volunteer is used more effectively, making everyone's time at the lake a lot more enjoyable.

To begin the process of identifying Team Leaders for 2022 and beyond, when you register for a volunteer shift you will be asked "Are you interested in being a Team Leader?". If you choose yes, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you directly to discuss this further prior to Speedweek


Team Leader Role Snapshot
The volunteer Team Leader (TL) role is to ensure the DLRA’s volunteer workforce are confident and skilled in their roles and feel valued for their contributions to Speedweek.
A good example of this person may be a previous highly experienced volunteer with role-specific knowledge or exceptional personal and organisational skills who has previously worked closely with the Volunteer Coordinator and/or chief of functional area.


Team Member Role Snapshot
The volunteer Team Member (TM) makes up the remaining body of the workforce within their functional area. TM’s are volunteers who will be happy working within a team.
A good example of this person may be someone who is volunteering at Speedweek for the first time, or who is happy lending a helping hand wherever is needed.


To nominate go to the VOLUNTEER PORTAL (link to be provided soon)


If you have any difficulties using this, you may contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Gemma Dunn, directly using the contact form on the portal or via volunteers@dlra.org.au.

If you are an entrant needing a code to submit your entry for Speedweek, this will be automatically e-mailed to you once your volunteer registration is complete.
Please ignore the email and the code if you aren't an entrant.


See a list of job types and descriptions here.


This could be you


Occupational Health and Safety

The DLRA is committed to providing a safe and practical workplace which will minimise risk to volunteers health and safety. As a registered volunteer you are covered by the DLRA's officials and Volunteers Insurance policy. To ensure your coverage, it is your responsability to sign on and off when undertaking your volunteer task during Speed Week.
NOTE: Each section leader will have a sign off sheet, it is the volunteers obligation to sign this sheet.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

NOTE: As per Safe Work Australia, the DLRA is a group of people working together for one or more community purposes that do not employ any paid workers. Volunteer associations are not covered by the Work, Health and Safety laws. We do however try to follow the best practice provided by these laws where we can.


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