Without our sponsors it would be very difficult for the DLRA to put these events on and prohibitively expensive for the entrants. The DLRA is very appreciative of all our sponsors, no matter how much or what their contributions are, and we will always do our best to offer some value in return.
The DLRA is a not-for-profit organisation. Sponsors can be assured that contributions will go directly to the production of these events. The DLRA has used this support on infrastructure, designing and building the worlds first land speed digital, wireless timing system, procuring it's own fire and rescue vehicles and equipment and installation of state of the art radio communications equipment.


Speed Week Sponsors

The DLRA could not run Speed Week without the generous support of our sponsors and Speed Week is a great way for sponsors to show to their customers that they support Dry Lakes Racers Australia.

If you're a DLRA member please download and share our proposal amongst your business associates.

If your a potential sponsor check out some of the great programs that you can use to support the Dry Lakes Racers Australia and get some fantastic coverage for your business.

Or you may be interested in sponsoring one of the Speed Week Trophies.


Download Speed Week 2020 Sponsors Pack [PDF]

Download Speed Week 2020 Flyer [PDF]


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World Speed Trials Australia Sponsors

The World Speed Trials Australia (WSTA) is becoming a bi-annual land speed event for 4 wheel and 2 wheel vehicles attempting world records under the ratification of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and as such, is the only event of it's type in Australia.


It attracts entrants from around the world to compete at the Lake Gairdner salt lake, which is only one of 3 places in the world where land speed world records are currently attempted. The first WSTA event in 2018 accomplished 4 world records.


Download World Speed Trials Australia Sponsors Pack [PDF]

Download World Speed Trials Australia Flyer [PDF]


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What we can offer in return

As a event partner or sponsor your brand or product will be seen extensively around Australia and around the World.

We can offer a range of benefits and activation opportunities including:

  • Designation and product exclusivity
  • Branding and signage
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Hospitality Packages


Current Sponsors


Official Charity

The official Charity selected and supported by the DLRA is the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.
Conducting an event in the remote outback of Australia it is very comforting to be assured that in the case of an incident comprehensive medical services are still available within a relatively short time-frame. The service they provide to the rural and regional people of Australia is second to none.


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