Norm Hardinge #201

Big Knob Racing

Preston, Victoria



Year   Vehicle   Class   MPH   PB   Record
1999   54 FJ Holden   E/PP   112.240   -   112.58
2000   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   134.952   112.240   168.07
2001   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   162.572   134.952   168.07
2002   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   185.854   162.572   168.07
2003   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   181.772   185.854   185.854
2004   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   181.772   185.854   190.003
2005   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   185.404   185.854   190.003
2006   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   195.577   185.854   190.003
2009   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   192.431   195.577   195.577
2010   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   183.607   195.577   195.577
2011   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   Washed Out   195.577   195.577
2012   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   Washed Out   195.577   195.577
2013   34 Ford Roadster   B/FR   207.218   195.577   Open
2015   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   96.548   207.218   195.577
2016   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   202.920, 195.207, 210.748, 212.653   207.218   209.132
2017   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   167.286, 194.647   212.653   212.653
2018   34 Ford Roadster   B/GR   118.468   212.653   212.653

MPH shown in RED is highest speed recorded for that class up and including that year.
Records shown are the highest speed attained for that class from all previous years
or have never had a vehicle register a speed for that class and are considered Open.


Norm and partner Vicki Howard first headed for the salt in Norm's work truck, a Holden FJ ute. Runing in the E/GP class it did a very respectable 112.240MPH. The salt bug had bit and they would be back.

In 2000 they returned with a totally new car, a B/GR 1934 Ford roadster Norm ran a 134.952MPH and Vicki ran a 139.524MPH beating the old man. This was to be a shake down meeting for the new car and they were very pleased with thier performances, seeing the 429 was just cut out of a wreck and had no special work done to it at all. In the off season Norm had a new motor built by long time Ford engine man John Peterson. In 2001 Norm ran 162.572MPH, unfortunately Vicki wasn't able to make the trip, but Norm brought over a couple of mates (Roy Brand and Nev Anderson) who he let have a run in the roadster, who managed a 119.540MPH and 138.867 MPH respectively.

Norm and Vicki are also the people behind Aussie Desert Coolers. Specialist radiator manufacturers and repairers for the performance and restoration market.


Vehicle Specs

Vehicle Make   Ford
Vehicle Model   1934 Roadster
Vehicle Class   B/GR
Chassis   Home Built
Engine   429 cu. in. Ford Big Block
Gearbox   Jerico
Diff   Nascar 9" Ford




  Aussie Desert Cooler

Career Highlights

  200 MPH at Bonneville
Time in Sport   18 years
Claim to Fame   Fastest hot rod in Australia
Other Interests   Hot Rods, Drag Racing
Team Name   Big Knob Racing
Team Members   Matt, Neil, Andrew, Ricky Cam
Team History   Raced at Bonneville and Lake Gairdner, hold 4 records
Best thing about Dry Lakes Racing   The people I have met
Interesting story   The first time I raced my FJ ute (shop truck in 1999, been every year since.